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Things I hate about your blog

The definition of “your” that should be applied is one that applies to the blogosphere as a whole.

1. You have some type of video or music that plays automatically when I visit.
2. You haven’t tested your blog in Firefox to make sure it’s legible.
3. It’s hard to comment because you’re on Livejournal or AOL.
4. Your posts only show a few words and then I have to click to read the rest, every single time.
5. I can’t subscribe to comments or your comment feed.
6. You have too many options when I’m trying to leave a comment.
7. You don’t have comments open.
8. Every post is an apology about why you don’t post enough, and then you don’t post again for two weeks.
9. You use so many cutesy names for everyone that I have no fucking clue who’s who.
10. You don’t link to people when you use something of theirs.
11. Your ads obstruct your blog.
12. Your post is all one big jumbled mess in the feed reader.
13. You moderate comments.
14. You censor or edit comments.
15. You change blogs every three months.
16. Every other post is a Pay Per Post.
17. You don’t try to use any type of spell check.
18. Most of your posts are private and password protected.
19. The colors make my eyes bleed.
20. Your posts are longer than most novels.

What do you hate about people’s blogs?

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118 Replies to “Things I hate about your blog”

  1. bluepaintred

    dolphin porn. snake sex. that kinda thing.

    LOL kidding.

    although the jumble posts in feeds are fucking annoying. I don’t read them in feeds anymore, and very VERY rarely take the time to click over and read the post at the site.

  2. Hilly

    I agree with almost all of yours and I hate posts with too MANY links. I have this one blog I read where every other word is a link to something. Dude, that’s too much work ;).

  3. martymankins

    I went through all 20 of your “what I hate” list above and I it looks like my blog meets all of the Avitable requirements.

    The only thing I’m missing now is a cool logo, which I’m working on… I’m sorry. Come by and leave a comment soon.
    ** AD: Do you like comments? Try Commentator now and start leaving smarter comments on the blogs you visit. **

    Are your eyes bleeding yet?

  4. Jen

    I can’t stand it when people write their entire post as one big block of text and never start a new paragraph. It’s hard on the old eyes. I also hate it when it’s hard (or impossible) to find a link to a feed. That should be easy to find.

  5. Frankie

    I hate one massive feed post. black with white text. I’m already going blind I don’t need that to push it further.

    Right now I hate my own theme for being off for some stupid reason that I have yet to find.

    Ohh and blogger. :violent029: anything to do with blogger.

  6. Zom

    I put an “auto play” music thing on my blog for about a day and a half, and
    It annoyed ME to the point of self mutilation ( I think I stabbed myself in the thigh because of it …. aint quite sure as of yet) , but it’s gone now. And I probably have done ( or will do) every other thing you hate.

    So I apologize in advance …..

    …. except for not posting in a while

  7. jester

    I think I might finally have a blog that meets your approval. Yay me. You left out lots of moving animated gifs and blinking glitterati all over. Big blocks of white text. No back button. No link to additional posts. God. My list is longer than yours. (genetics!)

  8. libragirl

    I think I am ok on all but I do moderate comments but that is because I was getting a commenter (and still do) who just cursed and never wrote anything. I never edit the comments though- please forgive me.

  9. Em

    *whew* I don’t qualify for most of those.
    How do I allow people to subscribe to comments on my comment feed?

    I also hate blogs that moderate, censor, or edit comments although one of my everyday reads does moderate… hey, forgive and forget, right?

  10. Avitable

    Wayne, bitch, bitch, moan, moan.

    BPR, I think it might even be something that Expression Engine does, because it usually seems like it’s those blogs that have that issue.

    Hilly, I know!

    Shamelessy Sassy, as long as you tell me you love my blog, that’s okay.

    Dave, well, I didn’t say I hated blogs that moderate – that’s just something I hate. I read many awesome blogs where comments are moderated. And I like funny captchas, where the words are custom.

    Marty, I will tell you that one post per page irks me, too.

    Jen, the nice thing is that most feedreaders automatically detect it from the URL.

    SwanShadow, you’re a lover, not a fighter?

    Frankie, Blogger’s been especially obnoxious recently.

