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Hair of the gorilla

It’s getting hot again, so it’s time for a haircut!





Now if I could just get this nail polish off of my fucking feet!


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61 Replies to “Hair of the gorilla”

  1. Avitable

    Amanda, Britt thinks it’s because I always wear socks.

    Dave, oh, you know it!

    Suebob, apparently I looked like Howdy Doody.

    Trkndude, but they look so pretty!

    BPR, ooh, you’re mean!

    SleepyNita, they’ll usually wax my eyebrows at the same time.

    Karl, I think you should go for a mohawk.

    Winter, but that would take effort!

    Mindy, I almost look presentable!

    Shiny, well, I have the barber do it, and I use a 2 when I want it relatively short, and a 3 otherwise.

    Kay, I know – I’m a sexy muthafucka.

    Zom, wanna fuck?

    Mr. Fabulous, oh, I can take it, fucker.

    Wayne, is that what the expression on my face looks like?

    Britt, fucker.

    Sandi, too bad you’re not in Orlando!

    Cissa, but then I have to bend down and wipe it off. Can’t someone do it for me?

    Delmer, now that’s the first good idea I’ve heard all day! So, maybe a greenish brown?

    BE, I’ve got all of the Seinfeld seasons on DVD and CYE, too.

    Robin, I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay!

    Gwen, I think your eyesight might be bad.

    TrishK, she’s always manipulating me into doing things.

    Bubblewench, they are indeed happy.

    PocketCT, I’m a hot mess of a tranny. You’d get that if you watched TV. 😛

    Hello, so you don’t think they’re pretty now?

    RW, whassup, girlfriend?

  2. Avitable

    HG, not evillll?

    Finn, :jerkoff2:

    TMP, I’m just too lazy to bend down and remove it.

    Grant, peace, man.

    Lynda, yeah, that’s probably the easiest solution.

    Hilly, so did Britt’s. I must have feet that are very receptive to nail polish.

  3. Avitable

    Clown, you just like to run your fingers through it.

    Dragon, my feet, you mean?

    BPR, best mom ever!

    Penelope, well, they are big old stompy feet.

    Tug, you totally should.

    MartyMankins, so it’s a surreptitious way to get an accidental handjob?

  4. Stephanie

    Helloooooooooo???????? Doesn’t that job fall on Britt? She is in your employ, correct? I think it is her responsibility for the polish removal…..dontcha think?

    Peee Essss….me likey haircut…semi-naked Avi is better!

  5. Avitable

    Tug, I definitely think you should try lesbians for a while.

    Dan, I’ll try that sulfuric acid thing and let you know.

    BBM, I’m not sure. I guess I’m just more delicate with my tootsies.

    Grant, it’s on its way!

    Dragon, me either!

    Stephanie, ha! She’d castrate me if I asked her to do that.

    Britt, please don’t hurt me.

    Maria, does that mean you’ll have sex with me?

    Lynda, well, duh.

    Tracy, you knew that, though.

    CMG, wanna suck my toes?

  6. Avitable

    Freelance Guru, no, but why would I want to touch my own feet? Ew!

    Tug, just maybe!

    Radioactive Girl, you should give them mohawks.

    LizB, does that mean you don’t want to suck my toes?

    Sybil, my toes, too?

    Trukindog, good idea!

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