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Help me out, fuckers

Just so I can get an idea, with a show of virtual hands, how many of you are actually going to try to come to the Halloween party on November 1st?

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63 Replies to “Help me out, fuckers”

  1. Mike

    Yes, I am trying to be there. I have to confirm with work that I’ll be at this conference on October 28th to 31st. Unfortunately, I probably won’t know for certain before mid-September.

    There’s also a possibility that I’ll have to go back to Africa around the same time, but I told my boss that I already went to Africa, but that I never went to a Avitable Halloween party. We’ll see if that works. πŸ˜›

  2. PocketCT

    I plan to look at schedule and ticket costs. If there is something reasonable I’m in! Might need to share a room with someone. (middle of the night masturbation and soiling the carpet show optional)

  3. Poppy

    Awww, yay! Dawg already RSVP’d for me! Why am I bothering to leave a comment?

    And in case Fab never gets his lazy ass over here, he and Turnbaby are definitely trying to come so they can have sex at your party.

  4. Mocha

    Dude. Why am I just finding out about this? A gal like me needs to plan. I think some ridiculous state testing will occur then making it unreasonable for me to attend.

    I shall bitch about it the entire month of October.

  5. Turnbaby

    LMAO@ Poppy!

    I have marked it on my calendar in ink. I’m stalking tickets and will likely lock those in soon. We think we know what we are wearing too;-)

    So it’s yesx2 :sexytime: :sexytime:

  6. Lisa

    I’m a fucker who is a day late but as long as the health allows I’m planning on coming and if the budget allows Dude will come too.

    I’ve got my costume already…and no I’m not coming as Sinead O’Connor.

  7. Avitable

    Hilly, and then maybe even stay a day or two extra????

    Amanda, why not? Your nephew will have more birthdays.

    Angie, awesome!

    NYCWD, wow – coming down to Florida when there’s no hurricane. Crazy!

    Dave, and here I thought you were committed to coming.

    Angel, absolutely. Do you live in the area or will you be traveling?

    Mike, I hope it works out!

    Jester, that would be awesome if you guys made it!

    PocketCT, we could probably find you a urine-free roommate, too!

    Em, why not? Do you have a real excuse?

    Bubblewench, there’s always 2009!

    Britt, shhh.

    Jenny, Houston to Orlando is just a short, direct flight, you know.

    Wayne, well, you don’t have to seem so gleeful that you’re going to miss it.

    ADW, really? I was hoping you would!

    Gwen, start planning for next year!

    Hello, you’ll be the hit of the party, I’m sure.

    Misi, it’s an open invitation, and you live in Central Florida, don’t you?

    Poppy, no sex allowed.

    Spencer, just a little bit? I hope you can make it.

    Dragon, no?

    BE Earl, that sucks. Maybe next year.

    Clown, fucker.

    CP, can you induce her prematurely so that you guys can make it?

    Winter, you can start planning for next year!

    Lady Jaye, so you’re choosing sports over me. I see how it is.

    Finn, oh, the husband’s coming too, eh?

    HG, works for me.

    Robin, good thinking!

    Jay, why not? C’mon, what else are you going to do?

    LMSS, you live right here, just say yes and we’ll all be happy. There will be a theme for the party, and if people want to dress in that theme, they can, although it’s not required.

    Crystal, I’ll hold my breath!

    AmyD, we have less than five months. Lots of planning to do!

    Heather, can’t you just leave them with your mom’s friend! HAHAHAHAH!

    Shelli, training? That’s your reason?

    Lynda, stay tuned for the contest we’re going to have.

    Sybil Law, I think if you started a Midwest road trip, you’d find people who would join you.

    Tracy, I can send you the empty wrappers!

    RW, really?

    TrishK, I’m glad you guys will make it this year!

    Peggy, very cool.

    Mocha, you can’t come down for a little partying on a Saturday five months from now?

    Turnbaby, I hope you can make it, no matter what!

    Stephanie, nervous? We’re all friends here.

    Greeneyezz, what part of the country do you live in?

    Lisa, that would be fun if you could make it! Are you coming as Vin Diesel? Michael Jordan?

  8. Greeneyezz

    I’m in Central New York, which means I’d have to fly down if I went.
    Why for you ask???..Are you trying to round people up by areas of the country?? (Or were you planning on peeking into my bedroom window some day??? :sexytime:

    I am sure this would be quite the blast, I love Love LOVE Halloween parties!
    *Mmmmm…strokes chin thoughtfully*
    What would I go as???
    Certainly not a 12 foot Snake!
    *Thinking of Avi’s Recent Reptilian post* :sex023:


  9. Kris

    Aw fuck. I would LOVE to come all zombified and shit, but until I find a rich relative to kill off, I’m screwed.

    Damn, that reminds me. I’ve got to start up the Zombie Walk shit for this year. (First Annual – someone’s got to do it! If Toronto can do it, so can we.)

  10. kapgar

    Sadly, we have probably overspent our vacation fund this year and I will have to say no. It would be fun. So long as Karl promises not to get naked and pee on your rug. That rug really held the room together, man.

  11. Avitable

    Sheila, that would be cool if you could make it, and I’m sure there are some people up for a road trip.

    Greeneyezz, a snake would be a great costume. πŸ˜€

    Kris, well, stay tuned – that problem might be resolved.

    Kapgar, you and your damn vacations!

    Karl, this I knew. πŸ˜€

    Nina, don’t get my hopes up. Really?

  12. Greeneyezz

    “a snake would be a great costume. πŸ˜€


    I’m having flashbacks to that Horrible video!

    Make it stop!! Make it stop!!!!

    I can’t *believe* I’m probably gonna Rival you in Complete Grossness and Disgustability right now, but someone sent this to me not too long ago.
    How about this:

    I’ll *See* your Grossness and *Raise* you a Disgustability.



  13. Kris

    Hell, I’d even room with Karl. I’m all for midnight masturbation. As long as he pees in the far corner of the room and flushes the drapes, we’re good to go.

    Still…wtf. I wanna zombify everyone!

  14. Avitable

    Greeneyezz, that’s genius!

    Allyson, typing with one hand while you masturbated, right? And of course you can come!

    Kris, well, maybe this will work out for you.

    Geeky, sweet! Why haven’t you been blogging recently?

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