    Usedtobeme, just so you know, and it might be because of EE, but your feed is one of those that does that big block of text thing, for some reason.

    DaDuck, it’s more fun being a hater.

    Thursday’s Child, you can still have things to hate!

    Zom, hey, at least you left Livejournal!

    Jester, TWKS!

    Libragirl, oh, I still read blogs that moderate comments. It’s just annoying.

    TrishK, I don’t care as much about that as some people (*ahem, Karl*).

    BTDT, not if you linked to me. πŸ˜€

    Em, well, with, there may be a “subscribe to comments” plugin that you can install. If not, I know there’s a way to put a link to your comments feed for each post very easily. Not quite sure how to do it, though.

    Fab, and even then you like a little advance notice.

  11. ADW

    Holy shit, I am surprised you still come visit me. (=

    Uh, I know it sounds really, really lame and I have been guilty of this a time or two, but I have a huge issue with the misuse of common words like: there, their and they’re and its, it’s and its’ and a ton of others.

    Now I feel pretentious, but I can’t hide it anymore.

  12. Karen

    I think you hit on everything I hate.

    Now I have to explain artful exaggeration to my kids, who are suddenly worried about their eyes bleeding. I just *had* to read the list out loud though.

  13. Avitable

    ADW, I love your blog, though. And that type of poor grammar annoys me too, because once you understand it, it’s so easy. If you want to feel less pretentious, you should just show me your boobs.

    Karen, oh, I was being literal!

  14. NYCWD

    It’s nice to see some things don’t change.

    I’d also like to stress my hatred for points 7, 11, and 16. Additionally I don’t mind people who moderate their comments… as long as it is CLEAR that there is comment moderation in place… otherwise I think my comment just got ate.

    I also can’t stand font sizes that are 8 points on a page and text that is an off color to the background color.

    I also hate blogger standard templates, WordPress default templates, and those obviously free templates left untweaked.

    Thank the heavens for feed readers.

  15. ocb

    Number 12 is by far one of my biggest hates. It sucks because it happens to a lot of blogs I at one time liked to read. Sure I could just go to the blog and read it there but…

  16. Cissa Fireheart

    I actually meet some of these hating standards….sorry about that…I like to say a lot in most of my posts….and I’ve had comments about my color scheme before.

    I hate blogs that don’t have an about me section, whether it be a link to pages related to it or whatever…if I am new to your blog, I don’t know the person, and I hate that I can’t figure out some of the things/people they blog about!

  17. Neil

    I hate #9 the most — the cutesy names.

    “So I went to the movies with SassyGirl and then came home to theGoodHusband and theSonwhoPeesinHisPants, blah blah blah.”

    Just make up some real names, for goddsake!

  18. Avitable

    NYCWD, what about people who combine captchas, moderation, and something else? That’s just overkill.

    Maria, no, no. I don’t hate the blog! These are just elements of people’s blogs that I hate, but I still read and comment.

    OCB, yeah, then you have to go to the site, which is a pain in the ass.

    Cissa, about pages are very nice – I get annoyed when people have stupid ones, none at all, or something “mysterious” or “clever”. It’s not mysterious nor clever.

    Y not I, well, I definitely hate their blogs!

    Neil, yeah, that drives me crazy, although the initials are even worse. “I went out with DDH and we were talking about PBG and than SSD said something funny.” Gah!

  19. radioactivegirltori

    I think I am ok according to your list although I am using a lame standard blogger template.

    I really really hate the autoplay music. A lot of times I am sitting here pretending to be paying bills or working or something and then when the music plays I am busted! Yes, I could mute to avoid that, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

  20. RW

    Stupid smilies. But outside of that I don’t ever talk about what other people are blogging about. No sir. I keep my hands to myself on my own side of the road. I love everybody’s fucking blogs. Yes sir.

  21. Shiny

    I’d have to agree with pretty much everything on your list. Some of these items really piss me off to no end.

