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I’ve been putting this off

This week has been named by some random blogger to be Blog Reader Appreciation Week. I’ve seen several bloggers do some pretty cool stunts and posts about their readers, so I wanted to come up with something a little different.

I’d like to hear from each of you about what makes you feel appreciated as a reader. Is it a reply comment? Is it acknowledgment? A return comment on your own blog? Oral sex?

What actions, elements, aspects, and characteristics of a blog make you feel appreciated as a reader and a commenter? What do bloggers do that make you feel unappreciated? Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?

And to show my appreciation for all of my readers, I’ll pick a random commenter today who answers one of those questions by midnight PST tonight and they will win their choice of a $50 gift certificate or a $50 gift certificate! I’ll announce the winner on Sunday.

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117 Replies to “I’ve been putting this off”

  1. Amanda

    Definitely oral sex. Or asking me to send pictures of my boobs.

    Seriously… just responding to comments. I rarely comment on blogs that don’t reply to comments. If they don’t have the courtesy to acknowledge I’ve said something, I’m not going to say anything.

  2. Tracy Lynn

    I like it when I am acknowledged, period. Whether by comment, reply, email, link trade, whatever. I am so very easy.
    I will say that you and Sizzle are the most responsive people I read. And this may seem odd, but I appreciate bloggers who write regularly. It’s like they are keeping me ‘in the loop’, as it were.

    Ok, you got one serious response. NO MORE FOR YOU. :clap:

  3. Y2K Survivor

    Well, I always think it is cool how Britt sees the humor when I make real creepy prev comments on her blog.

    But it makes ME a little uncomfortable when I make those some kind of comments on your blog and you call me on that fucking Iphone and tell me you are touching yourself and how hard your nipples are.

    I mean, I appreciated the positive affirmation and all, but you know when you say you want to rub all over me and make sweet love…? Could you please write that stuff down next time and let Britt read it over your Iphone. I mean, that might help me a little bit. …just thinking.

    Other than that, I like the way you treat commentors and I wish I was able to be as kind, thoughtful and inviting.

  4. Poppy

    What actions, elements, aspects, and characteristics of a blog make you feel appreciated as a reader and a commenter?
    Smilies. Lots and lots of smilies.

    What do bloggers do that make you feel unappreciated?
    Turn off comments so I can’t engage.

    Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?
    I’m sorry to say you are perfect just the way you are. But, you could do more vlogs and I wouldn’t mind.

    Also, you should totally pick me to win so I can give my prize to Dawg like I said I would if I won one of your contests. WHEEEEEEE!!!

  5. Dave2

    I feel appreciated when a blogger remains true to themselves and doesn’t change to better suit their audience. I started reading them for a reason, and I’m willing to bet it WASN’T because they sucked up to their readers at the expense of their voice.

    I feel not only under-appreciated, but actual rage, when a blogger turns into a fucking whore that will say whatever they have to in order to keep their reader count. Nothing will cause me to delete a webfeed faster than a blog whore who lives for their stats more than their writing.

  6. Hilly

    It’s all about interaction for me, whether it be that you answer my comment here, comment on my blog now and again or you know…email me those nudey pictures you are so fond of sending me.

    I’m an odd fuckette who always feels appreciated when engaged, like my opinion matters…that may be why I try to involve my readers a lot.

  7. Karl

    I think you already do a bang-up job to make people feel appreciated. We share many of the same feelings on how blogs should be utilized, particularly in the comments.

    I feel appreciated when I leave a comment and the blogger responds to me. Doesn’t have to be in e-mail, though that’s cool. Just respond somewhere in the comment stream, acknowledge that I was there.

    I feel appreciated when I get the occasional link from someone, too. Or when someone @’s me on Twitter. It doesn’t take much to make me feel appreciated.

  8. whall

    I like per-comment replies, and I appreciate having a civil disagreement when disagreement arises.

    But the highest compliment that isn’t outrageous is a return visit to my blog and to see what I do/write/have interests in. You do that well.

  9. Jay

    Yeah, the answering comments is usually a big thing. I’ve gotten lax about it cause I’ve been really busy and gotten behind. But, that’s not really a good excuse. I’m just being lazy.

    What I really can’t stand is when people answer some comments and not others. Like they have 12 comments and they answer the first two and then maybe like the 7th comment and then the last one, but leave the other eight people without a response. That’s just rude. If you feel the need to just answer one person send them a freaking email.

    Oh and comment moderation. I just hate it. Especially when someone responds to my comment without actually posting the comment and then misrepresents what I had said. That’s happened to me. I rarely comment on blogs that have moderation turned on.

  10. Willie G

    To me the difference between a blog and just a website is that a blog is interactive. You post, I comment, you respond, etc. I think a return visit and comment on my blog is awesome, although I think that is going the extra mile. You have always been awesome with your readers. I think that’s why you have a loyal following. :thumbsup:

  11. SJ

    I just wish I knew why your blog takes so damn long to load for me. WAY longer time than any other. Maybe it’s the 40 bajillion animated smilies, I don’t know.

