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To boob or not to boob

Forget abortion.
Fuck the war in Iraq.
Who cares about the 2nd Amendment?

I want to vote for the candidate who decides to get rid of this Puritanical notion that Americans have that topless women are somehow indecent.

Will McCain lead the oppressed chest concealers into tit-revealing victory? Or will it be Obama who will inspire a generation to let their puppies breathe?

I dream of an America where I can walk down the street and see an advertisement like this:

I dream of a time when women can go topless without feeling ashamed. When close-minded fundamentalist groups like the AFA are told to suck it up or move out of the country. When the FCC has someone from Hooters on their board. When nipples dot the landscape like multi-colored Hershey’s Kisses.

Who’s with me?

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66 Replies to “To boob or not to boob”

  1. bluepaintred

    you do realize that only a small percentage of the population has sweet firm boobies like that, right? you are considering that this may mean you will see shriveled up empty milk bags of a ninety year old woman, right? RIGHT?

    oh god. thats what you WANT, isn’t it?

  2. Jay

    I’m totally supporting you on this. Can you imagine how much better Friends would have been if Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox had been allowed to go topless in each episode? It boggles the mind.

  3. Captain Steve

    Part of me supports this, because free and clear is fun! However, you must think of the grandchildren. For example: do you want the Ladies to sag when a girl turns 28? Then they need to be supported to remain that firm and uplifted with the pointy bits still vaguely skyward, my dear boys.

  4. whall

    I dunno. Not only would your plan seriously mess with my prudish nature, but it would seem that it might take away from the breast’s inherently tittilating nature.

    Utterz.com would have to be renamed udderz.com and would only support photos and video (no more audio would be needed).

    And I don’t even wanna *think* what kind of childhood mammories we’d be fostering in our kids.

  5. Functionally ReTodded

    I’m with you!!!

    But I ummm…well, you see, I can’t really stand up right now. It seems that I have a raging boner.

    Lemme just run upstairs and do what I normally do when that occurs (jerk off, wipe my dick on the drapes and then cry myself to sleep), and then I’ll be right there.

  6. Tall Man Molly

    While in Marseille, Fr. or Naples, It., you can go to the news stand and pick up a comic book that lays right next to the magazine that has a woman getting boinked by four dudes on the cover…..now that’s freedom of speech. :3some:

  7. Marissa


    While people love the pretty boobs, there are indeed boobs that aren’t pretty. You really want to run the risk of seen Great-Great-Grandma Jane Doe, whose nipples have conversations with her ankles, walking around topless?

  8. Cissa Fireheart

    I love my rack, but I think that if the US were allowed to be like a semi-nudist colony all the time, I would stay indoors more….

    Think of the sunburns!!

    plus the support issue is important to keep in mind…unless the gov’t decides to make lifts and boob jobs free and painless then count me in! :boobs4:

  9. Maria

    Oh, and my kid said you have a big head. Just to make sure, I asked her who she was talking to and she pointed to every single picture in view on your sidebar and said “Him! The man that is blue. He has a very big head.”

    She’s a charmer, isn’t she?


  10. NYCWD

    This reminds me of when Howard Stern ran for Governor of New York on the proposition that road construction should take place during the overnight. Needless to say, he withdrew from the race, but because of the overwhelming support road construction (80% of it) now takes place during the overnight.

    Avitable for President?

  11. HoosierGirl

    Sorry, I’m not with you. #1 – Girls like that make me feel, well, saggy. #2 – I have 3 sons and their raging adolescent hormones to worry about. They DON’T need to see any more naked women than the Internet will covertly provide.

    But I think YOU should be able to see all the naked boobs you want. :boobs3: Have at it!

  12. Mike

    Once you’ve seen a nekkid woman, you pretty much want to see them all nekkid, right? I’m paraphrasing Ron White here.

    But at the same time, you can’t “unsee” things. That’s all I’m saying.

  13. Special K

    It’s just skin.
    The sooner we move more toward embracing nudity, the less stigma would be attached to the ‘diversity’ of boob types. We’d all be more comfortable showing them.
    Boobs are beautiful: silcone, saline, young, not so young, and motherly.
    Boobs make people happy.
    Support, however, is something I like as well, but there’s always ‘cut out’ underwire bras that support you, but let the ‘natural you’ show through.

  14. manager mom

    Well, I feel ashamed when I’m topless, but not because of the fundamentalist zealots.

