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Internet Assvice

Internet Assvice is the advice you get from people on the internet. And I need a taste.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m already planning our huge Halloween bash. Last year, almost 65 people came and it was a great time. The only downfall was the cost – in total, the party cost me about $3,000. I ended up spending almost $1,000 just on liquor, and that didn’t even include the bartender!

So, this year, I was thinking of maybe doing something to offset the cost. I would like the Internet’s opinion – how would you rank the following options from appropriate to inappropriate?

1. Free beer and soda and $2.00/drink cash bar for all mixed drinks and liquor.
2. Raffle tickets to win cool prize for $1.00 each.
3. Tickets to come to the party are $5 per person.
4. Giant skull at entrance for donations.
5. None of the above – any type of request for money is tacky.

My personal opinion is closest to #5, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you think that’s the most appropriate response. I’m hosting a party for guests, and while I want it to feel like a venue, not like it’s at someone’s house, the idea of asking for any money at all skeeves me out a bit. But if the costs were as high as $5,000, that’s a lot even for me to spend on a party. So I’m torn.

Help me!

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96 Replies to “Internet Assvice”

  1. Tori

    I think both #1, #2 & #4 would be totally “non-tacky”… I wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to your party, because then I would think any asshole could buy one and show up… or, is that how it is?

  2. Turnbaby

    As I help a friend do a huge Derby party each year I know about this. It’s skeevy to hae acash bar at your house unless it’s some sort of political fundraiser thing . And that’s still skeevy.

    I used to do a huge New Year’s Eve bash–two bartenders etc…. so I know

    I’ll email

    This is probably easily sorted by recruiting some folks who want to contribute.

  3. Poppy

    I say #3. Although, is $5/person really enough? I don’t vote for only #1 if you choose that one because… what are Poppy’s favorite party beverages? Beer and soda! (And tequila.) You just wouldn’t get your money back from me if you did #1.

    And, actually, I hate having to pay every time I get a beverage, so I’d really prefer a cover charge and donation spot.

    I say do #3 and #4.

  4. B.E. Earl

    Just about any family and/or friend party that we throw/attend have the following rules:

    1. Bring a bottle or three or a case of beer.
    2. Bring something to eat as well.

    I know that doesn’t work well with some parties, but you would be surprised how many people would be willing to buck up. Our Memorial Day party lasted two days because of all the stuff people brought. And the hosts only spent a couple of hundred bucks. Everyone was happy.

    But if you insist on picking from your choices, I would have no problem with either #3 or #4. Paying for cocktails at a party or feeling guilted into buying raffle tickets doesn’t feel right.

    But like I said, I would prefer to help pay for the party goods myself by bringing supplies. That’s how I roll.

  5. Amber

    I think Option #4 is the best way to go. People tend to be more generous when they’re left on their own to just give what they feel best. I mean, why put limits on it? And put people in the position of not giving more because “he only wants this much.”

    But that’s just my opinion!

    Good luck. And I understand your feelings on the matter (about being skeeved out), but since when did Avitable start growing little, baby, Avitable Money Trees in his backyard? You shouldn’t be expected to pay for everything like that when it’s a huge party and the cost is so steep, you know?

    I’m sure it will be amazing no matter what! πŸ™‚

  6. B.E. Earl

    Oh, and I’ve been growing my hair and my beard since December for the sole purpose of attending Halloween parties in October as The Dude from “The Big Lebowski”.

    Just sayin’…ya know. In case I’m in the area. πŸ˜‰

  7. AmyD

    I think #2 and #4 are the best options. #2 is fun… so that’s cool. And, #4 is just an option, which is nice.

    Something about charging admission to your house where you are inviting people just seems strange.

  8. Squeaky Wheel

    If you’re choosing to throw a party, IMHO, you should be prepared to eat the cost of whatever you choose to provide for the guests. However, if you want to ask for donations, I don’t see a problem with that. I’m willing to bet that you’d get more money than you think, especially once people get liquored up. πŸ™‚

    I wish I could make it, but chances are good that I can’t. Can’t afford it. πŸ˜›

  9. Jay

    Back in the day in college we always charged people a couple of dollars to come to keg parties, but those weren’t all that upscale. I don’t see $5 as asking all much. At most bars $5 only gets you one mixed drink (or two beers) and a bowl of stale pretzels.