    On any blog, responding to comments is key for me. I’ve actually dropped some blogs from my “regular reads” because they rarely/never respond to commenters. If someone like Britt, with her 147 comments daily, can manage to respond to all of them in turn, somebody with 30-50 should certainly be able to manage it. But you’re pretty good about that, I think.

    Return visits are always nice, but I’d prefer people stop by because they WANT to, rather than feeling obligated to do so because I visited their blog.

    So unless you can optimize your website to load in a speedier fashion especially for me, I think I’ll opt for free porn.

  12. Princess of the Universe

    I agree with what most people are saying- just any kind of acknowledgment. Email, comment back, or commenting on my blog.

    I do like it if people I read religiously come to my blog at least once in a while and comment. It doesn’t have to be often- but that’s just me. :heartbeat:

  13. Cyndi

    I’m a first time commenter. :sexytime:

    Since I have no blog of my own (yet!)I feel appreciated when receiving a direct response to a reply comment I’ve made. And even though I have never entered one cuz I am too lazy to take the time to type, I appreciate all of the little contests you do….winning stuff definitely makes people feel good. Oh…….and I also feel special when you say “Hey, fuckers!” cuz I know I am actually one of the fuckers you are referring to.

    What pisses me off more than anything is when a comment of mine has not been approved by the blogger. Unless I am ripping your head off and cussing you out for something you said, I expect to see the comment that I took the time to write actually posted. I have actually stopped reading a blog that I really loved because for whatever reason, she chose not to approve a couple of my comments (about FOOD of all things!)

  14. hello haha narf

    yep, replies to comments is the biggest thing a blogger can do to appreciate me. although they need to have the fucking option for me to subscribe to the damn comments in the first place!!)

    if you wanna appreciate me some more, oral sex is a beautiful thing, my friend. so are back massages.

  15. Amber

    Adam, you host the BIGGEST HALLOWEEN party for Bloggers in the entire continental USA, AT YOUR HOUSE. You respond to your comments, come up with contests (with real prizes even!), do vlogs of things that the majority of us would be WAY too embarrassed to EVER do (I know NO other man who will sing Carrie Underwood, much less post it for the entire world to see), and you pop over every now and again to see everyone who reads you…

    That is pretty amazing! I think you do a fantastic job and I can see I’m not the only who thinks so. We all love ya, Adam! šŸ™‚

    (Also, thanks! I never realize how important commenting back was to people until reading this. I didn’t realize that’s what they wanted… I thought people just said what they wanted to say and that was it. Uhm, yeah, I totally suck. So now I will start commenting back more religiously with whatever I think when reading their comments. Always giving back, even when you’re looking for some feedback, thanks!) šŸ™‚

  16. TSM

    As a perpetually D-list blogger just swinging on the vines around the perimeter of the circle of popularity, for me it’s all about being a part of the action, baby. Yes, oral sex would be nice, but I think more important than orgasms (assuming, of course, they would be achieved) is to read a blog and relate to what is being said without having to have been involved in what you’re writing about.

    I realize that some might think that flies in the face of what blogging is supposed to be, but I also believe there are as many opinions about that particular subject as their are blogs, so blah.

    Often I think as bloggers we find our group of people we love to read and who love to read us, and even if we’re not filling any more chairs in the private room, I feel it is important to allow the reader to at least feel as if he or she is included. I actually think you do an excellent job of this, and while I have yet to hear you scream my name…er…mention me specifically in your blog, I have no problem relating to what you’re writing about and really enjoy reading your posts. And kissing your ass, apparently.

  17. Lynda

    I don’t like when bloggers turn off their comments. It makes me feel like they think they are above other people, or superior somehow. I especially don’t like it when I have something to say.

    I actually really like how you respond to comments. I try to, but I don’t always do it. I don’t know if I feel appreciated as a reader by you commenting on my blog, but I know that I appreciate the comments just because it is nice to know that someone out there still reads it. But then again, I don’t always leave a comment because I sometimes don’t know what to say.

    This probably would have been a better comment if did it tomorrow after some sleep. šŸ™‚

  18. Kay

    I pick D. All of the above.
    OK yes I like it when bloggers comment back to their readers, I really like it when they come back not once but several times to my blog (only once and it feels like a pity comment. HEE!) But when they take the time to email me personally on something, that is just awesome in my book.
    I have built up some great friendships through blogging to the point of exchanging Christmas cards and a few times, sending me stuff for my birthday or a card to say “hey”. It’s all good. We all want to be acknowledged and accepted. :hug:

  19. penny

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but I don’t think I have ever commented before.

