It's not always about being funny.


Sometimes I feel like this blog has been treading water.

I don’t mean slow days. Everyone has days where they don’t feel like posting, and the smart ones just don’t post those days. Then there is an idiot like me who has a self-imposed requirement to post every day, which means there are days where I’m very lazy or busy or something else and don’t post shit.

I mean just generally stagnant. Part of me feels like the funny posts are falling a bit flat and the other posts are just plain boring. I’m behind on choosing winners for my contests and shipping prizes out, too, which is just a symptom of how I’ve been feeling about the blog.

The other day, I heard through the grapevine that someone visited my site, saw the Hitler picture, didn’t quite get it, saw that I had something horrifying posted, and moved on. Months later, they came back and after a bit of effort, finally realized that maybe I was posting something that was worth reading. And while I’ve scaled back considerably on the shock value posts, mainly because I’m less interested in them now, I start to wonder about my header picture. Am I wrong about that being intrinsically funny?

I want a first-time visitor to see the picture, say “What the hell? That’s weird/funny/horrible/twisted,” and then continue to read. I don’t want them to click away as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s time to change out the Hitler picture, or offer options? A SFW and a NSFW header image? I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking about some type of change.

I’m a strong believer in striving for something better, and I need to make this blog better. Some people blog for themselves. I don’t. I blog because I like the interaction, the relationships, the friendships, and the exposure to different people and ideas.

I’ve got a few concepts in the works, in addition to the forthcoming Halloween party announcement, and I just want to start getting them in process so that I can feel like me and this blog are moving forwards, not slowly drowning in this brackish water.

On a completely different note (and tone), last night’s radio show seemed to go pretty well! We had a lot of listeners in the chatroom and I’m sure some others who listened via streaming radio, and thanks to all the participants. Next Wednesday we’ll have a new topic, and if you have any suggestions, let me know!

If you missed the show, here are your options:

1. Listen to it streaming below or go to our show page on Talkshoe and listen to it there.
2. Download it here.
3. Find us on iTunes. We should be up there in the next day or so.

Thanks again!

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79 Replies to “Stagnant”

  1. Hilly

    I don’t think anyone else can tell you what will and will not make your blog better. I mean yes, we can offer suggestions but you need to change it so that it feels right for YOU. I understand that feeling of stagnancy though, so I hope you can find ways to switch it up and make it better…whatever makes you satisified with it. Also? Hitler doesn’t bug me but then again, I don’t have a tightly puckered ass.

    The radio show rocked it! I paid homage to you in my kisses today too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Sybil Law

    I know what you mean about the blog, but that Hitler picture made ME stay as did ALL your posts. Ultimately, of course, it has to be something that makes you happy, and stagnant doesn;t sound like you’re satisfied with it right now! I love your blog, though – I actually get mad if I miss a post.
    However, the show was fucking great! And if I end up pregnant because of it, does that mean I have to name my kid either Adam or Britt?!

  3. Willie G

    I can’t say much regarding where your blog has been, I haven’t been around that long. However, I am totally neutral to your heading picture as well as any of the graphics on your site. To me it’s all about the content and the interaction. I come back because you entertain me and you really seem to care about me and your other readers. I say change your design (or not) whenever and how often you want. It doesn’t matter to me. Just always make sure you are raising the bar on your content. Keep it interesting and entertaining and I am sold for as long as you are blogging.

    Good luck with that.

  4. Poppy

    Also, whatever direction you want to move the blog in is fine by me. It’s your blog. I’m just along for the ride.

    And I thoroughly was entertained by the show tonight, as well as the chat room.

    I kept laughing every time Britt got high-pitched angry at you.

    (oops, I forgot to click submit. Am I top commenter again? damn.)

  5. Karl

    I’ll admit that I was one of those people that saw your blog and didn’t “get it.” Sad for me, really, because having rediscovered you this year, you’re one of my fave finds of late.

  6. little_lj

    They say a change is as good as a rest? I mean, I love the content and that’s why I keep reading, but as many have said, its your blog. And if you think that give it a new look/feel/whatever will make you more inspired, I know that’s worked for me in the past.