  10. Angel

    I like the bring a bottle of liquor and a dish idea, too. I think if a guest can’t be bothered to contribute, then why bother inviting them? Times are tougher right now for everyone, and it just makes sense to spread the cost of a good time out evenly in this kind of situation instead of one person taking a huge hit. But that’s just me, and sometimes I’m kind of a bitch :crazywife: , but hey, my friends know that and they still want to come to my parties, so they would be happy to contribute, ha!

  11. whall

    If you did the raffle or ticket-to-come, then people who DON’T come might want to also buy something or contribute. 1) we might win something from the raffle. 2) if we bought a ticket, I’d guess you’d have Dave make some laminates or you might get something to “prove” one was part of the get-together, and gives a chance to the non-Floridians to get in on the action.

    I would probably donate to the cause even though I wouldn’t attend due to distance.

  12. Hilly

    Just so people know, some of us can bring our own bottles, but a dish may be tricky since we’ll be in hotels and all.

    Unless…does bringing 150 cheeseburgers from a local fast food place count as “a dish”?

  13. hello haha narf

    fuckin hilly, taking my comment. hehe

    i have no problem bringing booze, but seeing as how i don’t cook and i am coming from pittsburgh so i can’t even have a friend make a dish to pawn off as my own. unless you want chips and salsa don’t ask me to bring a dish.

    having the skull at the door for donations is a spectacular idea. as soon as i had my first moment of fun i’d be tossing in a twenty. the more i drink the more fun i have. i can’t even imagine how much money you would get to offset the costs that way. besides, we are a generous lot and simply appreciate your having the party, especially since we don’t have to clean up anything that karl whacks, jacks or pees.

    i really, really want to say the five buck idea is good, but it is just way too college rent party. you are a fucking evil ceo for crying out loud! besides, it ain’t disney it is your home.

    the raffle could be great fun and an extra funds offsetter, but i don’t think doing that alone would gather enough cash. still, it would be fun to win ativaprizes.

    don’t deal with a cash bar. total pain in the ass for all involved. while i know you don’t drink, haven’t you ever heard folks bitchin about cash bars at weddings?

    all of this being said, i’m really looking forward to the insanity. you gonna make the pool blood red again or can i naked cannonball in?

  14. Dave2

    Both #1 and #3.

    $5 a head is not going to raise much money against a massive liquor bill… but it will help offset the cost of the food and pop/beer.

    To pay for that liquor, $2 for a drink is incredibly cheap. You can’t get that at any bar!!

  15. Dan

    think a bring your own booze policy and asking for donations in the skull are your best bet.

    after all you are going to have enough to contend with just paying for my airfair over there

  16. Zanthera

    As my nights go bringing a big bottle of Vodka (and maybe Amarula if I am in the mood) and feeling happy leaving a 20 or two in the “talking skull” would still be less than half of what I spend on a night out. I’d go for it.

    The skull would most likely be talking by the time I leave to sleep in my car.

  17. patricia

    anyone who drinks knows how expensive alcohol is and quite frankly anyone who would have an issue with you asking for a bit of help to make the party enjoyable for everyone is, well, not nice. to put it in un-rudely terms.

    I say you sell tickets and also make it known that donations are welcome. I don’t see a damn think tacky about that. It would probably still be cheaper for people than having the party at some bar.

  18. NYCWD

    I say do #1, #2, and #3… although I would play with the pricing because it all seems incredibly cheap. I would also think about maybe adding in a drink bracelet for like $20… because I know for myself finding singles in my pockets, much less a costume, is a bitch.

    I’m not a fan of the donations part. I have a severe aversion to donations ever since finding out my “donation” for admission into the Metropolitan Museum of Art goes towards their private parties and not to the art itself for which they receive public funding. From that point on I literally donated a penny.

  19. GeorgeH

    If you charge man, you aren’t having a party, you’re running a bar.

    #5 is the straight up option.

    #4 asking people to kick in to help with the booze is OK, as long as the skull is sitting there and not being carried around and shoved in peoples faces, thought is is OK to videotape it so you can see later which friends are too cheap to ever invite back.

  20. Cissa Fireheart

    I think the skull at the door and raffle tickets, as well as asking everyone to bring one bottle of booze to share isn’t asking much.