    I am such an introvert that it usually takes me awhile to feel comfortable enough to comment on a blog. So if I comment and am not even acknowledged, it’s a huge blow to my tiny little ego. Especially when almost every other comment is acknowledged. Which probably says more about me than the blogger.

    (I think) You do a great job of interacting with your readers and making them feel that this isn’t just your blog, but a little piece of it belongs to them.

    Oh, and more sex, please. Seriously, I don’t even care about oral, just get to it!

  20. Karen

    Some sort of interaction so that I know you appreciate the fact that I take the time to read your blog. So either respond to my comment, email me, check out my blog….something like that.

  21. Lisa

    What I like about you is that you could have 100 comments yet you take the time to respond to each and every single commenter. Not only that you respond in a personal way. You make your readers feel appreciated everyday they come here by doing that…in my opinion.

    In addition to responding to all of your commenters you also take the time to visit a lot of your readers because I see your comments on so many blogs, including my own. NOT that I’m stalking you because I know that sounds stalker-creepy like.

    You get my drift.

    I think you do a great job at showing your fellow bloggers that you appreciate them.

  22. EveToYourAdamZZ

    “Love me or Hate me, but spare me your indifference.” ~Libbie Fuldim

    Acknowledging eachother, whether you be the Reader or the Writer. How else are we to know?

    And your question: “Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?

    Yeah, you can offer to perform Oral Sex on your women readers. :tongue1:
    Yep, that should about do it.

    All women who agree with this last suggestion say “AYE”!

    AYE :sexytime:

    An “Adam and Eve” Gift Certificate, eh???

    ~Eve *smile*

  23. Angel

    I will concur with most of the commentors before me-a comment back is the shiz-nit. I also really appreciated when you came by my blog and put in your two cents there, too, but I don’t expect that so it was like an extra cherry on top. šŸ™‚

    You are the only guy blogger I read, actually. I’m all about the Mommies, but I dig your style.

  24. Bucky

    A reply comment is simply the best way to acknowledge those who comment on your blog. They took time out of there day to read what you wrote, and in return you should take a few minutes to reply to their comment.

    I know that you do this very well.

    I also know that Oral Sex from you isn’t very good. In fact, it’s downright terrible. I WOULD NOT offer that to your readers if you want to keep them around. :cocksuck2:

    Even better than reply comments are return comments. Nothing says I love you more than going to the commentators blog and reading what they have to say. This would get quite time consuming if you have a lot of commentators (like you do.) Picking a few at random each day, especially any new persons that happen to stroll by, and leaving a quick comment on their blog could get them to return the next day. And return visits are what it’s all about, baby.

    But no Oral Sex anymore. Please.

  25. Zanthera

    I really appreciate a blogger who can write well and have posts you can “really bite into” whether they are funny, personal, insightful, or even a good rant. On the commenting side I don’t comment unless I can do the same in return.

    For you Adam? I am still here everyday reading your posts so you must be doing something right. Yes you intimidated me at first but I usually get that way a lot when meeting new vibrant outgoing people but once I got to know the big fluffy heart you have under that rough hairy exterior of yours I got comfortable hanging around here. I do agree with the answering each of our comments is a nice touch.

    I don’t even mind you haven’t been around my place much :boobs4:

  26. Cissa Fireheart

    I appreciate acknowledgment from the comment…whether it’s a personal e-mail reply or in the comments by the author. Also it doesn’t hurt if a blogger I comment on visits my blog in return. I have such a small traffic base, I can actually tell when a comment I made on someone else’s blog has made an impact because my traffic goes WAY up from like 30 people a day to like 40 or 45.

    So I like good blog entries I can comment on….now if only I could find a way to write interesting stuff so that people would comment more on my blog….

  27. Em

    Blogging is all about interacting with people for me. It isn’t important to me whether or not you ever visit or comment on my blog. But I love it that you respond to every comment I leave here.

  28. Hallie

    The one thing that totally floats my boat? When I discover that I am listed on someone’s blogroll! I figure it doesn’t take much to respond to a comennt but it DOES take some time and thought to update the blogroll you probably made when you first started blogging.

    Pretty cool….

    Oh, and if someone were to send me a PRADA bag, I would know that they REALLY appreciated me!!

    Hallie šŸ™‚

  29. THIS MOM

    I think I feel most appreciated after the second comment. Anyone can stumble onto your blog through many different avenues and leave a random comment. (“Hey, love this post!”) But then you never hear from them again. I feel truly appreciated when someone comes back a second and third time (and even more). It makes me realize some of what I say does matter, does cause people to think… even though most of my blog posts are crap. LOL

  30. *pixie*

    I like return comments on MY blog. Getting a response on the post I left the original comment on is nice, byut I don’t always remember to check back. Plus, with so many people using feed readers, getting a comment also shows that the person took the time to click through.