    Oh and also, loved the show tonight :oD

  7. bluepaintred

    I remember the first time I saw that header and was all “I wonder who that is?” and then even later still, some dude got all up in your ass about it and it was only then I really looked at it and realised it was hitler.

    I vote you put the unicorn template back up

  8. Jay

    Personally I thought the Hitler header was funny when I first saw it too. There’s always gonna be people who just aren’t willing to put out the effort to actually read through your blog posts and come back a few times to really figure out where you’re coming from. That’s because they’re lazy and aren’t will to put out that effort. Nothing you can really do about that.

    I’ve considered making changes too. Maybe just a name change. After 2.5 years the name seems to be a bit too constrictive now.

  9. Jay

    OBTW, I enjoyed the show quite a bit. I was “Guest 15.” Apparently I was one of only three people who couldn’t be bothered to download the program so I could chat and all that fun stuff. I will before next week.

    It wouldn’t have mattered though tonight cause the chat room locked up on me. I’m pretty sure my virus scan was the culprit. Both the chat room and the streaming audio going at the same time and the virus scan was trying to scan everything running. I’ll turn it off next time and see if that helps.

  10. SJ

    I like the way you write, and that your content is varied. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you by reading. You may not blog for yourself, but you certainly come across as *real.* It never seems like you’re pandering to your readers.

    My only complaint is how bad I suck at Lazy Sundays.

  11. whall

    I misread the post title as stagaunt and thought it was gonna be a porn film with your dad’s sister.

    I think a header that’s switchable between SFW and NSFW via a click or two would be kick-ass. Because very little is Safe For Whall

  12. Dan

    I think the hitler picture is funny, but there is nothing wrong with changing things now and again.

    I’ve been going through a blogging funk recently, I’m hoping it will pass and am battling through it.

    Maybe you should lift your one post a day policy. That’s what I have done and am happier for it.

  13. libragirl

    I personally don’t like the header, but I like you, so I just scroll down past it. The first time I saw it, I clicked away, but came back because – I liked you- I liked your comments and stuff on other sites. So I just scroll down so I don’t see it.

    If you like it – leave it- if someone doesn’t like it and doesn’t stay around – their loss on missing some good writing from a great person.

  14. hello haha narf

    to the best of my recollection, the first time i saw the header i thought “dude is fucked up.” i read the entire post, commented, and started going back through previous posts. your kind of fucked up is just fine by me. i like funny.

    that being said, adam if you are bored, not into this place as much anymore, stagnant, whatever, change it up a bit. every time i look at my site it makes me want to write. this place should do that for you also. i don’t care what it looks like here, i’ll be reading. you are a big part of my day so headers or colors and whatnot can’t change that.

  15. Nat

    Not a fan of the Hitler Banner at all. The first time I saw it, I didn’t even read the post I’d clicked here to read. I’m not really about the shock value, but I have choice to read it or not. Can’t remember which blog I actually came back here to read. May have been a guest post somewhere.

    I have learned that there are blogs I don’t read at work. Yours is one of them because I never know what I’m going to find.

    That being said, I do enjoy your blog since I keep coming back. So like Karl maybe my knee jerk reaction was my lost, but if the goal is interaction then maybe something less shocking would serve you better. Shrug. So whatever… I’m not sure design matters that much anymore. It’s your blog, if you’re bored. Kick it up.

  16. RW

    Well here’s a few things maybe.

    When I comment I look forward to your return comments and when they aren’t there that’s a let down. No law saying you have to reply (and you do 99.999999% of the time eventually) but that’s part of the deal; your replies to replies.

    Yeah I don’t go for the porn and disgust but when you do those I just do something else and it’s your blog and you blog for you and all that stuff what do I know I’m just a hapless reader. But seriously it doesn’t bug me, I just do something else. People have fun and I don’t have a problem with that. No judgment.

    The personality wars are stupid, no matter where they’re coming from. But, again, people like to have drama so they can feel good about saying they don’t like drama. So you’re serving the audience.

    I think the majority of your commenters are true sycophants who have no idea what the hell they’re saying, but post to be included in the mosh pit. I visit very few of their sites because I never see anything that looks halfway creative or interesting besides “you’re the bahst blogguh in thge werld” crap. The stuff you do often deserves more than a “ooo hooo adam you rock” and I sometimes wonder if I’m reading the same thing as some of your drones.

