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The “Avitable’s Secret” Catalog…

Hey everybody, Hilly here!  Today I am filling in for Avitable and if you’ll excuse me, I need to fan myself off for a moment.  Quick, someone bring me a mint julep because I do believe I’m about to swoon.  I mean, seriously, this is the fucking “big show” and I’m going to take a moment to enjoy the hell out of it.  Sure sure,  while I’d never consider myself an obscure blog reference that time forgot, I am in no way used to getting the flow of big love that I see over here every day.  It’s making me glisten with glee….

Speaking of glistening, I’m totally changing the topic from the one that I told Avitable I was going to write about here today.  When he first approached me about guest-blogging (yes, that’s the story I am using here…that he specifically approached me, not that he put a shout-out up on Twitter), I told him that I was planning on posting about “nepitaphs”.  Here’s how *that* conversation went…

Adam: i don’t know what that means, but okay
Hilly: Like with all this “power of blog” talk…what would you want your net epitaph to be?
Adam: ah
Hilly: Is that too morbid?
Adam: nope
Hilly: Cause you can move on to someone else….

While *he* may have had no problem with my intended subject, I decided quite quickly that I’d much rather talk about something else that seems to have taken flight in the PRB recently…naked nudeness.  You see, I love naps more than almost anything else in this world.  One of the best perks of my job is that I get off (TWKS) between 2-3 pm every day so I always get a nice little nap, unless yanno…I have real errands to run and such.  Lately, I’ve been getting really naughty!  You see, I’ve been coming home, stripping down all the way, and taking what I like to call “the naked nap”.  What that means is that I am completely naked when I climb into bed and fall asleep.  Sure sure, maybe sometimes a little something else “happens” before I actually fall asleep, but can you blame me?  My naked body is right there for the taking!  MY taking!

Oh…like you’re shocked.  This may be “the big show” but it’s no fucking “family show”!  Therefore nobody gasp or feign shock when I say this:  I think part of the reason that I never have slept nude in the 36 years leading up to the last few months is because, well…I always thought that it was sorta gross to have my hoopie doo (that’s “pussy” for those of you on the adult channel) touching the sheets night after night.  And you know what is ironic?  I still don’t!  When I go to sleep at night, I am always in a camisole pajama top and panties…yep, each and every stinking night.  It’s always been that way though.  So I guess that “naked nap time” has become my own special little treat…a little taste of “sinny sin sin”, if you will.

And no, it’s not because of the little pleasures that may or may not take place at nap time…it’s the feeling of the cool, crisp sheets against my body after a long, hard day.  It makes me feel relaxed and takes me to a far away place where I dream of being skinny and having….well, you don’t need to know that part.  Besides, sometimes I’m so groggy when I wake up from a nap that I’m almost startled thinking it’s morning time and that I am running late.  Once I realize that I’m hella fucking nude, I can calm back down because my brain associates the hoopie doo with the nap time.  Erm, or something like that.

This whole admission of mine makes me curious about others sleeping habits though.  I mean, would it be too much of me to ask, no beg you to tell me what you sleep in?  Of course it’s not too much, people…dish it!  Do you sleep in the naked nudeness?  Do you wear only panties, boxers or briefs to bed?  Are you fully clothed?  Is there some kinky alternative which I have not yet discovered?  Let it all hang out and tell me what you do or don’t wear to bed!

Avitable Kisses,

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64 Replies to “The “Avitable’s Secret” Catalog…”

  1. Amanda

    Just a t shirt or tank top most of the time, unless it’s really cold or there are other people (not my boyfriend) sleeping anywhere around me, then I’ll scrounge up a pair of pajama pants or boxers.

  2. Stephanie

    If it’s just us…hubs would prefer nudidity (his word) all the time. I like to sleep in a tank top and yoga pants. I’m too cold to sleep totally naked most of the time, except hubs body is like a furnace, so it does keep me warm. And if we are sleepin nekkid, it HAS to be on the flannel sheets. BRRRRRR

  3. Hilly

    Amanda: I hate it when I have to scrounge up bottoms!

    Stephanie: See, I n ever have the “cold” issue here in California. Hrm, thinking of using that as an excuse to “snuggle up” with someone!

    Dawg: Heh, well yeah…if I was with the right someone, I’d be letting my naked nudeness fly, hoopie doo and all! (It’s better snuggling that way).

    Dave: I’ve heard that about you…

    Jay: And the socks…do they help? 😉

    Tori: Wait so what DO you wear then, missy?

    Sugarpanties: I think you just wanna join me at nap time! Bow chicka mow wow.

  4. AmyD

    It totally depends on the season. (Oh, am I going to catch a ration of shit from Britt on that one!)

    Winter – flannel pajamas bottoms and t-shirt, sometimes long sleeve t-shirt, sometimes, long-sleeve t-shirt nightgown.

    Spring/Fall – Capri cotton pajama pants (funky designs) with matching tank top or t-shirt. Short sleeve t-shirt nightgown.