    If I were in FL, and able to attend, you bet your butt that I would shuck a $20, bring a huge bottle of Sailor Jerry (Rum), and buy all the raffle tickets I could get. I like to win things!

    What you are proposing is something that I try to do anyway at every party I am invited to!(except the raffle tickets)

    And it’s not tacky, because a lot of people who are going KNOW why you are asking. The world all of a sudden went and got expensive!!

  21. DutchBitch

    Thu-reethousand dollars!!! holy shit Av!!!

    I think all of the above would be great and seriously, why would pitching in for a great party be tacky?

    Had I been able to come last time I would’ve been happy to do so…

    Hmmm… maybe I should start a “Bring Dutchy To Avi’s Halloween Party” button on my blog … soon…

  22. Nat

    I’d go BYOB or something equivalent.
    I’m pretty sure $2 is reasonable… even at $5 a ticket you’re making less than $500. Wonder if it’s worth it to collect the cash.

  23. Avitable

    Tori, well, everybody is invited. That’s one thing that differentiates this from a party which is only my “friends”.

    Hilly, well, I have a professional bartender who would do that.

    Amanda, yeah, I don’t usually buy raffle tickets, either, but if I was giving something away like a Wii, people might.

    Stephanie, well, of course, we’d have free drink tickets.

    Karl, I wouldn’t want to do both – I don’t want to make a profit off of this.

    Turnbaby, where’s an email from you? I’m waiting! πŸ™‚

    Princess, I will never have people bring their own booze. That’s too hard to coordinate with a bartender, especially when I’m trying to keep a fully stocked bar for every possible type of drink.

    Poppy, I don’t need to make my money back – just cut my costs down by 25% maybe.

    BE Earl, this wouldn’t be a party where people bringing anything would work. It will probably be fully catered, and trying to make sure that I wasn’t missing types of liquor would just be more stress for me.

    Amber, that’s a good point.

    BE Earl, I definitely hope you’re in the area!

    Tracy, that’s why I thought $2/drink was very reasonable – for $10, which would be about the cost of anything someone would bring, they could have 5 drinks, which is probably pretty typical for the average person.

    AmyD, well, that’s where I’m torn, too. I don’t want it to feel like people are coming to my house. I want them to feel like they’re coming to a venue, and then it wouldn’t be weird. I think.

    Squeaky Wheel, yeah, that’s how I feel, too, so I’m leaning towards doing nothing but putting out a donation skull. And c’mon, just sell one of your guns and you could afford to come down!

    BBM, well, this isn’t the type of party where it makes sense for people to bring something.

    Jay, they way I thought of it was if I did have the party somewhere else, at a professional venue, people wouldn’t think twice about it, and it is pretty reasonable. Hm.

    Tracy, I’d feel bad if I did both things, I think.

    Sizzle, the raffle could be cool because I’d be giving out something awesome like a Nintendo Wii.

    Angel, well, it’s an open invitation for the party and it’s going to be catered and bartended, so aksing anyone to bring anything probably wouldn’t work too well. And if you go to and sign up for an account, you’ll have your avatar show up on all the sites that use Gravatar.

    BPR, I buy them, but we also change the theme every year, so we can only reuse a small percentage of them.

    Wayne, that’s a good idea. And thanks for volunteering Dave to do work, too! That way, I don’t have to ask.

    Hilly, that’s the other reason, besides the bartender, where it would be impractical to ask anyone to bring something.

    Hello, the pool will still be another color. Maybe not red this year.

    Dave, so, having been to a previous party, you don’t think it would feel weird to have a cash bar? That’s my biggest concern.

    Dan, and of course, you want to fly first class, right? Cheeky fucker.

    Iron Fist, that is true – bloggers are generally pretty cool.

    Zanthera, we also have a comfortable front yard for those who want to sleep in it.

    Patricia, thank you for your input – I definitely agree with you.

    NYCWD, I wouldn’t do all three, and I want it to be very cheap – just enough to help, but I wouldn’t want to make money on the deal. A drink bracelet is a good idea, though – didn’t think about that!

    Lu’, the pic on the left? You have to go to to get your own picture to show up.

    Bubblewench, ok, thanks for the input!

    Been There, that’s brilliant!

    Irene, oh, we’re totally awesome.