    Other than that I like the Hitler thing because it’s perfect for the internet culture, and if anybody says they don’t like it they’re probably not worth knowing anyway.

    That’s what I think and I’m sticking to it.

  17. Crys

    it’s difficult creating posts on-demand. that’s why i killed MTWC. it started out as vid posts every single day (if you can even imagine), which i did for two or three years. then it changed to three times a week, and then less than that. i wasn’t motivated. it’s much better when i’m spontaneous and in the mood (like all good things).

    maybe cut down on the amt of posts?

    hitler never bothered me, btw. i got it.

  18. Grant

    I’m a first time reader (normally I just jack off to the pictures on the right and move on to my bible studies) and I like the Hitler picture.

    OK, seriously, I like the Hitler picture because I’m not easily offended, but I’m a little bored with it now. Bring back the unicorn template and pictures of you with barrettes in your hair. Or just try something new. Maybe it’s time for drunk posting, or pictures of hot Asian women.

  19. Avitable

    Poppy, people feel like they’re doing something wrong by looking at something with Hitler on the page. It’s weird.

    Hilly, I loved the homage!

    Sybil, not Adam or Britt, just Adam. Oh yeah – got your package! I’ll have a post up about that sometime soon.

    Jake, now you’re talking!

    Willie G, thanks for the input – that is very helpful.

    Karen, we probably will, so beware!

    Amanda, we all know that you’re awesome and briliant, though.

    Poppy, she’s so cute when she’s high-pitched like that, isn’t she?

    Karl, was it the header or what was the reason?

    Little LJ, oh, I like my design – I’m just trying to figure out a balance between being as edgy as I like and avoiding scaring people away.

    BPR, I can’t believe you read me for that long without realizing that was Hitler.

    Jay, you’re not a cynical bastard anymore?

    Janna, yeah, even though she’s WRONG!

    Jay, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and virus scan can do that if it’s trying to run at the same time as a process like streaming audio.

    SJ, so if I did an all sci-fi Lazy Sunday, do you think you’d have a chance?

    Wayne, I might just put up a rotating header image. Want to write me some code for that?

    Dan, I’ve noticed that you’ve been through that – maybe that’s my issue too. And I feel like I’d be letting myself and others down if I didn’t post every day.

    Libragirl, can you tell me what you don’t like? Is it just the fact that Hitler is in a picture? I’m completely and seriously interested in your opinion on this.

    Britt, that works for me. Let’s go out to lunch somewhere perky today.

    Hello, I’m sorry – I’ll do a drawing for you sometime!

    Nat, what don’t you like about it? I’d appreciate your input.

    RW, first, let me say it’s nice not to see your typical smart-ass comment, but an actual substantive comment. I do value your input and opinion. I do enjoy many of my commenters’ blogs, though, but some of that might be because I feel like I’ve gotten to know them, so their writing is a supplement to who they are, not the only aspect of their personality of which I know. I do occasionally slack on replying, that’s true, but I try to always go back and make sure I keep up with it. It’s good to know what you value and what you don’t, though.

    Crystal, I just feel like I’d be letting someone down (myself, probably) if I couldn’t keep up with a post a day. How hard can it really be to come up with something interesting or funny once every 24 hours? It should be a piece of cake!

    Grant, it always boils down to Asian women.

    Clown, your momma can’t dance.

    Poppy, he’s a weird retarded fucker.

  20. Maria

    I think I’m pretty much a newbie, so I can only speak based on what I’ve seen in the past couple of months.

    I like your blog – I think it’s funny and witty and wonderfully irreverent. When you turn off the humor it’s usually informative and I like your POV. You’ve got the best ‘100 things’ on the internet.

    I think the header is ridiculously funny. Of course I’m sitting here in my ‘White Flour’ t shirt that has the Pillsbury Doughboy decked out in Nazi gear and doing the salute so maybe I’m not the best person to analyze that…

    I feel like I’m kissing ass. I don’t do that. I’ll stop now.

  21. Finn

    Change is good, darlin’. You’ll figure out what you need to do when the time is right. Have faith in yourself. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes, as does creativity.

