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Illusions of Grandeur

I heard somebody say “illusions of grandeur” instead of “delusions” and it just stuck in my head.

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52 Replies to “Illusions of Grandeur”

  1. Avitable

    Britt, the illusion in his head is much grander than the reality.

    Amanda, what, you’ve never seen a crudely drawn paintbrush before?

    Princess, I like to eat way too much to become an artist.

    Hilly, hot dog meat? Are you drunk?

    Sheila, a cylindrical ice cream cone, of course.

    LMSS, who’s James Taylor?

    NYCWD, I’ll be careful.

    Thursday’s Child, I am so confused.

    Marty, that is true, although I sometimes switch it up with a pen.

    Karl, doesn’t everybody?

    Tori, they’re hiding.

    Poppy, you can take this one and rename it. Nobody gets it anyway.

    Jen, it’s my usual one.

    BB, I am not surprised.

    Amanda, didn’t you know? We’re all like that.

    Mr. Fabulous, no, we’ll just have to convince her to date a black guy.

    Golfwidow, thank you. I love you.

    Hallie, I’m like Rembrandt if he fell on his head as a baby.

    Robin, I’ll just have to wear heels.

    BE Earl, yet you misspelled “Wookiee” over on Dawg’s blog.

    Gwen, like my art?

    Blondefabulous, it’s much simpler and clunkier than you think.

    Dragon, well that might explain why it wasn’t painting very well.

    Sybil, I don’t know – the cartoon Avi’s the one who drew it!

    Mindy, sigh.

    Winter, I’m really bad at song lyrics.

    Marissa, Mariel or Ernest?

  2. Been there Done that

    There was an assistant principal at a school where I worked that used to say things like:
    Someone is going to paint a murial on my wall.
    Well, that’s the whole ball and wax.
    I’m going to wear the pin on the label of my blouse.

    She has her doctorate degree. I’m just sayin’….

  3. amanda

    I think the paintbrush is a subliminal message. Have you ever seen south park’s global warming episode when stan’s dad draws a map? If you haven’t, completely disregard this comment.

  4. Avitable

    Poppy, I knew you were my favorite for a reason.

    BTDT, wow. Was her doctorate in Retard?

    PocketCT, applause? Are you sure they didn’t applaud when you put it away so they couldn’t see it anymore?

    Crystal, nope. It’s drawn life size. Not to scale, life size.

    Steph, windows taste nice.

    Hello, wanna watch me wag my tail?

    Howard, clearly, they’re a Communist.

    Shelli, no, I cannot draw. Are you seeing the same thing I am? And the length is very important. How else can I perform oral sex on myself?

    Amanda, yeah, I know you can’t help it.

    Marissa, well, all you need to do is grow a beard and drink yourself to death!

    Kay, that’s its exact size!

  5. Avitable

    Marissa, just get a merkin and put it on your face.

    Wayne, I am, however, neither.

    Turnbaby, I can draw a turtle and a pirate too!

    Stephanie, I know. It’s okay that you’re a loser.

    Hello, I know you would!

    Shelli, I did draw it, yes. And it’s poor at best, in my opinion.

    Heather, more hair? I have more hair than that! For that, I’ll draw you with smaller boobs!

    BBM, thanks!

    Lisa, I hope I don’t look like that when I’m older. I think he’s gay.

  6. Gwen

    I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this and would like to say this to the person who said it, “Houdini performed illusions of grandeur. You are simply a moron who thinks you’re hot shit.”


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