    For instance, I was sitting down to my computer one day after partaking a stick of Chewlies Gum, possibly the most flavorful gum out there. While I was enjoying the orgasmic minty tast which was cool and refreshing to my mouth, I stumbled upon one of those “pay-per-post” blogs. My eyes opened wide as I almost spit this glorious, chewy, holy grail from my lips in utter protest. Who do they think they’re fooling? Fortunately the bitterness I felt was only negated by the overwhelming soothing sensations of this amazing Chewlies gum, available at your local convenience store.

    Dude – some people…

  22. NYCWD

    Oh that’s total overkill. Captchas are strictly anti-spam and moderation is both anti-spam and selective content… so do one or the other.

    I used to hate moderation myself… but I can understand why some bloggers do it. I think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

    The wrong way is to not mention that moderation is on, and to use java/cookies to make the commentor think their comment has been posted when in fact it is still in the moderation que.

    The right way consists of having a comment policy that specifies comment moderation and an acknowledgement that the comment has been received and is in moderation (preferably very visible) awaiting approval.

    Moderation can also be used as a tool to weed out dissension against the author’s position. I think this is one of the reasons that blogs with moderation on are not necessarily viewed as an automatic “equal and fair” arena… although I do totally understand it’s necessity on family friendly blogs or blogs that are prime targets for spammers and haters.

    I really hate those 3rd party captcha’s too. Those are just friggin annoying… especially when writing a long ass comment like this one… they’ve usually timed out already.


  23. Dan

    I’ve had an idea brewing about playing blog bingo using the next button on blogger and some of the blogging clichΓ©s you mentioned.

    Of course it will look like I’m copying you now, and I’d hate to have to give you credit

  24. Robin

    I’m not sure I fit in any of those, not that i know of. I know I do a few private posts but only to hide from the evil ex so she doesn’t use it in court against me someday.

    I hate, more than anything, posts that are one long paragraph…gives me a headache.

  25. Squeaky Wheel

    5. I haven’t figured out how to do that on my template, yet.

    9. Some of my family and friends read my blog, and I also started it when I worked in a med supply company, and using nicknames keeps me out of trouble.

    10. Sometimes I forget where I found it. πŸ™

  26. Miss Britt

    I’m too busy laughing at RW.

    By the way – do you know that there is a WordPress database error (two actually) right below your comment form? And it’s been there for months?

    I keep forgetting to tell you about that.

    Now seemed like a good time.

  27. Lynda

    Oh, I hate when things play automatically. I tried to embed a video once that kept autoplaying and ended up just linking it because I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so people wouldn’t be imposed by it.

    If I am bombarded by ads, I tend not to read that blog. And I am not talking about a little Google Ad bar. More like the whole side bar is ads. Makes me think they are commercial!

    I am probably guilty of apologizing for not posting, and I even annoy myself if I apologize too much about it.
    And the spell check thing. I’ll try to be better about that. Sorry!

  28. martymankins

    “I will tell you that one post per page irks me, too”

    You mean the kind of template that shows one post per page, instead of a scrolling list of multiple pages with a “Read More” link at the bottom? Yeah, I could see that being useful.

    If I get some time, I may try to figure that one out on my blog, but so far the single post page format isn’t all that bad. So long as it only irks you and not “pisses you off so much you want to toss little puppies into the river”, then I’ll leave it as is.

  29. A Whole Lot of Nothing

    I think I pass the test, but I’m not sure if you like/don’t like the colors.

    If you don’t like the colors, screw you. If you like them, thanks!

    One you need to add is
    “You use different fonts in each post b/c you’ve copied and pasted from Word. Triple point score if you use Comic Sans.”

  30. Lady Jaye

    I haven’t tested my blog in Firefox but I think it’s ok beause my ex hasn’t bitched about it. Outside of that I think I meet your requirements.

    The thing I hate the most is that on Blogger it doesn’t remember my information so I have to re-enter it every day multiple times a day.

  31. Karl

    Well, you know that I agree with a lot of these points. I wish more people would spellcheck their posts. I understand that not everyone is as good a speller as some of us are, but that’s what the damn spellcheck is for.

    I also hate (as you know) blogs that truncate their feeds. I don’t have time for that shit. You have to be REALLY interesting in the first couple of lines of your post to get me to click through that shit. But most of the time I just delete feeds that only post excerpts.