    Great show last night, BTW! Worth skipping that bath I was planning. Thank you.

  22. Squeaky Wheel

    I don’t remember how I started reading you, but it’s usually through my Google reader, so I don’t see the header that much. When I do, it’s like, “Oh, yeah – Avitable”. It’s become kind of your trademark, in a way. I don’t think I’d change it, but if you do, I would keep Hitler SOMEWHERE on the site. Sidebar, or something. You can’t get rid of Hitler, dude.

  23. Robin

    At first I didn’t like the Hitler thing because anything Hitler bothered me…being Jew-ish and all. Now that I know you and have been forced to get more cynical via your blog and others I find it funny.

  24. Avitable

    Maria, you like my 100 things? Thanks!

    Finn, you could have bathed yourself and listened. And touched yourself. In fact, you should have.

    RW, because you’re a deep thinker. You’re a Quaker!

    Squeaky, yeah, that’s true. Can’t get rid of him completely no matter what.

    Robin, I’m glad you got more cynical. You were wayyyy too optimistic.

  25. NYCWD

    Allow me to be the first to call bullshit:

    I blog because I like the interaction, the relationships, the friendships, and the exposure to different people and ideas.

    So yes, you blog for you.

    As for everything else… well I think that we all go through phases… an evolution of sorts… and the worst part is trying to fight that evolution instead of just going with it and see where it leads. Not blogging for a day is not the end of the world.

    Maybe it is time for a header change… although I personally find it hilarious… I can also understand that it is someone’s first impression and may not be the best until they get to read you. I don’t think you had that photo up on Blogger when I first started reading… although you have maintained the BTOD for as long as I’ve been reading. So maybe a header image or a template overhaul is in order. Maybe it’s part of your destined evolution.

    Ultimately though… you need to be comfortable and happy with what you do… because as I pointed out before… you are blogging for you.

  26. NYCWD

    Well, if he was a gangster, then he was The Don.

    The Don, just like God, does not do his own dirtywork. That what he has his people for.

    The Don has his soldiers.

    God has his Reapers.

    Get with the mythology.

  27. NYCWD


    So sticking an image of Hitler waving next to Adam licking his waffle cone would be the same as having George there!

    Okay… so we’re on the same page… there’s no issue with Hitler.

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

  28. Bridget

    Pleeaase don’t change the Hitler picture. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. And I feel your pain about the desire to blog for interactions and relationships, but wouldn’t you rather interact with people who “get it” anyway?

  29. turnbaby

    Well sugar if you feel you want to shake things up why shouldn’t you? It is after all YOUR blog. I think Dawg is spot on.

    And damn it someone else beat me to the butterflies and unicorns shit.

    I think you are a tad bored with it.

    Just sayin’


  30. K8spade

    Dawg is right, you do blog for you; the interactions and relationships make you happy, don’t they? Then it’s all for you. So you have to do what makes you happy, be that changing your template or your writing habits. I don’t see how posting every other day — or twice a week, or even once a month — is negative. If anything, that should improve your posts. You’ll have time to think and relax and write as you wish, as opposed to just flinging shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. But of course, if you should nearly dunk your head into a toilet you must report that IMMEDIATELY.

    I truly believe the secret to happiness is selfishness. That sounds horrible, but think about it. Everything we do is for ourselves. Bringing your wife flowers or giving to charity is all selfish — because it makes you feel good to do it. So don’t be afraid to be selfish. Take time to do this shit right. Take time off, if you need to. Your readers aren’t going anywhere. And what do you care if a few do bail on you? You’re doing this for you, remember? Fuck em.

  31. Avitable

    NYCWD, that’s not blogging for me. If I didn’t have that interaction and was just talking to myself, I wouldn’t enjoy it.

    BPR, nah, you’re just not the most observant person! At least your spelling has been good now!

    Bridget, that is an excellent point. Thanks for the comment!

    RW, I thought you didn’t like all the porn stuff?

    Turnbaby, I’m not bored with the design – it’s not even a year old. I just think giving options might avoid scaring people away.

    Robin, I know!

    PocketCT, that might be a good idea, too.

    Karen, haha you snorted.

    Dragon, what don’t you like about the banner, specifically?