    GeorgeH, well, I am running a party that I want to feel like a venue, especially since it’s an open invitation to everyone.

    Cissa, I wouldn’t want to do more than just one of those things – anything else and I’d feel bad.

    DB, I feel ilke it’s tacky because I’m the host and it just doesn’t seem right.

    Nat, that’s a good point, too.

  24. Trishk

    I didn’t realize you provide all the booze. Do you have any idea how much beer my hubby can drink??? Let alone the wine and VO I drink?

    I think donations would raise you more money. The raffle is a great idea also, but I don’t think you would raise as much.

  25. Bec

    And Dan nicks my comment – maybe a chartered Jet for the British contingent? :thumbsup:

    Being a money grabbing charity fundraiser I’d go for 1, 2, 3 and 4. But seriously, the easiest options are the cash bar and a ticket scheme but Dave2 is right $5 is no where near enough… unless you’re expecting about 1000 people!

  26. Karen

    1. Put up a donation button here on your site *before* the party. You are going to blog about this, aren’t you? Give your readers a chance to support you a little.

    2. #4, and make sure to appoint somebody to periodically remind people about it a couple times during the night.

    3. Also might I suggest you do a Chippendale’s style dance? Chris Farley comes to mind here (he was awesome, and you could totally pull it off). You could end up with a ton of cash!

  27. ADW

    I like #2 and #4, but I really think you should have a booth. You know, like a kissing booth. But instead of kissing you, we play “whack an Avitable”. Or… “fist and Avitable”…. you get the point. It’s win, win and you can charge like 200.00 a person. This party will make you money. Of course your asshole/entire body would be a little sore, but :woohoo:

  28. radioactivegirltori

    I love throwing parties, but I know what you mean about the cost getting out of control sometimes. I can see both sides of it. You don’t want to charge anyone because you feel like that would be tacky. People wouldn’t mind paying because no one wants you to go to so much expense. I don’t have any advice, other than that I don’t drink so I think if you do charge, you should probably make sure that people drinking pay more than people not drinking…not to punish them or anything, just because alcohol is expensive so their cost would be more. I don’t think anyone would mind if you charged a little. If I were coming, I’d be happy to chip in.

  29. Jennifer

    As a veteran of lots of Really Big Parties (not so much since the AA kicked in…Jan does have a point), I have to go solidly with 5. That said, I find that people usually WANT to bring something so I end up with more food and liquor than I started with in the first place.

  30. Winter

    I’ve been to tons of parties where the admission price was a bottle of booze or a 12pk of Coke. Those that didn’t bring drinks paid a token ($1-$5) entry fee. This works well for people who bring along a friend last minute and for people who can’t really bring a dish of food to share. I’ve also been at parties where a bag of Doritos got you in. Cash bars are a pain in the ass at a private party and a donation jar may or may not work out. The only real issue to me is that if you need to bring something or pay something, someone has to sit at the door half the night which can be a bummer. Unless you have a kid… they usually like jobs like that.

  31. Finn

    Were it just a party with friends, #5 would be your answer. But as it isn’t, I think #3 is the most efficient option (but you may want to rethink the amount – $10 may be more appropriate). I say this because it’s much easier for someone like me who doesn’t carry much cash to plan ahead. I know going in how much it will cost and can be sure to have enough with me.

    The raffle idea works too, but I suspect you won’t get enough money to offset your costs.

    Even at $10 a person it’s a cheap for a night of drinking.

  32. metalmom

    I like Wayne’s idea of a raffle. I wasn’t there last year and I felt left out of a good time. As long as there is a great prize,all of your LOOOONG distance friends could feel part of the fun and games! :clap:

  33. Mike

    I’m no math Genius, but I married one and if I had to ask her she’d tell me that 3,000.00$ to 5,000.00$ for 65 guests amounts to around 50.00$ to 75.00$/guest.

    Like some others flying in, I would not be able to bring food (well, maybe maple syrup?), but I would be more than willing to bring a nice bottle of Scotch (I would bring one regardless).

    You might also consider setting a “Virtual Skull” in a form of a PayPal button on your site, that way you could get money IN ADVANCE to get stuff for your party. I know I would give.

    Cash bar is awkward, unless you go with Dawg’s idea of a drink bracelet.