  32. B.E. Earl

    I don’t think that I read any blogs that have any of those characteristics besides the comment moderation or captchas.

    I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of comment moderation. Won’t go as far as to say I hate it, but I like the immediacy of seeing my comment up there as soon as I submit it. Call me kooky, and you probably will.

  33. Kay

    The auto play is definitely one. Gaudy colors is another or too many things on the page and blinkies, bah!!!!!!!!! :dunce:
    Comment moderation pisses me off, there are other methods. I always think when I see the message “must be approved by blog author” that it is really saying “This blog author is so controlling they are weeding out the comments that don’t flatter them!”

  34. Kay

    I can understand some people feel the need to use anonymous names but puzzled at why they bother when they post pictures of themselves, their kids, their house, their car, talk about where they live, work, go to church. Etc..
    The anonymity is kinda useless then.

  35. Tracy

    Oh, fuck me. You hate my lame-ass, apologetic, no-updating blog! I knew it! πŸ™‚

    Seriously, though – having recently converted over to Google Reader, I’ve become newly annoyed by blogs that only partially post to the reader. I dropped one that was wholly dependent on photo posts, yet the photos NEVER showed up in the reader. Drove me nuts. That said, I would have no idea how to fix that glitch if it were happening to me, ’cause I’m a blog ‘tard.

  36. sizzle

    I hate so much, I posted on this at my blog a while back. If a blog doesn’t have a feed, that’s the end of the line for our relationship. I can’t be bothered to remember to go look at it when there are over 200 blogs in my reader. Wow, I just sounded like I am totally full of myself.

  37. Jay

    I agree on most all of those points. Especially the damn music. I also can’t stand it when people truncate their blogs in reader. It’s rude. Having both captchas and moderating means I probably won’t comment. Moderating is annoying enough. It stops a lot of the interaction that is a big part of the fun of blogging.

    I also can’t stand it when somebody is ranting about an “issue” or something they just read in an article but refuses to link to the article that they are ranting about. So, then I have to go google the article to find it and read it before I can come back to their blog and call them a knee-jerk reactionary who lacks basic reading comprehension skills.

  38. Jay

    Oh …. I almost forgot. I really, really hate light pink font on moderately light pink background. Or light gray font on a white background. What’s wrong with the basic dark font on light background that everyone can read without much effort?

  39. Mindy

    Ok.. so I am an offender with #1. But at least I warned my readers. I am kind like that. I think blogs are unique to the writer and everyone has the right to express themselves. You sure do a great job of expressing yourself and that is how you are different from everyone else.

  40. Kathy

    Definitely #1. I can’t stand blogs that play some kind of music, particularly when I already have something playing in the background. Cluttered sidebars are another big pet peeve of mine. (Says the woman who needs to clean up her sidebars.)

  41. sybil law

    well, my computer is broken (i think i told you yesterday it was wacky) and i think it is a goner. stupid part is, i’ve had an upgrade for weeks right next to it, but i kept putting it off! arrrgggghhhh! so i write you from my husband’s computer, which is nice as hell, but not MINE, and therefore, annoying.
    i hate certain blogs for all sorts of reasons, but most of it is that i just don’t like what they’re talking about, so i stop reading them. ironic, since my blog is super boring, huh?!
    but i looove your blog! πŸ™‚
    must. go. can’t. stand. this. computer. anymore.

  42. hello haha narf

    music that autoplays is inconsiderate for those of us slacking at our desks!

    i don’t have major issues with poor spelling and grammar. probably because it is more important for me to get what the writer is saying. if they suck at writing, i don’t give a shit how great they can spell.

    most people probably hate that i don’t use caps in my comments, nor do i spell check em. i’m surprised that wasn’t on your list. (ever so slightly in my defense is that when actually blogging i take more time to use caps and review for obvious spelling issues.)

    so some folks hate comments from those without blogs? really? i was that person for years and never felt the hate. there is no way i would have issues with folks reading me if they don’t have a blog. hell, it happens all the time over at my place (although i usually know the writer).

    so long as i give you credit i can use your stuff? hmmmmm. i swear i might like every damn day to dancing you. i love that fucking video. such a happy clip!