  31. misi

    From the first time I came around you made feel welcome, even though I am a self proclaimed MommyBlogga!!!!javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(‘:sexytime:’)
    sexytime :sexytime:
    But who’s totally hot remember? JK….

  32. misi

    Hey Adam,
    This is probably a weird ? but I don’t know where to turn…
    Somehow my computer fucked up and I can’t get my email to load. I don’t have the right settings after I lined up w/ Firefox.
    Hence no email access for DAYS!!!! I have tried everything and seriously thinking of breaking this computer but then I remembered I need it to read your blog:)
    Any suggestions or help?????

  33. Paticus

    I’d have to say that I like how you respond to each comment.
    I also agree with what Dave2 had to say up there. i think the best way to appreciate one’s readers is to stay true to what brought them to your blog in the first place. Which, presumably, would be the writer saying what they want to say.

  34. Miss Anne Derstood

    I feel appreciated when I am not ignored. Also, when someone says, “Hey, you have nice boobs.” Or, when someone buys me dinner. Barring that, oral sex will do….

    As a blogger, I try so very hard not to lose my “voice”. I don’t wanna piss anyone off, but it’s important to me that my blog say what *I* feel, rather than what I think people want to hear. On the other side of that, when I’m feeling like a complete toad, I feel bad that all I do on my blog is bitch…

  35. Krystle

    In my opinion, having a blog is in an essence your online diary. A place you can write and write and write and write, only this place is where you’ll get feedback. Good or Bad.

    It makes me feel appreciated as a blogger when I either leave someone good advice that they take with them and understand, or when I am writing and someone stumbles upon my blog and enjoys what I write, and compliments me… that’s a great appreciative feeling, one that I think keeps alot of us going out there.

    What makes me feel unappreciated is when I either same something to someone, or email them… etc, and I don’t get a reply from them. I know, not everyone replies, but I like the thought of either having the blog auther reply by via comments (like you do) or via email… either are good, and I know it is hard to have that happen all the time when you have an abundance of comments…however everyonce in a while it’s nice.

    And no, I don’t think you need to do anything else… I come here for the laughs and schtuff! You have a nack for writing, and it’s something I look forward to! When I’m having a bad day, or when others are having a bad day… I and whoever else should stomp right over here. It’s guaranteed that we’ll find a post that will give us a good belly laugh! :heartbeat: I mean, come on… just your smileys alone are one to make us laugh… ha! :boobs3:

  36. Lady Jaye

    To echo what everyone else had to say is that reply commenting and a return visit is always appreciated. I know that since I started replying to my comments I get more commenters and I try to make it a point to visit their blogs and comment. I think that’s what really keeps all of us going.

  37. Jen

    I’m going to quote penny who said “I am such an introvert that it usually takes me awhile to feel comfortable enough to comment on a blog. So if I comment and am not even acknowledged, it’s a huge blow to my tiny little ego. Especially when almost every other comment is acknowledged.”

    I agree with that pretty much word for word. Look, I’m a little needy ok? What I like about your blog (and what makes me feel appreciated as a reader) is that you take the time to respond to everyone, even if they’re not a part of your regular group.

    I also really apreciate the fact that you took the time to leave a couple of comments on my son’s blog. (He gets a big kick out of comments.) The only problem was that he wanted to return the favor and leave one for you. I had to lie and say your blog was broken.

  38. Meg

    I like how you acknowledge all comments – I’m trying to do that on my own blog. It makes both of my readers feel special. As for my blog, I know I have way more lurkers than commenters and I wish more people would leave comments. Do I comment all the time on all blogs I read? Not as often as I should, but I try not to leave gratuitous comments, just sincere ones.

    I’m totally choosing Adam & Eve if my comment wins!

  39. Trishk

    As everyone else says, I truly appreciate a response to a comment I leave. I don’t expect everyone to pop over to my little corner of the blogosphere, but when they do and leave a comment I am really excited.

    I really don’t like it when comments are turned off or when they have comment moderation turned on.

  40. Cricky

    I don’t comment much…I read every day but I’m one of those “better keep my mouth shut so I don’t sound dumb” people.

    When I do comment you generally make me feel welcome and acknowledged. That makes me feel good.

    My God that last bit makes me sound like an insecure whiny bitch….

    Your blog cracks me up, you don’t go off the deep end and shut down when shit hits the fan around you, and you write what’s truly on your mind and not what you think someone else wants to hear. That makes me feel good about being one of your readers.

  41. Janna

    Things that would make me feel appreciated:

    1) The blog author responding to my comment.

    2) The blog author coming to my blog and returning the favor by reading and commenting.

    3) The blog author graciously offering to purchase all my migraine prescriptions for the next ten years.

    4) The blog author stopping by to secretly fill up my gas tank while I’m asleep.

    5) The author including a smiley of a guy screwing a sheep.

