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Look at my package

This is a multi-faceted post. First, there’s the video. Thanks Sybil and Special K! And if you watch carefully, you can see some Halloween props we’ve built in the background.:

Then, there’s the scanned drawing from Sybil’s daughter.

Also, don’t forget! Tonight at 9 PM EST, Britt and I will jump around and throw verbal poo on air during Episode Three of “Clearly, you’re retarded!” We’ll be discussing abortion! You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!

Finally, AmyD asked me to post this, so I’ve posted it here verbatim:

You might remember last year that my mom reconnected with her brother. My uncle was a marine in Vietnam. My mom has been helping him try to locate a fellow marine that he was in the service with. She’s already used all the available services online for looking up old friends who are veterans, etc. and she asked if I wouldn’t mind posting something on my blog. I was wondering if you guys would mind adding a blurb to a post or something just asking your readers if anyone might know the family, him, etc? It’s a long shot, I know, but I’d like to try for my uncle and I’d really appreciate the help.

If you don’t mind – the info is below:

Charles R Stevens- Indianapolis, Indiana (from there)
Marine Corp
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, Echo Company, Da Nang, August 1966-1967
Weapons Platoon, Machine Gun

Graduated from Camp Pendelton and served in Da Nang with Gene Bishop. They trained and graduated together, and spent 48 hours in Okinawa awaiting transit together. They were separated upon arriving at Da Nang Air Force Base, Gene Bishop and Stevens served together until Bishop was wounded in Operation Stone, in 1967 and shipped out to Guam, and then Oakland Naval Hospital in the States.

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39 Replies to “Look at my package”

  1. Sybil Law

    Oh my, she will be SO HAPPY to see her artwork displayed! I am proud – and also embarrassed, because my kid draws Avitable pictures! I mean, PROUD! (Hey – that can’t get me in trouble, can it? Haha)
    Anyway, my favorite part is the duct tape. That had me in stitches!
    And yes – those candy cigarettes should be saved for Britt!
    Glad you and the household liked it. :thumbsup:

  2. Mocha

    Nice. Penis poop. You should trademark that.

    Been hanging out with a bunch of other uteruses (uteri?) and missed one of my favorite bitches. YOU.

    Now I am all about this Penis poop stuff. Great.

  3. martymankins

    Nice package. Thanks for showing it to all of us. Now I have that image in my head I can’t get out…..

    …. of the Stay Hard gel.

    That’s something you could write in someone’s yearbook… “Have a bitchin summer and stay hard.”

  4. B.E. Earl

    I’m not even sure MacGruber would use duct tape on his own head.

    Clearly, you’re retarded! πŸ˜‰

    And thanks for explaining the picture that the kid drew. That first “you” in the foreground center was freaking me out a little.

  5. Beth

    Woohoo, remember when I sold Passion Parties? PP rock =D. The Pure Satisfaction is pretty cool, but just make sure you don’t put on too much at once or it goes from tingly to burning.

  6. Avitable

    Whall, I didn’t write it – I just posted it.

    Amanda, in the minds of innocent kids. . .

    Karl, yes. Did you see the look on my face?

    Sybil, you should definitely be proud!

    Mocha, oh yeah – you went to that little conference thingy.

    Marty, I think I’ll go hang out in the local high schools just so I can do that.

    BE Earl, freaked me out a bit, too!

    Sarah, her daughter must think I just poop out in public.

    SpecialK, heh – that’s okay! Thanks for the package!

    Winter, she’s a little prodigy.

    Beth, yup, I do remember that. And we don’t want burning!

    Turnbaby, concerned or eager?

    Crystal, like a Diego Rivera/Frido Kahlo type of thing?

    Student Teacher, they’re light fixtures, and they went off as soon as the video was done.

    Gwen, oh, you actually watched it in slow motion, admit it.

  7. Angel

    Aside from all the obviously funny shit in there, I have to address the Airheads.

    I have a just turned 5yo. She calls them “Blow Heads” which her father and I (and her two teenage brothers) find hysterical, which of course, means we don’t usually correct her, ha.

    So, anyway, I picked them up a pack of five or six Airheads a week or so ago, but I am TheBadMommyWhoEatsHerKidsCandy in Indian, (and I’m allowed to call them Indians because I am one, yanno?). I’m munching on the mystery white flavor…or was it the Incredible Hulk one…not sure, but anyway…my little one gets very concerned looking. I assured her that I had two for her and two for her sister after they ate dinner, thinking she was just worried I was gonna eat all her goodies. She looks up at me, brow furrowed, and says, “Momma, won’t your head blow off now?”

  8. Avitable

    Misi, which part? My pain?

    Maria, that’s awesome. I have to try that mystery one, too.

    Poppy, Gilda?

    Britt, no, but I’m going to come pee on your head.

    NYCWD, it’s too hot to type.

    Finn, surprisingly little although it felt like a lot!

    Robin, I know. I’m a big ol’ whore.

    Mike, yeah I need to have better lighting next time.

    Bridget, nope – that’s Sybil’s daughter’s drawing of Britt. With a beard.

    Beth, precisely!

  9. Hoosier Girl

    First of all I am relieved to NOT see the “real” package. Second, as I was watching your video, my oldest son walked by and started watching with me. At first he said, “Why does a grown man have ALL THAT CANDY?” I said, “Well, it was just a present from a friend.” Then he kept watching and started laughing at the sex stuff. As he walked away, he said, “Mom, you have the weirdest friends.”

    Then when he came back, I showed him the video of you dancing. I expected him to laugh, but instead he watched intently and when you were done, he nodded and said, “Not too bad.” (which in teenager language means “you rock!” :thumbsup: J.

  10. hollydolly

    sybil, my blogwife, sent me over here. i listened to the first show earlier; it was great. i’ll have to download the others as i will be a’sleepin’ at 9 … it’s 2 am here.

    that picture rocks.

    dude. what the f is up with those smilies?

    worst comment ever. i am so ashamed. i’ll go now.

  11. Jo Beaufoix

    Came over from Sybil’s place. Blimey Gilda has talent, and the turds are hilarious. Also, loved your package and your duct tape cooling hat. Niiiice. πŸ˜€

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