  43. Angel

    Alot of those bother me too.

    I’m still pretty new to the blog world, so I am still decorating my little plot of land in it, but the more I see other people doing things that annoy me, the better it helps me decorate my own, ya know?

    So, anyway….

    -Hate hate hate autoplay on video or music. I know it’s all about convenience, but I forget to turn my volume down sometimes and it will scare the shit out of me or someone nearby, or I will have to explain some crazy thing to my mom, whom I am living with until I get through college. Oh, and I typically have LOTS of tabs open, and occasionally more than one will have autoplay, and I have to click through each tab until I find the culprits. It just sucks. I hate autoplay on myspace, too.

    -Hate when I have to click again to finish reading-especially on my reader. The point of my reader is to make my life easier by congregating my favorite blogs in one place, right? Kind of defeats the purpose to have to click it to go to the blog to read the post, no?

    -Speaking of readers, I just started using Flock, which has a built-in easy to use reader, so I was moving my subscriptions over and I was reminded of how hard it was to find the feeds of some of my faves. Flock was WAY easier to set up though-just go to the blog, click the feed icon in the address bar and drag it to the reader sidebar. Done!

    -I abhor editing or censoring comments, with a one exception: if a blogger edits them simply to add their own response, I think that’s acceptable, because it makes it more readable then matching up comments and responses separated by other comments and responses.

    Some things I am guilty of:

    -Cutesy names. I don’t want people to know my kids’ first names. My last name is out there, and I just don’t feel comfortable using their first names on my blog. However, I did give them blog names that we actually do call our kids.

    -Novel-esque posts. Sometimes I go on a tangent. What can I say, lol?

    -I moderate comments. Even as new as my blog is, I still get more spam comments than I do real comments, lol.

  44. DutchBitch

    Whew… I passed the test… I think…

    What do I hate about people’s blogs? Errr… I hate it when people write nothing original. I mean NOTHING: blogs that are infested with memes, funny pictures, quotes, and whatever else they were able to pic up around the internet or blogosphere. I don’t mind people doing some of that, hell I do myself, doesn’t everyone? But blogs that are JUST about that and have nothing personal or original for months on end… nah…

  45. Mike

    I agree with most of these, and that’s why I finally moved to WordPress. I couldn’t fix #4 or #12. πŸ˜‰

    I’m still guilty of at least #9. You don’t like the cute little nicknames?

  46. Eric

    Are you just a content monger… is this your plan, to have a community, or a pseduo-community (that means kinda’ or sorta’ community)
    of e-people to read your lazy-blogger posts and comment such that each learns a tiny bit of something about you, each other, and indeed themselvs each day that they participate in your blogging socio-expirmentus?
    Is that your deal?

  47. Jeff

    I think after awhile the “serious” bloggers wind up learning the same things you mentioned by reading similar lists from various bloggers. I know I committed a few of these early on but quickly learned what people hated (probably thru IT2M and other review sites). Now I’m proud to say I’m “clean” – by your standards πŸ™‚

  48. jasmine

    I totally know you’re not talking about MY blog because I don’t do ANY of those things! Nope, not one!

    I do go on and on and on about myself though and how cool I am, but that’s why you visit in the first place.


  49. Avitable

    Radioactive Girl, I don’t mind the standard templates if they’re easy to read. I know that everybody can’t do a custom design.

    RW, you’re such a damn sycophant, too!

    Shiny, if you split it with me 60/40, we’re okay.

    Metalmom, I think so!

    Hallie, what about those people who show up in comments just to pimp out their own blogs? πŸ˜€

    NYCWD, even if the moderator won’t edit or delete subjectively, there’s the appearance of impropriety, because nobody knows. And if you moderate because of spam, well, get a spam filter instead!

    Dan, as long as you keep up with the payments to be your friend, I’m okay with that.

    Anonymous City Girl, the random acronyms for people are worse, though.

    Student Teacher, yes! Me too.

    Jennifer, but it’s fun!

    TMP, you are clearly a very smart woman.