  34. Hoosier Girl

    I vote for Dawg’s suggestion of a drink bracelet (see? It pays to read the comments first!) and the raffle, especially if you are raffling a Wii! :woohoo:

    I really, really, really hope I can come this year! :martini:


  35. Robin

    I think asking for money is fine, any of those options. Personally I’d rather pay a fee at first so I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the night. Once I get drunk I tend to start offering oral sex for drinks anyway…

  36. hello haha narf

    i’ve been reading all the advice you have coming in and one very important thought popped into my head. a cash bar means slower service, no two ways about it. slower service means it will take us longer to get drunk. and the longer it takes me to get drunk, the longer my clothes stay on.

    no. cash. bar.

    (however i do love the one price drink bracelet and skull at the door ideas.)

    p.s. adw is so right…a whack avitable booth would be awesome and raise heaps o cash!

  37. Christine

    Came from Jay’s place with a total snooty, white collar bitchy answer.

    If you can’t afford to throw a party and provide for your guests, don’t throw it. It is inappropriate to expect your friends to pay for the pleasure of your company whether by raffle or cash bar. This isn’t a college kegger I assume.

    However, it is not inappropriate to serve beer and soft drinks and put BYOB on the invitation if people want something stronger. Maybe you should consider toning it down a bit.

  38. Atomic Bombshell

    #3 is ok, but option #1 is my favorite. I’d even make it $1 beers and $2 mixed drinks with free non-alc beverages. That way those who are doing the drinking foot the bill, and those who are not have a fun free time watching all the alcoholics fall down.

  39. Fogspinner

    The Problem with a raffle is the cost of an awesome gift that would bring in everyones ticket wouldn’t hardly offset it’s price let alone *make* money to offset booze costs with as few guests as you have.

    I would lean toward BYOB. Blender, glasses, ice, salt, limes, etc. provided.

  40. Crys

    having not read any of the other comments, i would have to say either cash bar or skull. personally, i’d probably prefer the skull so las as i knew the people coming and that they were stand up types. but the cash bar would be a DEFINITE way to recoup some money. people wanna drink and when they wanna drink, they’ll pay for it.

  41. Sybil Law

    I like Dawg’s drink breacelet idea. I really don’t think any of those options are terribly tacky, though. Maybe not ideal, but they aren’t downright tacky! Do you really need a bartender, though? Can’t people make their own drinks?

  42. Avitable

    TrishK, I always provide all of the booze – makes it easier!

    Bec, I don’t need to pay for everything, just take a small dent out of it.

    DB, aww, thanks.

    Karen, I’d feel weird to raise donations online for myself – just doesn’t seem right.

    ADW, how much would you pay to fist me?

    Radioactive, yeah, that’s the dilemma I’m seeing.

    Jennifer, since it’s going to be catered, I don’t want people to bring anything. That will fuck up my whole plan, and I’m very OCD about that.

    Winter, that would be the downfall to a cover charge.

    Peggy, oh yeah – the Florida discount!

    Finn, that’s helpful. Thank you.

    Metalmom, good point – I could have several prizes. Hm.

    Mike, with the catering costs, that seems about right. Your math genius is right.

    HG, well, I might be raffling a Wii – I don’t know yet.

    Robin, well, oral sex is a good substitute.

    Karen, there will be no BYOB – not that type of party. And a can of food? So confused.

    Hello, how about a whack avitable off booth?

    TMP, yeah, that’s true, for so little money it might not be worth that method.

    Christie, thanks for your input!

    Karen, we have a full bar setup with professional bartender – I’m not making it a free-for-all when it comes to liquor. That would just stress me out.

    Christine, is it inappropriate to expect strangers to pay for the pleasure of my company? Thanks for the input – I agree with you almost completely.

    Atomic Bombshell, what about the non-alcoholics who are drinking? They have to pay and they don’t get to fall down!

    Fogspinner, this isn’t a BYOB type party, unfortunately.

    Tracy, you know I’m always right.

    Crystal, this is why I’m so torn.

    Dan, you’re a generous soul.

    Sybil, of course I need a bartender – it would be chaos otherwise.

  43. martymankins

    I’m with Karl and Dave2 on this. #1 AND #3 should be the de facto rule for coming to the party. $5 is the cover charge (will there be a band? Guitar Hero III? Rock Band?) and $2 a drink.