    6) The author showing me where the heck this alleged dolphin porn is located on his blog; I’ve looked for it and can’t find it and am intensely curious. I must see it… for, uh… “research purposes”. Yes, that’s it…

  42. Bec

    Yeah, pretty much what everyone else said – coming over to my insanity, comments and the like… But receiving that hooker by mail really made me happy. :thumbsup:

  43. Paticus

    I have had some time to think about it, and I don’t think that a reply to my comment in the comments is enough to make me feel appreciated. i think, in order for me to really feel appreciated, I should get a hand written response to each comment, on fine stationary, with just a hint of perfume, the envelope sealed with a wax stamp, delivered by a horse driven coach, on a silver platter, surrounded by Andes mints. THEN, I would truly feel appreciated for all the work I do reading your blog and commenting once in awhile.

  44. themuttprincess

    I think that I feel most appreciated when you hand me the cash as I leave in the middle of the night.

    OH! Not that, oh well, when you personally reply to my comments, that is all I really need (other than the cash, which reminds me, you were $50 short last week!).

  45. martymankins

    I like the return comment, as I think it’s the most visible way of showing your readers that you read comment. Like a personal greeting. That sounds cheesy, but it’s the best way to explain that.

    As for the oral sex, if I came too quick, sorry… it’s not you.

  46. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Replying to my comments, as you always do (which I have been slack regarding my own blog) is a perfect way to make your readers feel appreciated. I’m always amazed, too, that you manage to make it over to my blog and comment every. damned. post.

    That? Makes me feel well-loved. :thumbsup:

  47. Jeff

    I like that you’re a regular guy that even though we’ve never met, I feel I could saddle up next to you at the bar and start BSing with you right away. That’s the kind of image you portray through your blog, which is the reason I hang around here.

  48. Gwen

    I love that you take the time to comment back to us. I should probably do that more often, especially since I get so few comments.

    The super-duper for me is when you comment on my site. I don’t expect it all the time but it makes me a little giddy when you do. :clap:

  49. Stephanie

    Oh yeah, I like this blog because I like the comment interaction. It shows reader appreciation, I think. Same as with Britt. Like someone else said above…makes us “D” listers feel like we belong.

    Dear God, did I just equate myself with Kathy Griffin? :puke:

  50. Maria

    Reciprocation. I think that it’s the least you can do to stop by their blog and comment once in a while. It’s just nice.

    You make me feel very appreciated, especially when you help me conjure up ways to fuck with bad, bad men. šŸ˜‰

  51. sybil law

    What actions, elements, aspects, and characteristics of a blog make you feel appreciated as a reader and a commenter? What do bloggers do that make you feel unappreciated? Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?
    Like everyone else, I just like it when people respond to my comment/s. To make me feel unappreciated, all they have to do is turn comments off, or never, ever respond to my comments, or never, ever visit my own site. I don’t need them to come by all the time, but if they never check in, then I get a little pissed, I must say. A big thrill is seing me on their blogroll. The best thrill is having them (you, really) draw a picture of them!
    I really don’t know how you could improve – you are always generous and kind with the comments, etc! (You know what I mean…!) Oral sex, though – now that is something that would fo sho get me to come by more often.

    I can’t believe I just used that smilie! Haha

  52. Nina

    I don’t need appreciation. I show up because I want to, and I don’t need acknowledgment of my presence or my reading at all.


    Let me think of something.

    What makes me feel appreciated, as a reader, is good posting. I show up for interesting posts (funny, or smart, or something good, anyway). Good posts make me feel appreciated more than any other thing.

    How is that for an unsatisfying answer?

    (I appreciate you).

  53. NYCWD

    I’ve actually had to think about this question for a few hours. After this deep pondering over an ice coffee… here is what I have realized:

    What actions, elements, aspects, and characteristics of a blog make you feel appreciated as a reader and a commenter?

    Transparency, freedom of expression, and leaving the comments open. Generally if I’m reading a blogger, it’s because they say or have said things that I find interesting or entertaining. If they suddenly change that, to say a Unicorn Love blog, then chances are I won’t be interested in reading them.

    As for the comment reply thing… I never used to reply to comments for a long list of reasons (well one reason, but its a doozy to explain). Never. Then, to prove someone else wrong, I did it for a month. In the end, I found out I was the one who was wrong and that it did in fact make for better blogging through interactivity. I don’t know if it makes me feel appreciated… but it definitely helps in building a better relationship between blogger and reader.

    I don’t feel that as a reader, I should necessarily be appreciated (even though as a blogger I do appreciate my own readers) because in reality I am appreciative of the blogger taking the time to create something or reveal something that I find interesting/informative/entertaining.

    It’s a weird thing for me… because like most other people… I sit on both sides of the keyboard.

    What do bloggers do that make you feel unappreciated?

    Closing comments, censoring themselves, and perpetuating lies on their blog. It annoys me as a reader to know these things, because then I feel as if I am no longer appreciated for the time I have spent reading and interacting with them based on their writing.

    Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?

    More Dolphin porn and Avitable Art.

  54. Poppy

    Disclaimer: I am posting this comment for my adoring fans who have requested to see it. It is for humor purposes only, I am not trying to crank out my boyfriend. (Hi, honey!)

    @Dawg: If they suddenly change that, to say a Unicorn Love blog, then chances are I won’t be interested in reading them.

    You just broughted it.

    Once I figure out how to change my header image with that crazy-ass template I have there will be unicorns EVERYWHERE and you will eat your words, Pretty Pony.

  55. Tori Blaine

    I think the biggest honor bestowed is if someone links to my blog in their own… it shows not only do they read me, but they enjoy my blog enough to share it with others.

    I don’t reply to comments, but after reading this post I need to start doing that!

    There are lot’s of little pet peeves that I have about blogging, but none of them outweigh the enjoyment I get from reading… I think over the past few years I’ve only unsubscribed to a few blogs… and usually it’s because they’ve claimed to stop blogging.

  56. Gina

    What actions, elements, aspects, and characteristics of a blog make you feel appreciated as a reader and a commenter?

    I am thrilled these days if the blogger even has open comments. If the blogger actually responds to comments and messages or e-mails I am damned impressed.

    What do bloggers do that make you feel unappreciated?

    Close comments, don’t respond to comments/messages/e-mails, and generally only speak up regarding other “A-Listers”… Comes off snobby.

    Do you have any suggestions for me personally that would help you feel more appreciated as a reader and commenter?

    You are great with responding to comments, which is just awesome. You actually respond to messages and e-mails, which is frickin’ impressive. AND you even guest blog! You rock, frankly. Keep doing what you’re doing and I am sure I will be a reader for a long time to come (when, you know, my life is not so freakin’ busy, sorry about the lack of readership lately)…

  57. Dragon

    “I’d like to hear from each of you about what makes you feel appreciated as a reader. Is it a reply comment? Is it acknowledgment? A return comment on your own blog? Oral sex?”

    yes, yes, yes, and thanks but I’ll have to say no. :batting:

  58. Shamelessly Sassy

    As a reader, I just like for people to respond every once in a while to one of my comments if it is response worthy. As a reader of your blog, I would feel more appreciated if I had my own little stick person like the one in your post with the general sash. That is all.

  59. Sarah

    I love it when I get replies to my comments. I know that not every blogger has time or gets too many comments to reply all the time, so if every once in a while one of my comments gets a reply it makes me quite happy.

  60. Mari

    I have to admit, you are the only blogger that I read that responds to all of your comments. Usually the kind of stuff I read is full of squealing groupie-type comments. Conversations? Umm, not so much. Honestly, I get a real kick out of reading your comments & responses, it’s like going to the circus with audience participation! :bukkake:
    Which reminds me… where ARE you??

  61. Janelle

    Well, I’m a little put off that I have been a loyal reader for well over a year, maybe two (even maybe three??) and YOU NEVER stop by my blog AND I don’t have a stick figured dedicated to me AND I want my name with a little underline thingy, but never mind all that, I know deep down that you appreciate me– kinda like Charlie appreciates Rose on Two and Half Men :hug:
    I know that if I leave a comment on your blog you will reply to my comment AND any time I have emailed you, you are super quick to email back. I appreciate that.
    Like most folks are saying, just keep doing what you’re doing, it works or we wouldn’t stop by, right? :thumbsup:

  62. Shelli

    I feel appreciated when the blog author replies to my comment either on the blog (as long as I can subscribe to comments and/or they have an email responder sort of plugin) or personally by email.

    Something that blog owners do to make me feel unappreciated is ignore me. Yeah, I’m an attention whore, too. I like to be validated with a response and/or comment back on my blog. I know that when I do not blog surf, it shows in the number of comments on my blog and I expect that. So, I guess, wrong or right, I kind of expect the reverse to be true, too.

    I think to make me feel more appreciated, you should do more posts about me. Everything should be about me. Use my name a lot. I have to get in to the word cloud thingy. Don’t call me Schmelli though. That hurts my feelings when people do that.

  63. Avitable

    Kris, you have been acknowledged (said in loud booming God-voice).

    BPR, you are indded, a slacker. Get on that!

    ADW, anything I can do to help!

    Sizzle, I’ll bring the clothespins.

    Amanda, I’m still waiting on those pictures.

    Tracy, what’s my serious response allotment for the year?

    Y2K, but my nipples were really hard!

    Kim, dinner AND a movie? You’re not a cheap date.

    Poppy, I do have lots of smilies!

    Dave, so you mean if I start talking about kids and baby products because that’s what brings in the money, you won’t love me anymore?

    Hilly, hah – fuckette!

    Karl, how about if I let you rub your crotch on my leg?