    Robin, the occasional private post is no big deal.

    Squeaky Wheel, it’s the cutesy nicknames that just get hard to read. I’d rather people juse use pseuodnyms!

    Christie, yeah, yours drive me batty.

    Britt, you’re a fucker. And a leprechaun.

    Jennifer, cool – just see how bad it is.

    Lynda, yeah, I posted a video that started autoplaying, so I had to remove it.

    Finn, you don’t want to hear about my day? Fine!

    Marty, I just like being able to see more than one post at a time. And I toss little puppies into the river for fun.

    Whole Lot of Nothing, ooh, I hate Comic Sans.

    Winter, that’s okay. I can always skip to the bottom!

    Lady Jaye, your computer won’t remember the cookies?

    Karl, I don’t mind the truncated feeds as much as truncated posts on the main page.

    BE Earl, no, I agree with you completely. And, okay, you’re kooky.

    Kay, yeah, exactly.

    Tracy, some blogs post photos to the reader and some don’t. Not sure why.

    Sizzle, I don’t read blogs with no feed, period. I can’t remember to check them periodically. You sound perfectly reasonable to me!

    LylaLou, what’s your blog URL?

    Jay, that’s usually why they don’t link to the article in the first place. Damn knee-jerk reactionaries.

    Mindy, it’s hard to warn someone if they visit from work and all of a sudden have music playing.

    Cheri, I’m a fountain of it!

    Crystal, I love avatars of holiness, though.

    Kathy, it’s just rude, since many people are at work when they read blogs.

    Sybil, well, yes, bad content is one of the worst things.

    Hello, I have no problem from commenters without blogs.

    Angel, how about pseudonyms instead of cute names? And can’t you put a spam filter on so you don’t have to moderate comments?

    DB, at that point, you wonder why they bother to blog at all.

    Mike, I’m glad you did – I hated your original blog.

    Felicity, well, I do like blog whores.

    Eric, it’s all about sycophants.

    Tracy, except you use that damn Haloscan.

    Jeff, now if you could just get off of Blogger!

    Jasmine, you are cool and awesome!

    Amanda, you only have one thing you hate about blogs and it’s mine?

  50. Girl, Dislocated

    #1 and #16 annoy me, too. As for #20, I am absolutely, positively guilty of writing posts of epic length, and so I am always in total awe when people read and comment instead of moving along when they see how long a post is.

    Oh and I hate RW’s blog. That’s right, RW, no kumbaya between us… πŸ˜›

  51. NYCWD

    Oh… the original reason I came here… because if someone moderates, and over time you find your comments going through unscathed, then it is possible to trust the blogger is doing the right thing. If there are accusations of impropriety, as there often are, then it does bring moderation into question.

    I do however think a commenting policy outlining such things is a good idea should you feel the need to implement them.

  52. Angel

    Ok, I was just too lazy to get an API for akismet, but I went ahead and did it. You better leave me a comment now. LOL :crazywife:

    As far as the names, I actually did try using fake names, but it really was a lot harder than just using nicknames we use at least half the time anyway. It was hard for ME to keep them straight by using pseudonyms, and, while I hope people do enjoy my blog if they come across it, it’s really more about an outlet for me, and making it more difficult to write wasn’t helping me at all. I do have a lot on my plate: I work FT in a child abuse prevention program serving at-risk families, I am in college FT, and I have four kids and a failed marriage I and my ex-husband are rebuilding. So I have to make things easy or they just won’t get done, lol.

  53. amanda

    Alright alright…

    I dislike when people have very long boring stories. But they comment you so you have to read them…kinda. I also dislike too much complaining. Your blog doesn’t do that but there is someone I know of that constantly bitches.


    i really wanted to use that icon.

  54. Avitable

    Usedtobeme, good to know – thanks!

    Gwen, there will be a pop quiz later.

    Summer, you can’t even spell your URL right! “Blopspot”, eh?

    Mindy, I see.

    BB, digestible. Yes.

    Girl, Dislocated, your posts are interesting, though, so the length is fine.

    NYCWD, those are the best epics.

