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Weekend plans

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37 Replies to “Weekend plans”

  1. Mocha

    I love your drawings. When you sent one with my prize I considered framing it. But then I remembered that enormous schlong you drew on it and realized my kids would start to ask questions.

    I’m with Dave. Minus the hooker. But for sure the chocolate pudding.

  2. Dragon

    Did your penis lose weight? :lmao: I’m not used to you being so modest. I can’t tell what’s on TV. I’m guessing you’re getting caught up with this season’s Dancing with the Stars?

  3. Lisa

    Same weekend plans here except the pool is a hot tub, and the burger/fries are a big Italian meal at Bucca di Peppo. Oh and I won’t be with Amy, I’ll be with Dude.

    Wait, I don’t have a penis either…

    However I’ve got boobs!!!

  4. Janna

    Either that’s a pie-division line and your penis is conspicuously absent, or your penis has grown uncharacteristically narrow and black.

    Either it’s missing or it’s turned into a Twizzler.

    Scary choice.
    Good luck with that.

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