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Can’t blog

Can’t blog. Too busy playing LEGO Indiana Jones for the Wii.

Instead, watch some of my favorite Youtube videos that I’ve made:

Everything comes down to poo:


10 Things:

Singing “Before He Cheats”:

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50 Replies to “Can’t blog”

  1. Stephanie

    Okay. Is it wrong that the one with you singing “Before He Cheats” gives me lady wood?

    Seriously. Now I want to see Britt sing it…karaoke style, with a few Brittini’s in her.

    The Chocorito still makes me throw up a little. In my mouth.

    Seacrest out. :boobs4:

  2. Manager Mom

    I am DY-ing for a Wii. Those evil marketing geniuses have created shortages, and I can’t get one without paying through the nose on ebay.

    OK – how long is the wife out of town on business? Because I could bring over some frozen Cuban sammies if you’re looking for a break from the chocolate.

  3. Turnbaby

    Yanno–when, upon seeing your title for today, ‘someone’ mentioned that you were getting lazy with your posting lately I took up for you, seeing as how busy you’ve been etc.

    I should have known.

  4. NYCWD

    I really don’t mind when people get new video games that occupy their time… but would a realscreenshot be too much to ask for those of us WITHOUT the pixelated awesomeness?

    I really need to know… does it let you use the whip with a flick of the hand?

    That would be too cool.

  5. Avitable

    Poppy, the silly RULER OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!

    Amanda, if you were a good girlfriend, you’d go do that right now.

    Divalicious, sometimes Youtube just says they’re unavailable.

    Karl, it’s pretty fun!

    BPR, yes. And by “sores”, you meant “stores”, right?

    Stephanie, lady wood, eh? Was your clit standing at attention?

    Jay, exactly, but with less death.

    Wayne, did you get to play your nephew’s?

    BE Earl, he only moves when I’m sleeping.

    Hilly, you’ve probably seen all of these, I think.

    Dave, running away from the Lego boulder is fun.

    BB, it’s about time you have normal speed internet.

    DickieMaxx, yeah, that is a classic.

    Britt, you’re getting valuable face time in those videos – you shouldn’t complain.

    Manager Mom, oh, she’s in town this week. I just kicked her out of the living room so that we could play.

    Bubblewench, I loved Lego Star Wars – took me a long time to beat that one.

    Dan, yup!

    Fab, have you tried the chocorrito yet?

    Robin, just tell your boss it’s more important than your actual work.

    Turnbaby, yeah, today was all about laziness.

    Student Teacher, I had a hard time understanding why something I microwaved was hot.

    NYCWD, I hadn’t opened the box yet. And yes, you can flick your hand and he cracks the whip.

    Willie G, those bastards.

    CMG, love ya!

    Hello, you definitely should have blogged, if you were drunk!

    Crystal, better or deafer?

  6. whall

    Avi, no, he’s in San Antonio. But I did get a phone call asking if I knew how to re-change the DS to not be in French. Evidently somehow it got stuck in non-English mode, and Indy just isn’t Indy when en francais.

  7. Sybil Law

    I can’t watch the last one. If I do, it’ll get that song in my head again and then I’ll be singing my own words about killing you and I’ll be singing it for days. Days!
    Damn you if it gets stuck in my head later I am going to have to fly down there and beat you! :poke:

  8. Avitable

    Hello, yeah that was pretty good.

    Dragon, it’s fun!

    Poppy, anytime.

    Wayne, then he just runs away?

    Sybil, beat me off?

    Tracy, I’m okay with that.

    Shamelessly Sassy, I’m almost indistinguishable from her. And yes it is.

    Mocha, cutest fake couple on the internet.

    Atomic Bombshell, anytime!

    Sybil, yes, he is.

    DK, you should try chocolate syrup instead.

    Always Home, what happened to your colon?

    HG, very fun!

    Winter, you don’t get it?

    Marty, I agree. It’s definitely not too easy.

  9. Lisa

    Didn’t know that had the Indiana Jones thing for the Wii. I went to get a Wii Fit last weekend and they were SOLD OUT! Can a girl get a little yoga with her WII? Or some soccer?

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