    Angel, that makes sense, but I’m glad you got the Akismet API. Akismet catches a lot.

    Girl, Dislocated, take a picture of you naked in stilettos and I’ll make it into one.

    Amanda, I just read the first part and the end, then read the comments to see what I missed.

    BTDT, I don’t know – this might not hit 100. But it’s so close!

  55. Black Belt Mama

    I hate when people don’t use any capitalization, punctuation, or paragraphing. It’s not old-school grammar; it just makes sense.

    As a side note, every time someone writes one of these posts, I’m like “Oh no-what am I doing wrong?” I have no clue how to let people subscribe to comments. Can you do that on mine? Help a girl out.

  56. cajunvegan

    I hate boring titles. I judge a blog entry by its title.

    I am still enjoying my pseudo-anonymity. And, I do have other names for my freaks and geeks, but none of them are cutesy. Hell, I call my husband Boog(er) and my ‘rents Sybil and Sanford.

    I know this much is true: I love your blog.

  57. Avitable

    Stephanie, how much more nudity can your eyes handle?

    BBM, I don’t have any problems with your blog, and ask Karl about that Typepad subscribe to comments thing.

    Cajunvegan, I try for clever titles sometimes but it doesn’t always work.

    Angel, yeah, I noticed. Sigh.

    BB, it’s okay. I will always be better at spelling and grammar than you are. It’s just in my nature.

  58. golfwidow

    I hate plagiarists, and copy/pasters who don’t link back to the original sources.

    Incidentally, I’m guilty of editing comments on occasion, but only when the commenter has

    a) said something nasty that needs to be changed to something embarrassing (example: they write “You suck” and I change it to “I just peed my pants”).
    b) tried to use my comments to sell his or her products, so I change the links to sell MY products.
    c) provided personal (stalkable) information about someone. I’m not letting people put addresses or phone numbers, even their own, in my comments.

    Conflicting opinions, misspellings, and most forms of self-humiliation are allowed to stand as-is.

  59. Gina

    You touched on a lot of good points. I do wish that I knew of a WP plug-in for comment subscription per post for my blog instead of readers having to subscribe to all comments. I only do the “read more” on posts that are super long (and you know which posts these are and that they would not be as good shorter – wink).

    Apologies if any of the other “hates” you listed relate to my own blog. I always appreciate feedback so do let me know if you have any for me (you got my e-mail).


  60. Avitable

    Golfwidow, I think most people are scared of me.

    Always Home, you mean everybody doesn’t get 100 comments?

    Annette, occasional long posts are okay.

    Gina, there’s a “subscribe to comments” plugin that allows you to subscribe by email to that post’s comments.

  61. misi

    Kinda speechles…hmmm, well, cool blog-found ya thru Miss Britt- love her take on life and you? Well I’m learning sooo may new things.
    But, I don’t scare easily so I’ll be back!
    Oh and before you waste your time I’m a Mama Blogger ;0. But I’m cute, does that count?

  62. Lisa

    Something else I’d like to add is when there is no way to contact a blogger privately like a comment form or email address. There are times when I’d like to say something and not leave it in the comments because it’s too personal, not mean but personal.

    I also cannot stand a template that is totally whacked out because I’m just anal about things lining up correctly whether it’s in IE, Firefox, Opera or any other browser.

  63. Avitable

    Jeff, yeah, but your comment box betrays you.

    Misi, thanks for the visit and comment. And if you’re cute, you get a pass. Comment moderation, though – that just doesn’t make any sense!

    Lisa, I don’t have a contact form, but in my about page, it says how to reach me. I figure if people are too stupid to figure it out, I don’t want to talk to them in the first place.

  64. Natalie

    In response to Kay about anonymity: I post pictures of myself and my son, but use other names in my posts. I do this because I don’t want my dad or my ex (as examples)stumbling upon my blog by doing a search for my name and my son’s name in a Google Search. You know, just in case I ever need to talk smack. So the anonymity is protection against people who KNOW ME finding my blog. Does that make sense?

    The only thing that REALLY bothers me about blogs is the partial feed/post thing. I figure my blog is pretty crappy, so I can’t complain about much more.

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