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Independence from Lazy Sunday

Due to the holiday weekend, there is no Lazy Sunday contest this week. Come back next Sunday for the winners from the last contest and for a brand new contest.

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20 Replies to “Independence from Lazy Sunday”

  1. hello haha narf

    yay, you! way to have a long weekend without worrying about the blog!!

    except i know you messed around with halloween decorations. and i know you thought about us.

    wanna have sex? (mocha, ya knew it was gonna happen, i just thought i would get it outta the early way for ya.)

  2. Avitable

    Dave, I strive for the best.

    Mocha, are you offering me sex?

    Steph, too busy with all of my laziness!

    Grant, and what a pathetic one it was, too.

    Hello, I did think about the blog lots and lots.

    Lisa, I have a “Not a Dumbass” prize I can give you.

    Dan, the cheque is in the mail.

    BE Earl, sorry – maybe you’ll win on Sunday!

    Mike, just copy my post and use that instead.

    Crystal, and an injustice.

    Sybil, I hope you make it down here!

    Metalmom, took you two minutes to read that?

    Cajunvegan, and I’ve got it!

    Hilly, did you even enter last week?

    Turnbaby, you don’t usually comment on Sundays?

    BB, I don’t even have any festitivites to use as an excuse.

  3. Sybil Law

    Me, too. My husband already knows I have to visit you and Miss Britt.
    Of course I don’t know when they were talking about…
    So Halloween is still open!
    I need to exercise so I look at least halfway decent in my costume!
    That’s the only hint you get.

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