    Wayne, although that last post was a bit much for me to wrap my brain around.

    Jay, that does annoy me – if you’re going to reply, just reply to everyone!

    Willie G, interactivity seems to be the best part of blogging.

    SJ, sometimes it’s the Woopra script, but it’s a lot faster than it was in the past.

    Princess, I’ve got you in my feedreader!

    Bunny, do you have a blog?

    Cyndi, I’ll never understand why a blogger would delete relevant comments.

    Hello, all blogs should have a subscribe to comments function.

    Amber, maybe I’m just trying to buy everyone’s love!

    TSM, hmm, well, for a picture of boobs, I’ll mention damn near anyone’s name.

    Lynda, there have been a few times when I think comments being off made sense, but it’s a rare situation.

    Mik, I mean it sincerely.

    Kay, I love getting Christmas cards from bloggers!

    Chris, so meticulously neat oral sex isn’t your thing?

    Penny, thanks for the visit and comment!

    Karen, but no oral sex? Okay.

    Lisa, wouldn’t it be funny if I decided not to reply to anyone’s comments today?

    Greeneyezz, I did offer, in my post, although I realize now that I did not say women only. Shit.

    Angel, there are some other great guy bloggers out there. Dave2 at is basically like a girl.

    Bucky, to be fair, I was giving you oral sex through a gloryhole, so I didn’t have the needed hand-eye coordination.

    Zanthera, I’m around your place via feedreader, I just can’t always comment.

    Cissa, interesting stuff does seem to be the main draw for people.

    Em, I considered skipping you just for this post – wouldn’t that have been hilarious?

    Corrin, them meaning who? Everyone in the world?

    Hallie, I have a hard time maintaining my actual blogroll since I use a feedreader, but maybe I’ll work on that.

    This Mom, there’s no link to your site!

    Pixie, that’s why you should subscribe to comments.

    Misi, I don’t have any suggestions. Try IE, maybe?

    Paticus, anytime a writer is saying something someone else wants him or her to say, it becomes crap.

    M.A.D., hey, you have nice boobs.

    Krystle, I’ve never understood why its so hard for some bloggers to reply to email. It takes only a few seconds.

  64. Avitable

    Lady Jaye, replying to comments definitely increases your readership. It makes it feel more community-oriented.

    Y not I, prizes are always good.

    Jen, I actually stopped commenting on your son’s blog because I didn’t want him to see mine and was afraid that might happen. Heh.

    BE Earl, do you want a chocolate whisky milkshake?

    Meg, even now, when I encourage lurkers to comment, I’ll still only get a fraction.

    Poppy, thank you for meeting your daily quota of comments on Your referral check will be in the mail.

    TrishK, moderation only makes sense in a very limited situation.

    Cricky, nobody sounds dumb on my site except me. And I’m fucking retarded.

    Janna, the dolphin porn link got shut down, unfortunately. If I ever find it, I’ll email it to you directly. Oh, and your tank’s full now.

    Bec, I’m sorry I didn’t poke holes in the box so she could breathe, though.

    Paticus, I can’t find Andes mints. Will York Peppermint Patties suffice?

    TMP, I was $50 short because you only used one hand!

    Marty, that’s okay. I didn’t want to see out of that eye anyway.

    Heather, it’s all my secret plan to eventually turn you into a liberal.

    Jeff, I don’t portray a naked perverted psychopath? I may have to re-evaluate.

    Gwen, by giddy do you mean that you feel tingly in your no-no parts?

    Stephanie, weird, huh?

    Maria, reciprocation is good with oral sex, too.

    Sybil Law, I’ll have to pencil you in for oral sex. How’s December look?

    LylaLou, thanks for the input!

    Nina, I appreciate you, too! Now I’m just waiting for my socks!

    Rattling the Kettle, but only if you slap me around first.

    Finn, how much is “lots”? Like three minutes?

    Zom, I know! I have you along with a few people that I need to send them to. I will, I will!

    Clown, I didn’t mean to bite down the other day. Sorry.

    NYCWD, oh, I remember your philosophy on replying to comments, and I’m glad you changed your mind. And I don’t sit on my keyboard at all.

    Judy C, clearly you’re a big old slut.

    Britt, you loooooove me.

    Poppy, I can make my blog a unicorn blog in about three seconds!

    Amanda, you just like their horn.

    Tori, this made you realize how much people appreciate that, eh?

    Gina, I don’t even see the distinctions between A- and B- and C- and Z- list bloggers, either.

    Dragon, you’re anti-oral sex?

    Metalmom, I did tell you that one had a hole in it, right?

    Cheri, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

    Nat, it is indeed a word.

    Sassy, send me a good picture of yourself and I’ll give you your very own Avitacaricature.

    Sarah, happy in your pants?

    Mari, I don’t like the groupie-type stuff either. And where am I with regards to replying to people? Today was a busy day with work.