    It’s because when people have seen my naked chest they tend to pat my head and say, “Can I buy you a nice Mickey Mouse t-shirt, little boy?”

  15. Avitable

    Britt, I disagree.

    Dave, they’re cute, with their wet noses.

    Amanda, too many little differences for me to really enjoy it.

    BPR, I’m not saying that everyone has to go topless, but that they can feel free to do so without repercussion.

    BE Earl, no, I’m going topless too.

    Jay, I might have watched Friends if that had been the case.

    Shelli, you do – the people spoke!

    Poppy, you’ll have to emote with words!

    AmyD, well, it wouldn’t be mandatory, but it should be permissible.

    Y2K, me too!

    Captain Steve, you make a good point.

    Winter, I say nudity for everyone!

    Wayne, it’s that prudish nature we need to work on.

    Janna, one can only hope.

    Turnbaby, Communists, that’s who.

    Todd, your poor drapes.

    Tall Man Molly, exactly!

    BTDT, you have my email address, right?

    Marissa, I’m willing to risk that.

    Kapgar, can I get a a “Halleluuuuujah?!”

    Robin, that works, too.

    Em, that’s what I’m saying.

    Cissa, you’d have plenty of people who would offer to apply suntan lotion.

    Karen, not our TV, they’re not. πŸ™

    Blondefabulous, saggy boobs are okay, too. I don’t want to discriminate.

    Maria, I have a long shaft, too.

    Anonymous City Girl, no volunteers to put the lotion on?

    Gwen, melons!

    Lady Jaye, I’m an equal opportunity boob lover.

    Finn, I’ve seen you – you definitely need to release the hounds.

    Angie, that’s right!

    Rattling the Kettle, subtle, eh?

    Sybil, it’s all about keeping women down. No more!

    Sue, me too!

    NYCWD, I did not know that.

    Lynda, but nobody complained about the ads on TV, right?

    RW, so you won’t like my “Ass Go Free” campaign either, will you?

    Golfwidow, I’ll nipplefy you immediately.

    HG, that’s the issue – if you make boobs less forbidden, the raging adolescent hormones won’t see them as quite the big deal that they do now.

    Marty, I think he would be our candidate for cleavage.

    Jake, you totally mangled Hershey’s, didn’t you?

    Heather, trust me. I do.

    Hello, I’ve already seen yours!

    Mike, that is a good point. I’m okay with that.

    Maman, really?

    DK, I could have guessed that.

    Peggy, I think that the more boobs we see, the less excited we will be, and then less puritanical.

    Special K, you made my point exactly.

    Dragon, why? I figure if you’re going to click on my blog at work, you already have a death wish.

    Othurme, what about the IRS? Anything they can do with Hooters?

    Bossy, who are you kidding? You’re a free spirit all into hippy nudity.

    Stephanie, I’m okay with that.

    Trukindog, never would have guessed that!

    Manager Mom, little boys are cute, too.

  16. Breigh

    Yeah that whole boobs thing was weird when I first got here. I was all *POINT AT TV* OMGTHEYARESHOWINGBOOBSONASOAPCOMMERCIAL — AT 3PM INTHEAFTERNOON!!!

    I couldn’t believe it that just everyday TV ads had naked boobs on them and that most of the people on the beaches went topless too.

    I went topless once at the beach and felt weird cuz my brother in law was there. Not sure I’d ever get used to that.

    It’s nice though, living somewhere that the human body isn’t treated like some ghastly thing that needs to be hidden at all costs.

    They even show PENIS on TV here, which I LOVE! πŸ˜€

  17. Froggywoogie

    Hmmm boobies are basically milk boxes by nature right? There is no restriction for milk boxes to be flashed in any grocery stores. Besides, boobies are the first thing we enjoy feeling right from birth so why hidding them? I know what I’m saying is hypocrit because most males enjoy them as sexual devices and forget all about the baby feeding thing but oh well, I had to say something because I live on the side of the pond where it’s legal to show them πŸ™‚

  18. Avitable

    Froggywoogie, I just think that if we didn’t make them such a big deal, they’d stop being such ridiculous objects of sexual desire all of the time. Thank you for disproving that. πŸ˜€

  19. mark

    i think it should be optional. cause to allot of women there intimate but yeah that would be a great thing.

    P.S. Who’s the chick on the add? What’s her name?

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