    Adding one more thing to this: $5 includes your first two drinks… after that, it’s $2 a pop.

    If I can make it, I’m bring $100 in $1’s

  44. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I would think that anybody who’d fly to Florida for a Halloween party would be willing to throw cash into a bucket to help offset the cost, slightly. But also consider how much the average person pays for airfare and hotel to even come to the party.

    I don’t think it’s tacky to ask for help paying as long as you leave it optional…because then people feel obligated to chip in and you get results. If you tell people they HAVE to do it, some poeple may get all self righteous and just straight out not come. That’s just my two cents though.

  45. fiwa

    Visiting from Jay’s blog. I read your “about” section, so I’m fucking commenting. Plus, I can’t resist the temptation to give assvice when it’s asked for.

    I think $2 a mixed drink is fair. You’re offering free beer & soda, and you’re not holding a gun to anyone’s head to MAKE them buy a drink.

  46. Miss

    Take #3 and modify. Admission to the party is 1 bottle of booze. (NOT A TINY ONE DRINK BOTTLE EITHER! LOL) That way your alcohol is supplied which should offset some of the cost. Donation skull is cool too. Also, the months leading up you can do some “fundraising” around here too.

  47. Avitable

    Marty, $100 in $1s? Well, I will be stripping.

    Sheila, that’s true – some people will be spending a lot just to come.

    Fiwa, well, I was going to carry a gun around and make people give up cash, but maybe I’ll reconsider.

    Miss, I can’t do that – that’s relying to random people to magically keep the bar stocked with the type of booze we need. We’d probably end up with 60 bottles of Popov vodka or something.

    Grant, now that’s a plan!

  48. Procrastamom

    What about a 50/50 draw? Sell people a row of raffle tickets for $10 or $20 per strip/armlength (from those rolls of double raffle tickets you can get at the dollar store). The winner keeps 50% of the take and the house keeps the other half. We do this at our pub nights and sometimes just this draw alone brings in a thousand bucks. Of course, I don’t know what Florida’s gambling laws are like and if this is even legal there. We’re actually supposed to get a $25 gambling license every time we do this, but we haven’t yet and I’m not in jail. Wait…cubicle, monotonous tasks, gruel for lunch…gaaaaaah!!!

    (btw, I had to type this comment in my NoteTab and paste it onto the form, because everytime I typed a letter on your comment form I got an error. Don’t know if the errors are from your side or if this prison just doesn’t provide us with good enough equipment to surf the internet on their time)

  49. y2k survivor

    OK while the whack off Avitable booth seems amusing, how many turns could you really handle before rolling over and falling asleep like real men should? So, that means there has to be alternative ways to raise funds to defray costs.

    I suggest breaking it up over the next 5 months (or less) and have on-line raffles and contests of important things people want… like pics of Britt’s boobs. You can have a sketch Avi-Balls contest, raffle off a chance to sleep with one of the dead hookers buried in the back yard… what can you offer of Amy’s that would get you in great trouble? At any rate, you have a plethora of possibilities that could make fun contests and it is not fund raising for you, but to provide the most awesome party ever.

    And if you reach your personal level of cost defrayment… no more contests and you can secretly email pics of Britt’s boobs to all who participated as a consolation prize.

  50. Cat

    I say #1. Go with the casbah (cash bar). Maybe it’s just LA, but I go to big, private parties all the time and don’t think twice about paying for my liquor at their cash bar. That’s the most expensive part for a host to include, and if you’re giving free beer and soda, I think that’s plenty generous! Party on, Wayne.

  51. Cat

    I just read above comments. Cash bracelet idea is a great one! Or maybe if someone brings a sizeable bottle of liquor, then maybe they’re exempt?

    Or save yourself a headache and just do the cash bar.

    If it’s warm in October (which I’m sure it is in Florida), then the dunk-tank Avitable idea is a fun (and profitable) idea, too.

  52. Avitable

    Maria, thanks for the input!

    Procrastamom, that’s an interesting idea!

    Y2K, I could give away the dog. Amy wouldn’t like that.

    Cat, maybe it’s because I’m thinking with an LA sensibility, then, because I just see that as being very normal. Thanks for the input!

  53. Turnbaby

    LMAO@ y2k

    Revising considering the nature of this beast.

