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That’s what my forehead hitting the keyboard looks like. I just tried it. I have a big fucking head – not sure how it got the “k” and “l” and the “2” and “a” on the opposite side of the keyboard!

It’s 8 PM on Sunday night, and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Saturday night was a late night out at Universal CityWalk, and I didn’t really have a chance to recuperate today, so I think I’ll just go to bed, dream sweet dreams of unicorns and butterflies, and wake up refreshed 11 hours later.

Hopefully I’ll have a big announcement this week about the Halloween Party, so stay tuned!

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39 Replies to “Tareagahg2g2jlkfrk”

  1. Zom

    every time I smash my head into my keyboard it says …

    “yousillybastardjustbecauseyourcockishugedoesn’tmeanthatyou’regonnagettofuckyourhottieneighbor” ….. or something like that.
    I have a very wide “hey arnold” head also.

  2. whall

    Fortunately for the rest of the human race, it appears you have inadvertently found the secret to happiness, the recipe for long life, the cure for cancer, and everyone’s lost sock and the ANSWER IS IN YOUR FOREHEAD TYPING!

    UNfortunately for the rest of the human race, your forehead is using a rare dialect of a since-forgotten language that was spoken by the Atlanteans, but only during loveplay.

    Next time, pick something we can USE, wouldja?

  3. RW

    I for one am very disappointed in the fact that you hit the keyboard with your head. And if you continue to tell us all the sordid details of your life like this you just KNOW there will be repercussions. You can’t possibly think that putting your personal travails up on your blog will net you anything but grief and unwanted criticism. I’ve had it with you. I’m LEAVING!

  4. sybil law

    No pictures?!
    WAAAH :crying:
    Okay – I am not doing the forehead thing. Hope you got some rest!
    Also, I hope your Halloween announcement means you’re flying me down there! I think I might know what my costume will be – you’d like it!

  5. Poppy

    Good thing you post the night before since you’re at the movies.

    What’re you seeing? The Hulk?

    Dawg and I saw The Happening. That M. Night is a funny guy. And Marky Mark too. “Yoooou with the love in your eyes!” Zooey had heart eyes at the end, yeeeeee! (I just gave away the ending. Ok, no I didn’t.)

  6. Kay

    I so wish I could like, lie and say “I am SOOO gonna be there dressed like Hilary Clinton” or something like that but we all know I will have to live vicariously through pictures. (sigh)

  7. Marney

    Oh man, I’m not sure what’s funnier: your post or the comments!

    I so want to press my forehead on the keyboard, but I’m at work and they already think I’m crazy.


  8. Avitable

    ACG, that’s possible. It did land pretty hard.

    Hilly, it was just one of those Mondays.

    Amanda, it was very nice.

    Zom, wow, that’s a huge head.

    Y2K, I think you figured it out!

    Becky, try your butt.

    Jay, I know – that’s what my wife said.

    Wayne, luckily I speak Atlantean, though.

    AmyD, or the dog.

    Penelope, you don’t dream of unicorns and butterflies?

    TrishK, gotta start sometime.

    Turnbaby, yup – it was nice.

    BTDT, I wonder what would happen if I posted that I stabbed myself in the eye with a fork?

    Britt, by “this Halloween Party” do you mean “my boobs”?

    Hallie, I use Purell a lot, too, and this is only my keyboard!

    Bucky, how did you know my WPA password?

    Nina, dreaming of socks.

    Lisa, I think you did it wrong.

    Robin, sleeping pills or Roofies?

    TMP, I wish I could just sleep once a week for 24 hours and be done with it.

    Marty, I fall asleep at my desk most nights.

    Atomic Bombshell, they’re so relaxing!

    Finn, you give good head!

    RW, what if I promise to hit the refrigerator with my head next time?

    Sybil, is it Lady Godiva?

    Hello, it’s cute how computer illiterate you really are.

    Poppy, you’re a plant!

    Kay, pictures will be plentiful. Maybe a live cam this time, too.

    Gwen, I didn’t taste it, but probably.

    DB, that is my masturbation technique.

    Maria, – tiny forehead.

    Heather, it’s the sign of the devil.

    Steph, yup. Gotta start planning!

    Karl, did you use your little head?

    Marney, must be the comments, because this post was particularly uninspired.

  9. Poppy

    You should have seen me whispering around the plants today when I asked if they were getting thrown out (they were, eek). Ex asked me why I was whispering. “The Happening, they can hear me.”

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