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Life on Mars

I’ve been slacking on replying to comments over the last few days because of a new TV show I’ve found, called Life on Mars. It’s a UK show about a cop named Sam Tyler who gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1973.

He can’t figure out if he’s in a coma and imagining it or if somehow he’s actually been sent to the past or why he’s there. Watching him try to adapt to the less ethical yet still effective methods of a more brutal police force without losing his own sense of morals and his need for procedure and evidence is fascinating. The main character and his captain, Gene Hunt, have a great dynamic, and I can’t stop watching!

If you can find it on Bit Torrent, I highly suggest that you download it and watch it. If you don’t like it, you’re probably one of those types who watches Deal or No Deal or the Bill Engvall show, so there’s no hope for you anyways.

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29 Replies to “Life on Mars”

  1. Just Me

    Am I the first commenter??? Damn…I should be packing but since Im not, here I am.

    Anywho….I don’t watch Deal or no Deal but I LOVE Howie Mandel….does that make no hope for me?

    I don’t watch tv otherwise I would check it out.

    Great job babysitting tonite….where was Devin? And Diego works too….not just Dora 🙂

  2. Sybil Law

    Show sounds good! Who the fuck is Bill Engvall?!
    I should be in bed – we leave bright and early – but I couldn’t miss commenting here.
    My life is sad, huh?!
    Either that, or you’re just so good I can’t miss your blog! Which is of course true…
    I’ll shut up, now.

  3. Beth

    So, I clicked over from Twitter and couldn’t find the “comments” button, which made me really excited because I thought I would be the first comment.

    Then I realized I was looking at the comments, and now I feel like a moron.

  4. Dan

    Life on Mars was very cool, and a huge hit over here. People shouldn’t be put off by the vaguely sci fi sound to it (not that sci fi should ever put people off, but still) the show has a real mainstream appeal.

  5. Anonymous

    Life On Mars Original UK version is the best drama *EVER*!!!

    It has changed my life irrevocably. no lie.

    The LOM sequel ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (ridiculous) and the LOM US leaked pilot (do over please) cannot hold a candle to the One and Only, John Simm and Philip Glenister pairing…

  6. CP

    My son in law is from the UK and has been watching this show since it first aired…whenever the hell that was. He is still trying to get me to watch it…but I am too busy watching Deal or No Deal.

    As if.

  7. Jen

    Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I might try it out if I can fit it into my busy schedule of watching America’s Funniest Videos, Designing Women and Shear Genius.

    Kidding of course. I actually only watch one of those shows. But you’ll never get me to admit which one.

  8. shiny

    For whatever reason, my favorite character is DI Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), the slightly clueless rookie kid who just joined the force.

    Well, him and the BBC test-picture chick…

  9. BOSSY

    Just what Bossy needs: watching someone else battling their sense of morals. Oyvey. Bossy would rather watch Weeds, where the lead character – a suburban mom – sells pot to school kids.

  10. Turnbaby

    BBC America is the main reason I fork over the bucks for the digital cable.

    I haven’t watched this yet but I will.

    Wire in the Blood–also muy bueno as is the original ‘Coupling’ (early seasons—pre baby)

  11. Winter

    I don’t watch sitcoms or dramas anymore. I’m all about the news and sports. Well, I have those on. I don’t pay much attention to them. LOL I do have all the episodes of Dead Like Me on DVD from bit torrent. I LOVE that show.

  12. Avitable

    Just Me, you love Howie Mandel? Devin was there, too.

    Mocha, give me comments or give me death?

    Mike, who’s going to buy it? Pirate it.

    Sybil, he’s one of those redneck comedians who has a family show on TBS.

    Stephanie, I’m guilty.

    Sarah, it’s an excellent show.

    Jay, it’s just like every husband/wife comedy where all of the jokes have been done a thousand times before.

    AmyD, I only like the ones from the 70s.

    Beth, maroon?

    Dave2, I knew about the sequel series – heard that it sucked, and the remake is what made me decide to watch the original first. I can’t see David Kelley doing this better.

    BE Earl, yeah, me either.

    Hilly, I hope you like it.

    Dan, they did two seasons, and then there was Ashes to Ashes, right?

    Anon, I can’t imagine that the US version will have any of the gravitas of the UK one.

    CP, you probably are, too.

    Jen, I think Tom is funny on AFV.

    Shiny, that chick is creepy!

    Martin, he’d be a good Doctor.

    Bossy, kids need pot, too.

    Tracy, it will change your fucking life!

    Heather, GHI isn’t a total trainwreck. I like Donna.

    Turnbaby, I keep forgetting we have that channel.

    Evil Genius, hope you like it!

    Winter, Dead Like Me was outstanding.

    Manager Mom, I lovethat show – it’s like a twisted Seinfeld.

    ACG, oh, it’s on Netflix?

  13. martymankins

    I torrent 90% of the TV I watch, so I will add it to my list of shows. With an “A For Adam”, it’s got to be good.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, they are showing “Deal Or No Deal” on CNBC for the 8th time today.

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