    Summer – cotton boxers and t-shirt or tank top, sleeveless tank top night gown or (if childless) nothing at all.


  5. bluepaintred

    Until a few months ago when I woke up to the sound of my eldest(8) telling my youngest (then3) to “go wake up mommy and tell her I can see her bum” I slept naked.

    Now I have stupid uncomfortable pajamas with seems that hurt me when I have to lay on them, but fine, fuck you. Stupid fucking husband doesn’t want fucking therapy bills for the kids later, I will wear the fucking –

    oh um. hi. forgot y’all were here.

  6. Angel

    If I didn’t have my kids, I’d be one of those fat nudists that people cringe at…but still stare at.

    But, I have two teenage boys and 5 & 6 year old girls at home, plus my mother, so I sleep in the coolest thing I can get away with and still have at least my ass crack and my nipples covered, ha!

  7. Penelope

    I wear PJs (as in long pants and tank top) in Winter (unless I have company!). In Summer I don’t wear anything except a smile. I do have a gorgeous feather duvet that keeps me warm and snug all year round ;o)

  8. Tracy Lynn

    Full on motherfucking naked, although I do not fuck my mother, nor anyone else’s. I must be naked, I must be cold and I MUST BE ALONE. I also like it dark, and with a fan on.

    And suddenly, it is no longer incomprehensible that I have been single for twelve years and celibate for ten, hmmmmm?


  9. Dee

    In a weird kind of reverse of that I’ve just started wearing PJ’s again for the first time in 15-odd years. It might be because I swear it’s 10 degrees colder than this time last year, but it’s a real turn on to suddenly have soft PJ’s against my own “hoopie doo” 🙂

    Still have fully naked naps though 😀

  10. metalmom

    Mostly pajama bottoms. Lately, I’ve added a cami top because sometimes the boys bring home friends to crash here instead of letting them drive home intoxicated.

    I also cover up because Babygirl’s knockers are everything that mine USED to be and it depresses me. :boobs3:

  11. bubblewench

    I have not wore pj’s to bed since I was a 17 and moved out of my parents house.

    Sometimes I am forced to, like while down the shore with family, kids around, etc… even then, I seem to wake up naked with no idea how I got all my clothes off.

    Just can’t sleep with clothes on… doesn’t work.

  12. Poppy

    There are actually WORDS here! Lots and lots of WORDS! Oh my goodness!

    I can only sleep completely naked if I am so exhausted that I fall asleep in that state (ya know, after being nekkified). Otherwise I need to wear a t-shirt/cami and underwear. If it’s cold at all I have to wear socks or I can’t sleep, and I may also wear PJ bottoms or sweatpants.

    Lately I have a “habit” of falling asleep just wearing a shirt. That seems weird to me, but it sure is fun to wake up and realize I’m half naked! Wheeeeeee!

  13. Miss Britt

    Um, I’m sorry. Kapgar said cock. For some reason that cracks me up. I’m going to need a minute.

    Ahem. Yes. Ok.

    I sleep naked.

    Or in my underwear.

    Or in my bra and underwear.

    Or in a tanktop and shorts.

    Or.. seriously? People have a ROUTINE for this shit?

    I just collapse into bed wearing whatever is easiest at the moment.

  14. Robin

    I sleep with a security blanket, it’s actually my 2nd one since the one from birth didn’t last beyond my teenage years. This one was a quilt my mom made me out of my t-shirts and is beyond horrifying at this point.

  15. Finn

    Nekkid nakedness! I find it difficult to sleep in clothing these days. I’ll throw a big t-shirt and socks on if it’s really cold in the winter (but this is Florida, so that rarely happens).

  16. Hilly

    Marty: You said “hard”…heh.

    Princess: Yayness! A voice of reason!

    Amy: Heehee, you have pajamas for all seasons! I can’t wear bottoms to bed no matter how hard I try.

    Blue: Wait, what? We’re here?

    Sizz: Amazing how all rules fly out of the window when there is a naked body, huh?

    Angel: Hahaha, you made me gigglesnort!

    Penelope: Me too! That down comforter doesn’t need no steeenking pajamas!

    Fist: I’m sorry, did you just say something? My mind wandered…

    Tracy: Ha! I would think men would like the fully naked nude!

    Kevvy Kev: “big stick-lick”

    Bucky: Thank GOD for that. My dad’s junk fell out all the time when we were kids and it horrified me!

    Lady Jaye: I should look into this whole “bed sharing” thing.

    Dee: Yay for soft peejays on the hoopie doo!

    MM: Oh yeah, that would be depressing…jinkies!

    Sugarpatnies: Lick chicka lick lick! (hehehe)

    Bubblewench: That’s the same with me and pj bottoms…so I just stopped wearing them.

    Gwen: They’re all filthy pervs! Oh wait…

    Mindy: Oh no! *I* am 36…I can’t hit pre-menopausal yet!