    K8Spade, but it’s the interactions that I like, so if I truly blogged for me, I wouldn’t need or want readers.

  32. turnbaby

    I really wasn’t talking about the design. I has just started reading you regularly when you made the switch to this one.

    I think you said it all in your post–you feel it’s become stagnant. So it’s your choice to change it.

    And I just realized something else—you are eating the waffle cone with your hand–does the cone not count as food?

  33. Karl

    It was the header AND the post, though I couldn’t tell you what the post was about at this point. I think it was last year when I first clicked over to your site from Dave’s. I wasn’t offended in any way…just thought, not for me.

  34. Kath.

    I like the picture, I fell over laughing. And I’m not supposed to, because I’m german. And I looooooove the line “Tact is for pussies”.
    I also love “Dignity is overrated” too, btw.

  35. Avitable

    Poppy, :bukkake:

    Turnbaby, no – that type of bread, like a burger, too, it acts as a buffer. Unlike greasy fried breading or something like that.

    Karl, ok, thanks.

    Kath., thanks for the input and comment!

  36. Neil

    I just lost my long comment by forgetting to put in my name, so let me say it again in a shorter version.

    1) Summer is the dulldrum month for all of us.

    2) I used to try to write every day and it was way to draining. I decided it was better to write better content 4x a week.

    3) I hate being the conservative one, but it might be good to go against the stereotype in the header. Everyone knows they are gonna be in trouble the minute they see the header. Maybe a post would seem more funnier or out there to a new reader if they didn’t see a controversial header first.

  37. Craig

    Your header is the most awesome thing ever. If I could steal it, I would. But you’d probably find out when it appeared as my header with a poorly photoshopped picture of my face over yours, probably done in MSPaint.

  38. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Oh, holy crap! You’re talking about me!!!! I’m the one who came to your site, got scared (2 girls, 1 cup) and left, then came back! Holy Mary Mother of Christ! Don’t you fucking dare change a thing about your header… I love it!

    I have those stagnant days, too. On those days, I wonder if I should keep blogging. Then, I get inspired for a solid week and I’m on my game.

  39. Nat

    I feel quite the stick in the mud at this love in, Avi, so I apologize. I reread my comment and it sounds harsh — it’s not meant that way. ( I have this habit of giving people feedback when they ask for it– and sometimes when they don’t.) I have the most boring web-design on the planet so where the fuck I think I get off giving you my two cents is beyond me.

    So here goes — this probably says more about me than it does about you.

    My gut reaction to the banner was that it was an anti-semitic blog and there is no way in hell I wanted anything to do with that kind of hate. But as you kept popping up all over the place and people like you, I thought that my initial reaction to the banner may have been off. (And how…)

    You push buttons I know that. I accept that in visiting this blog I will from time to time disagree, be grossed out (often), and I will see a artist renderings of you in which I come to believe that (a) your wife is an incredibly lucky woman (b) you always wear a cape and (c) you never wear pants. Also you do a rather excellent version of Before He Cheats.

    But I don’t get the Hitler thing. To me, it seems to be shock for shock’s sake. Maybe there is a humour in thinking you’d sit by and eat ice cream during the Holocaust. But, I think that it cheapens the memory of all those lives that were and continue to be touched by the event of the Second World War. But as someone suggested, maybe I am way to uptight about it.

    Feel free to email me if you want to discuss.

  40. Lisa

    I’ve always liked the banner on your blog along with the tag line. If someone doesn’t find the humor in all of that then they I think they are missing the humor in you. Your humor is typically dark in nature and it’s one of the things that I’ve always loved about you and your blog.

    As far as changing the template? Do whatever you want…it’s your blog.

    As far as changing what you blog about? Be true to who you are and don’t change a thing. Anything else would be pretentious.

  41. Dan

    On the subject of posting everyday, sometimes I think it’s not always to the readers advantage. When I was struggling with the guilt of leaving my blog for days at a time I realized that many of my favorite blogs don’t post every day, some only post once a week, and I don’t feel I’ve lost any form or relationship with them. In fact when I see on the reader I get excited because I know I’m in for something good and not running the risk of coming across filler.