    DAWG has the best idea. Two colored bands–one for non-drinkers that costs less than one for drinkers.

    Charge $10 bucks and that will help defray costs.

  54. y2k survivor

    NO! No! NO! Raffle off the dog! This is all about defraying costs for party awesomeness. The fact that Amy will so-kick your ass makes the item more valuable. And if played right, you will probably get a crotch thumping when she learns of the scheme and then an ass kicking when you go ahead and follow through… Think of the marketing possibilities!!!

    OK OK OK just a thought, maybe Fab could help you out here. He is a real popular blogger and brings his own following, so I am thinking Pay Per View, “Two Bloggers, One Cup.” :2girls:

  55. Marissa

    1, 2, and 4 are not at all tacky, and it makes sense. You’re not made out of money, and while free party is great…. 3000 is a bit much to expect someone to fork out.

    You could always buy cheap booze.

  56. PocketCT

    How about sponsorships? Either local liquor store, food supplier or bloggers. You could have, for example, a PocketCT punch. Some willing blogger would spring for the vat of ingredients. Anything named after me would be very close to a mojito. It would be the perfect drink for smooching someone up later since you will have mint breath!

  57. TSM

    I think the donations idea is a great one. If I were coming to such a party and knew the cost would be great, I would certainly donate without being offended! Most of the par-tays in our circles are BYOB. Bein’ rednecks and all…

  58. Girl, Dislocated

    Well, you know how much experience I have with parties, but my personal opinion is that it’s not tacky at all to try to recover some of your expenses from the attendees. I think the fact that it’s an open-invitation party and that you’re hiring a bartender makes it a lot more venue-ish. I know you said you wouldn’t feel comfortable employing two things, and I agree with you to some extent, but it might depend on which two things you combine. To me, Dawg’s bracelet idea and the raffle don’t seem like too much at all–especially since buying a raffle ticket is totally voluntary and would only cost $1.00.

  59. Avitable

    Turnbaby, yeah, the bracelet seems like it could be the best idea.

    Bittersweet, that’s what I was thinking, too.

    Y2K, I like the two bloggers one cup idea.

    Marissa, you mean stay away from the Goldschlager and Crown Royal?

    PocketCT, I think a PocketCT Punch could be very awesome.

    TSM, BYOB doesn’t mean redneck automatically – it’s just mine wouldn’t work that way, with the setup.

    BB, you have five months to prepare for it.

    Girl, Dislocated, yeah, that is a good point.

  60. Angel

    Oh, thanks! Now I look like me instead of like you! *grin*

    And, well, you could always sell ad space on your toilet paper.

    (And I actually attended a porn convention where they did that.)

  61. Lisa

    Every year for the past 25 years my father has thrown a “Western World Party”. It’s a party where he invites everyone he knows in the western world. I’d say he easily has over 100 guests each year.

    Since he is the one throwing the party and inviting the guests he never charges a cover charge and always has an open bar. He hires a bartender to make things easier and he never charges his guests for drinks.

    Sure, the party costs him a lot of money each year but he has the party because he enjoys doing each year and everyone else enjoys it as well.

    I think it’s kind of tacky to charge guests to attend a party at your home and to charge them for drinks. Especially if people are coming from out of town.

    If the party is getting too expensive then consider ways to cut your budget or guest list.

  62. Meg

    We used to rent a county park/pavilion, one of the few that would allow us to have a keg, and invite loads of friends to come play softball and drink beer. It was potluck, so it was “bring a dish to share and cash for a donation towards park rental and beer”. I started feeling kinda funny about asking for donations, but people always willingly threw in $5 or $10. Sure, some cheapos will donate less than they’ll drink/eat, but lots of folks will willingly contribute more than their share, so it all evens out.

    In your particular case, I also think the idea of blogging ahead and including a “donate” button could be a useful way to get donations AND some sort of headcount.

    Wish I lived closer, I loves me a good Halloween party!

  63. Avitable

    Angel, you went to a porn convention? Do tell!

    Lisa, well, there is no guest list, so I can’t cut it!

    Greeneyezz, I don’t want people to bring anything – that would be a hassle, actually.

    Meg, how far away are you? There may be roadtrips!

    Lynda, that’s how it’s looking.

    Delmer, which do you like best?

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