    Janelle, just because I don’t comment doesn’t mean I don’t see your posts!

    Cajunvegan, you inspire me to be a better lesbian.

    Ivory Pen, no, but there may be some fisting involved.

    Schmelli, it does still edit your comment even if it doesn’t look like it.

  65. golfwidow

    What makes me feel appreciated as a blogger is when the commenter shows that they read and comprehended at least a little of what I was trying to convey; as a commenter, I try to do the same, and I like when the blogger feels that my comment had some validity to their post.

    My biggest annoyance is when I get a random comment (particularly from a regular reader) who couldn’t be arsed to find anything better in a heartfelt, deeply personal post beyond commenting on whatever I happened to write in the last sentence.

  66. Avitable

    Sarah, nope!

    Bec, you’re such an optimist.

    Golfwidow, sometimes it’s just an attention span thing, I’m sure.

    Angie, email or just a reply comment?

    BTDT, congratulations on being 100. You wi nothing!

    Trukindog, so yours is a BYOB blog, eh?

  67. Andria

    Acknowledgment of any kind. Links, email, comment here or there, calling me a dumb biatch- whatever. I am just your typical attention whore.

    Which, is why my SIL says I have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). I talk about myself on my blog, which by her definition, means I am full of myself. No shit. It’s my blog. Keyword- MY blog. Argh.

    Umm, not sure where I was going with this comment… but yeah, acknowledgment.

  68. Sarcastica

    Well Avitable, because you asked for my opinion…I’ll give it to you. I love it when someone replies to my comment; and if they have one of those subscribe to comment buttons, I drool. Emails are awesome too, especially if I say something SO world altering that you just HAVE to let me know (um, why do I not receive emails all the time then? HMM). I also like it when people return comments by coming to my blog and commenting on something I’ve written. It makes me feel like they’ve taken the time to get to know me…in the blogging world sense of course.

    Bloggers that NEVER reply to comments, send emails, or visit blogs in return make me feel unappreciated. What was the point of me commenting and giving my opinion if I don’t get feedback? I like long discussions on things.

    So ya, there ya have it. I missed the cut off time but I just thought I’d comment anyway.

    P.S. I would do so more often if your blog did not take IONS to load lmfao šŸ™‚ you should buy me wireless high speed…and pay for it, teehee just kidding. I can’t imagine what stuff you’d make me do in return!

  69. Avitable

    Special K, well, I don’t know if I can do kind words. That’s too much work.

    Angel, awesome!

    Andria, so, let’s talk about these issues you have with your SIL.

    Sarcastica, I can’t believe you haven’t gotten highspeed yet. It’s pretty much the same cost as dial-up, too. You need to move out of BFE.

    Christine, well, then, I guess no appreciation for you! šŸ™‚

    Zom, I will! I promise!

  70. Y2K Survivor

    AND I see you updated your blogroll and all the new cool kids are on it. Thank you.

    But if you fuckers are going to keep listing them alphabetically I need to change the name of my shit to “1 A Blog.” …and maybe get a real host server thing.

  71. Crys

    i like it when you come to my house dressed as a clown, kind of like Gacy, and you sneak into my bedroom and then stand there over my bed, staring at me. sometimes out of the corner of my eye i will see you there (and think i’m dreaming), and you’re making all these freaked out hand motions, kind of like spell-casting, and in my heart i’ll feel all warm and fuzzy like you are creating a psychic protection bubble over both me and my bed. sometimes you’re naked too, from the waist down, which makes it extra special. i wake up feeling very refreshed, and also kind of sore. thank you avi, because this is how i know you love me, and you wanna know something?

    i love you too

  72. Melanie

    I generally read a blog for its content. Anything beyond that, including acknowledgment from the author, is gravy.
    HOWEVER – if I read a blog whose author is entertaining enough, personable enough, and whose voice actually sounds real to me, I prefer to be able to have a conversation with them on posts that have moved me enough to comment.
    As a blogger, I am kind of lame in that regard, though; while my ‘necessary’ daily stops on the ‘net are somewhat limited, they are still numerous enough that I don’t allocate that much time to returning comments.

  73. Sarcastica

    Well Avitable, I can’t believe I don’t have my own little acronym. And we’ve tried so hard to find high speed, and apparently we can’t get out here. That’s why I like to go over to the boyfriend’s so much…they have high speed!

  74. Avitable

    Y2K, I updated it a few months ago, but I need to do it again.

    Crystal, you make me sore too.

    Melanie, it can be hard to continue to leave comments on a post – sometimes it’s just easier to start emailing them.

    Selma, I can do the karaoke and nudity.

    Sarcastica, I’m working on the acronyms for everyone.

    BTDT, you’re in my feedreader, I just haven’t updated my blogroll in a while.

    Pixie, that would be a good plugin.

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