    On the subject of changing the content of the blog, go with what feels right. Blogs evolve. I spent some time reading through your archives and your first posts were different in subject and tone than your current work. But I enjoyed them all the same. I would have read you then just as I read you now. It’s your writing and humor that comes through in both cases.

    I had a blog life crisis and went from pure daddy blogging to daddy/life/humor/popular culture blogging. I lost some readers and i gained some readers, but I ended up more happy with my output than I was before and that’s the important thing. I’m not sure what I need to do to get out of my current funk, I’m hoping once the stress of organizing my walk/raising money is over I’ll have more surplus energy to dedicate to it.

  42. Dave2

    I’ll say it again… I love your header. It remains a total mystery to me how anybody could see it and think that you are somehow endorsing Hitler. But, you do what you gotta do…

  43. manager mom

    Yeah… I struggle with my piece of shit blog too. I would LOVE to post every day because I love the traffic and comments because I am a loser with low self-esteem.

    But I am also too much of a perfectionist to post something that I feel shitty about. I’m sort of in this 2-3 times a week mode but hopefully they’re worthwhile. I dunno.

    But the Hitler thing… I get the irony, but there are certain things (the N word, child molesting, kicking puppies) that most people just don’t have a sense of humor about….

  44. Avitable

    Neil, your third point is a good one. I’m setting expectations too high!

    Cajunvegan, clothing is ALWAYS optional here!

    Craig, we should swap header images for a day sometime. I’ll re-enact one of yours and you can MS Paint one of mine.

    Heather, I do remember you saying that I scared you at first.

    Nat, don’t apologize – I wanted your opinion. I also think that a picture of a mere man – a dead one, at that – should not have power over normal, reasonable people. And maybe by putting him into funny, random situations, we can take some of that power away and show that he’s not worth the emotion.

    Lisa, I do have a dark sense of humor – we definitely share that, don’t we?

    BPR, heh. Thank you, Firefox!

    Dan, my first posts sucked hairy ass, who are you kidding? I’ve contemplated deleting the first year of my blog many, many times.

    Dan, maybe I’ll just switch it up a bit.

    Manager Mom, it’s funny you say that, because I’ve posted about the word nigger, about having sex with underage girls, and about kicking puppies and punching nuns!

  45. Dragon

    Specifically? I get what you were going after with the banner. The concept, funny. You, hilarious. Hitler, makes my stomach turn.

    I have gotten used to it and it hasn’t kept me away. Obviously. But if I’m reading your site at work I do resize the screen so it’s not showing.

  46. Dragon

    hmm, didn’t get in the rest of the comment….

    I have gotten used to the banner and it hasn’t kept me away. Obviously. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I read your blog at work, I do resize the screen to hide the banner.

  47. Ok, Where Was I?

    I love the header (insert Beavis and Butthead laughter there). It made me think you were too cool for school and that I was too much of a dork to comment here, but I got over that. Having said that though, I have no doubt that I would like the new header just as well.

  48. B.E. Earl

    First: Hitler…always funny. Because he’s fuckin’ dead now, ya see!

    Second: For some reason I couldn’t get to the comments section on this post on IE on my laptop. Firefox, yes…Safari (on our Mac), yes. Just not on IE. Weird. I actually thought you closed comments and deleted all of your July posts. Must have had something to do with the streaming radio widgiemaholic thing. It’s like your front page just stopped loading because even your sidebar stuff wasn’t loading. So I truly thought you were doing a full-restart on the blog. Huh.

  49. Dan

    Well i liked them. Maybe because I felt like I was getting more of an insight into your life than posts about dolphin porn.

    Or at least i hope I was getting more of an insight, because I don’t want to think about the alternative.

  50. Gina

    Two questions I have never actually asked but may be relevant:

    1) Does your wife read the blog?

    2) What does she think, as far as the questions you are asking yourself and your readers?

  51. Avitable

    Dragon, I don’t blame you for resizing it at work – that makes total sense.

    Ok Where Was I, I’m never too cool for school. I’m a big geek!

    BE Earl, it has something to do with that streaming radio code for some reason.

    Dan, well, some of them are personal posts, but a lot of them are just stupid links.

    SJ, just an FYI. You did not get them all right!

    Gina, yes, she does, occasionally. She doesn’t read it enough to have an opinion about that, though.

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