    Poppy: Huh, words? Words are for the birds! (wow, I am in a freaking silly mood today)

    Student Teacher: Yeah, if I were having those dreams, I’d have to cover it up too.

    Britt: Hahahahaha! Seriously. You kill me. That will be all.

    Avitable: Thanks for having me! And oh my GOD, how do you keep up every day? You’re a super stud!

    Robin: Horrifying yet necessary, right?

    Dragon: WooHoo for the naked nudeness!

    Finn: I can’t sleep in socks makes me squiffy. I may be a total freak.

  17. radioactivegirltori

    I have 4 small kids at home and am always getting woken up to get something for someone. I sleep in whatever will be appropriate for them to see if they come in and wake me up. Usually stuff from the Victoria’s Secret catalog in the Pink section if anyone is curious. Before I had the kids, I slept naked, but I suppose that may be WHY I have 4 kids, right?

    I am jealous of your naptime!

  18. Karl

    Usually, I sleep in only my boxers. Once in a while I’ll go naked just to experience the glory of being naked. And I have to have a fan blowing on me. And usually I only sleep with a sheet on top of me because I’m hot blooded like that. Seriously, check it and see. Got a fever of 103.

  19. Employee No. 3699

    I used to wear PJ’s until about three months ago. My son finally moved out and we are ’empty nesters’. So now I can sleep naked, cook naked, eat naked, shower naked…ehm, never mind.

    Yeah, and I feel like Karl at 103; the whole hot flash thing and night sweats going on. NOT FUN.


  20. Turnbaby



    If I am visiting or sharing a room with friends then a t shirt and comfy shorts.

    But otherwise

    nude rules!

    And yeah the sheets feel amazing.

    And snuggling up — warm skin to warm skin —mmmmmmmm

  21. hello haha narf

    i love to sleep naked and do so as often as possible. hate to sleep with clothing on.
    although if i crash on the couch with the dogs, who are not permitted in my bed, i will usually wear a t-shirt and underwear.
    if i stay at someone’s house i wear the thinnest pair of pants and a tank top or t-shirt.
    hate wearing bottoms to bed, though because my legs are my temperature gauge (they stick out of the blanket or sheet if i get too hot, which i usually do).

  22. Angel

    hello haha narf, I *should* know your actual name by now, but I suck. That is all.

    Oh, wait, it’s not actually, lol. I am the same way-must have at least one leg/foot out from under the covers. My guy says usually he wakes up in the am and the blanket is across my hips, but everything else it all out there, lol.

  23. hello haha narf

    hi angel, i am becky!

    only difference between our leg issues are that the sheet should be across at least one breast if not both, and should be covering my neck, but not my face. basically everything could be hanging out, but i want my neck covered.

    issues. i have lots of issues.

  24. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I’m usually in a tank and panties or a short nightgown thing that my husband got me when I was pregnant that is really comfy. I own tons of comfy jammies….I just wear them to lounge around in at night. I don’t actually sleep in them.

    Prefer naked but kids make that impossible right now. Any time they are in the vicinity? Oh yeah. It’s nakee time.

  25. Summer

    Most of the time I sleep in a nghtshirt but if it’s really hot then topless with panties. I can’t do the whole naked thing. Hubby sleeps totally naked. I’m not crazy about that but hey it’s his side of the sheets.

  26. Sarah

    I usually just sleep in my undies and whatever shirt I happen to be wearing. I have a bunch of pjs that I never wear, for some reason people love to give them to me as a gift although I’ve never really used them.

  27. Poppy

    I don’t change my pillow case every day, but I wear clothing to bed for a reason that’s not relational to that. As in, it’s not that I’m grossed out by my body touching my sheets… … … I just like the feeling of clothing holding onto me, and when it’s not my mind thinks about it enough that it’s hard for me to sleep, unless I’m REALLY tired. Which I probably will be when I live in a real place. It’s very dull and untiring in France. And then I might be able to sleep naked. Except my bed buddy doesn’t so … meh.

  28. Melissa

    Because I presently share space with one of those small things known as “children”, and because I don’t want to fuck it up emotionally to the point where it never flies the nest, I wear pajamas. Shorts or jammie bottoms with a tank, tee or hoodie. NEVER NIGHTGOWNS. Nightgowns are from the debbil and try to strangle me in my sleep.

    However, once the Boy Wonder moves out, it’s gonna be Naked Time ALL the damn time ’round these parts. :boobs3:

  29. Bec

    I love sleeping naked and will do it whenever I am living in a house where I know I am not going to be walked in on. Otherwise, t-shirts and pyjama bottoms… But the window must be open to blow that cool breeze… places… 😛

  30. Dory

    When I met the hubster and conversation got intimate enough to go there, he disclosed that he slept naked. He might as well have said that he wore a medieval suit of armor to bed every night. I was flabbergasted. And then he said if this thing was going somewhere and we slept together, then I was going to have to do the same.

    Now HunkyDory totally rocks the tandem birthday suit every night and I can’t imagine it any other way.

    I love easy access. 🙂

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