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Why I’m the best boss ever.

This is our company summer movie schedule – the days that I will take everyone in the office out to see that movie. And yes, I’ll buy popcorn, drinks, and candy.

Friday, June 28th: Wanted

Thursday, July 3rd: Hancock

Friday, July 11th: Hellboy II

Friday, July 18th: The Dark Knight

Friday, July 25th: Step Brothers or The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Friday, August 8th: Pineapple Express

Friday, August 15th: Tropic Thunder

I think this more than makes up for “Naked Wednesdays”, “Lunch at Rachel’s“, and our afternoon wake-up session, “Find the Boner”, don’t you?

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74 Replies to “Why I’m the best boss ever.”

  1. Amber


    Can you put me on the waiting list of those wanting to sign up for YOUR company?

    Does “Find the Boner” involve tweezers and magnifying glasses by chance?

    You know Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is coming out at the end of summer, right? I’m sure you’d enjoy that one! Hehe

    Anyway, I have to concur… you are a pretty amazing boss! πŸ™‚

  2. Janna

    You ARE the coolest boss ever.
    I wish I could think of something funny to say about that.
    Instead I’ll just sit here and become green with envy, ok?

    And, for no particular reason, I’ll include this smiley….

  3. diesel

    Damn, seriously? Don’t people’s significant others get pissed? My wife would get mad if I saw all those movies without her. Hell, she’s still mad about the company excursion to see Donnie Brasco.

  4. Dave2


    Not only do I buy MY employees a night at the movies (complete with drinks and snacks), but I also give them $250 for an escort and provide support counseling for them in the even that the movie sucks ass.

    Of course, my only employee is myself, but still…

  5. whall

    Amidst all the smart-ass and brown-noser comments bound to be on this post, you might be surprised to find a thoughtful and gracious stream of words lightly falling down while it extolls your greater qualities as a boss.

    Then again, you might not.

  6. ADW

    I am laughing at Tracy…. “employee turnover”

    I would totally turnover for you if you took me to see all of those movies. You know how much I can eat!

    Oh shit, you don’t. I forgot about the upset stomach. Well anyway, let’s just say we would each get our money’s worth.

    Missing you!

  7. Lisa

    I’d be one of those difficult employees because I don’t want to see any of those movies…in fact I’ve never heard of any of them.

    I like popcorn though. Especially when they have the Kettle Corn stuff you put on it.

    I saw Kung Fu Panda last week…that was cute.

    You know me…I get to the movies once a year and it’s a children’s movie.

  8. Sybil Law

    Didn’t you say I could be your assistant a while back?! I can do this: :sexytime: !
    Then again, Britt takes you for pedicures, so she’s an awesome employee, too.
    Now I have to go click on some of those movies, because I’ve never heard of them…

  9. Avitable

    Amanda, that’s all the praise you have for me? Awesome?

    Tori, not for those two hours, it’s not!

    Sarah, you can send topless photos and resume to adam at avitable dot com.

    Tracy, only when I ask to see their butts.

    DB, you’ll do it roughly, eh?

    Jay, beats health insurance.

    Amber, tweezers? No, you’re blindfolded and have to use your hands or mouth.

    Karl, sure! C’mon up – we usually go to the first morning show.

    ACG, and topless head shot, don’t forget.

    MsBatman, oh, I have to pay you too?

    Maria, she’d tell you it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Tracy, you’re your own boss!

    Kay, free parking, even.

    AmyD, I support naked blog reading.

    Hello, there are indeed Topless Thursdays.

    Winter, it’s hard to do when you’re in the middle of a phone call.

    Janna, so if you’re green with envy and the green smiley is humping the other’s leg, you’re saying you want to hump my leg?

    Diesel, actually, my wife gets mad, but then if it’s a good movie, I’ll go see it with her again on the weekend.

    Dave, ooh, an escort, too, nice. Tranny, of course, right?

    Grant, wait, insurance?

    DaisyJo, Lifesavers is an awesome gift.

    Mattie, I’m multi-talented.

    Bucky, you’d think they’d show me some of that appreciation, too!

    Britt, I’m okay with Step Brothers.

    Mike, you win a prize! A sticky, salty, prize!

    Whall, probably not.

    Kyra, I have an opening. In my pants.

    LylaLou, me too!

    Golfwidow, well, then you can go see movies on days other than Friday!

    TrishK, here in Orlando, between 3-5, depending on the day.

