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New meaning to “Office Pool”

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And, in case you didn’t watch the video (shame on you), tomorrow’s topic on “Clearly You’re Retarded” will be abortion! Tune in at 9 PM EST on Talkshoe.

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49 Replies to “New meaning to “Office Pool””

  1. Miss Britt

    Wait. We were swimming during the day because it was hot in the house?

    I thought we were just doing it to avoid having to work.

    Um. Er. Is this a bad time to tell you it’s not that bad in my office?

  2. Ioma

    That is one awesome pool – I’m jealous! With that avocado tree right there, you don’t have to go far for guacamole.

    And Britt, you are NOT fat! I can only dream of looking that good in a bathing suit.

  3. Danalyn

    Our a/c is busted too…luckily, since we hardly have any windows in this new place, it’s not so bad…except at night…when we’re trying to sleep, but the sweat rolling down our ass cracks keeps us just uncomfortable enough to not doze off completely. :crying:

  4. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    DUDE! That was amazing! During that underwater shot I thought I was watching an episode of National Geographic Explorer. The quality of the video! The editing! Were Howard and Michelle Hall there with you ’cause I could swear that was an IMAX movie in the making. Adam. You are an underwater cinematographer.

    And Britt? You’re gorgeous underwater, girl! πŸ™‚

  5. Dawn

    OK, since I’m my own boss, I’m making an executive decision: I want to work for you!

    I’d never allow myself to swim while I should be working (I’m a tough-ass boss, even to myself). Never mind that I live in CT and don’t have a pool. So, yeah, when’s my first day?

  6. Avitable

    Britt, you are a cold-blooded creature.

    Little LJ, the tube that sprays water on the slide is broken and we haven’t fixed it yet, so you can slide down it without some friction.

    Winter, can you float? That’s all you need to be able to do.

    AmyD, yet another reason you need to come visit – hang out by the pool!

    Hello, I need to get back in the habit of posting them regularly.

    Amanda, so you don’t mind constant sexual harassment?

    Ioma, my wife does make fresh guac that’s pretty good!

    LMSS, ah, but you had air conditioning!

    Sarah, I can do a full body check on Britt for fat and report back. I’ll tell her you said to strip down.

    Jozet, but do you have books about slaughterhouses?

    Fantastagirl, you want to relocate from the middle of nowhere too?!

    Becky, only for my daily sponge bath.

    Aunt Robin, oh, it’s still miserable once we’re back inside.

    Grant, are you sure you only like Asian girls and not bears?

    Dana, I sleep with an ice pack on my butt.

    Heather, hmm. Are you by chance being sarcastic?

    Nat, it is pretty cool! It’s our neighbors, too, so we don’t have to maintain it.

    Dawn, taking a half-hour a day is a good idea.

    Gwen, I’ll try. But it’s so horrible!

    Hello, I don’t know how well it would travel.

    Marty, we do make lots of guac when they start falling regularly.

  7. Em

    I really like the idea of you and Britt doing this talkshoe thing… you two make such a great pair. But 9pm eastern is like dinner time for me… crap. One of these days…

  8. Jay

    So you’re telling me that for your afternoon break you get to go swimming with a hot blond in a bikini?


    I didn’t see any fat on Britt. And I looked too1 πŸ˜‰

  9. Sybil Law

    I can’t believe you haven’t hired me, yet. I could’ve been bringing Britt Britinis and you some Diet Coke with REAL LIME SLICES, that I cut up myself!
    Britt – you are SO NOT FAT. Yeesh.
    Also, your camera rocks. What kind?

  10. Selma

    You have a really nice place. Your friendship with Britt reminds me of a boss I had many years ago who was just awesome to work for. Sadly, he eventually moved overseas but I still think of the years I worked with him as a golden era in my life. I can see that with you two.

  11. Avitable

    Dragon, hmm. That’s intriguing!

    Finn, I don’t wear bathing suits!

    Em, you can also download it or subscribe to the podcast, you know.

    Disorganized, that’s my blog wife you’re talking about there.

    Britt, don’t scare away the n00bs, dear.

    Shelli, how old are you going to be?

    Trish, it was one that wasn’t whole – sometimes they break open or squirrels eat them. The pool temp is usually around 78-80.

    NYCWD, in my pants.

    Jay, I looked, too. It’s not there!

    Sybil, it’s a Sanyo Xacti.

    Winter, see? You can swim!

    Finn, she was totally worth it, wasn’t she?

    DanjerusKurves, I’m sure you know all of the lawyer jokes.

    Selma, except Britt won’t see it as a golden era. She’ll see it as the height of her sexual harassment at work.

    HG, Amy might make better guac than you!

    Summer, but do you have AC?

    Crystal, wanna come work for me?

  12. Stephanie

    Tell Britt I didn’t see no fat…and trust me…women notice other women, lol. Skinny bitch. hehe

    Clearly, she’s retarded.


    Anyhoozlebees…..I’d like to apply for an administrative position, and I’d like to go down the slide with an avocado please.

    Thanks for the chance.

    Why no Adam in bikini pics? :sex003:

  13. Hoosier Girl

    Well, of course she can. She’s super-smart AND she has an avocado tree in her backyard. But mine is really good too, especially for a Hoosier! :thumbsup:

    I would be willing to come down there and do a side-by-side comparison. (wink)


  14. Faiqa Khan

    Fun vlogs. As for the drawing…I am, literally, for the absolute first time in my life… just speechless. Before I saw the video where you explained about the cat, some really disturbing things came to mind. All I can say is I have never been so happy to find out something was shit.

  15. Avitable

    HG, it’s a challenge. Like Iron Chef!

    Stephanie, she did wear it, yes. Until she tore the ass out.

    Faiqa, you should read through my archives and see some of my other drawings. When I draw them, it’s a penis. πŸ˜€

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