    ADW, you mean turn over for butt sex, right? Deal!

    Turnbaby, sounds like I win in that deal.

    Lisa, so it’s not that you don’t want to – you just haven’t heard of them. You’d just have to trust my judgment that they’d be good movies. Britt was like that, too – she’d only been to the movies once in the past few years because of the kids.

    Metalmom, I’ll wait for DVD.

    Sybil, she is an awesome employee – that’s true.

    Poppy, have you seen Get Smart? That was a funny movie that you might like.

    NYCWD, when’s the next big hurricane going to hit Florida?

    Marty, the popcorn does get expensive!

    Finn, I don’t know. I’d actually never eat there.

    Angie, bossiness? I’m not bossy, just a boss. πŸ˜€

  10. Stephanie

    So…let me get this straight. You take your employeeS (there are more than Britt?) to see movies every week, your employees nap on the floor, swim in the pool, eat out (at restaurants, dirty mind) every day, and you PAY THEM? WTF?

    I think the Find the Boner game is fair. How often DOES Britt get a boner? Oh, wait…

    P.S. Is it wrong that I want want to see a twisted mashup of Hancock and Wanted where Will Smith and Charlize heron and Angelina Jolie get it on? :3some:

  11. NYCWD

    I have high hopes that I’ll be there for Pineapple Express considering the current temperature in the Gulf. Although, sadly, all these icebergs melting is keeping the Atlantic cooler than it is ideal.

    Damn you global warming.

  12. Avitable

    ADW, sweet!

    Manager Mom, no corporate jet, though.

    Cricky, that sounds like a pretty good deal.

    Stephanie, yes, there are more employees than just Britt, and I try to run a relaxed office environment. It helps that the local employees work at my house.

    TMP, well, you get Wednesdays off now, don’t you?

    Andria, now, how would you get to the movies if you lived in Austin?

    Howard, I think my wife and I might go see that separately.

    Hilly, Topless Thursdays are okay with you?

  13. Employee No. 3699

    I have two bosses and one is pretty cool. I can’t see him taking anyone to the show though. If he’s running out of the office he will ask me if I need anything. My usual response is ‘the winning lottery ticket’, so he has bought me scratch offs.

    It would be nice if more employers thought the way you do. Don’t they get that a happy employee is going to be a more productive one?


  14. B.E. Earl

    I’m available if you have any high-paying, low-stress job openings.

    Or if you just wanna snuggle.

    (The comment started out as “Do you have any openings I could fill?”, but that sounded too gay. The snuggle line, on the other hand, is just gay enough)

  15. Avitable

    Poppy, stupid France with their stupid late movie times.

    EE#3699, exactly!

    Delmer, all three, actually.

    Heather, you’re gonna pack up and move down here? Tyler can get a job working with Boeing or something.

    BE Earl, they are low-stress and snuggling is available.

  16. kapgar

    Okay, I’m a fantastic salesman and should definitely be employed by you!

    I’ve never heard of Pineapple Express before this post. And I’d suggest X-Files over Step Brothers. Will Ferrell is hit or miss with me… mostly miss.

  17. Gwen

    That’s pretty cool but not worth having to find the boner. I might be persuaded if the movie choices were better. Guess that explains why I don’t work for you. Well, that and I have no idea what you do. I saw you got your JD here in the Lou . . . what DO you do?

  18. Summer

    A small business in my area was just written up as a best place to work and one of the perks was every Thursday during the summer they had an ice cream man come to the parking lot and the employees were treated to one. Going to the movies sounds better though.

  19. Avitable

    Andria, I think we’ll probably go see the normal version, not the IMAX version.

    Kapgar, you should find the red-band trailer for Pineapple Express and watch it.

    Just Another Oner, I’ve got a round file for it right here.

    Gwen, I sell illegal immigrants into slavery.

    Jared, I know! And Hancock is on Thursday because Friday is the 4th of July.

    Atomic Bombshell, yup!

    Summer, ooh, I’d love to have the ice cream man come too.

    Yoshi, are you a good salesman?

    Bossy, you can move to Orlando anytime and you’re hired!

    Cheri, what skills do you have?

  20. Lisa

    I’d be the resistant-at-first but I’d go. Hey, it’s better than working. Wait, I’m not even working right now.

    Can I go to the movies with you guys?

    Are you hiring? I’d totally move to Florida!

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