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Aw, fuck it.

The good news is that I have air conditioning!

The bad news is that I have a huge headache that feels like my head is being split in two by a rusty saw.

Plus everybody online is either crabby, bitchy, stubborn, depressed, pathetic, upset, crying, or some combination thereof.

I don’t know what the fuck is up, but this morning I’m going to go see Step Brothers and hopefully it will be funny.

Go give Nina condolences and have a good Friday, fuckers.

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48 Replies to “Aw, fuck it.”

  1. Deb on the Rocks

    I’m in such a fucking awesome mood I should be afraid something dreadful is about to happen, but it hasn’t, so I’m hanging with the happy. I suggest cranking that AC so cold that you need to sleep under the weight of 6 blankets. It will bring you some Alpine cheer. Fuck, I almost burst into the Sound of Music theme. See? What the fuck is wrong with me?

  2. Jay

    I went to see The Dark Knight today (loved it) and they showed the trailer for Step Brothers in the previews. I didn’t think it looked all that funny. I used to laugh and laugh and laugh at Will Farrell, but lately he’s getting on my nerves. Maybe it’s just me though.

    Yay for cold air!

  3. SJ

    I must be pathetic, because I’m not any of the others. And I’m totally loving my new A/C unit! Way better than the old one.

    Sleep well in your blissfully cool house.

  4. penny

    I’m with you on the headache, except I have 3 rusty spikes in my head. Surprisingly, it hasn’t made me crabby or bitchy. Although if I didn’t have AC, I would probably be one crabby bitch.

  5. Crys

    hey bitch! i ain’t crabby!

    in fact i made a whole video about how much i loved and cared about everybody but i didn’t look awesome enough in it so i scrapped it. it’s all about me, Adam, k?

  6. Crystal

    A friend of mine says that the movie is one of the raunchiest, funniest movies he’s seen in a long time. Like Amanda, I think Ferrel’s bit is getting old and overdone, and even *I* wanted to to see it based on the red-line trailer.

  7. hello haha narf

    i’m a happy girl. even did the happy girl wiggle last night over beers. how can one be bitchy or cranky or upset or crying when there was a jimmy buffett show this week that took me outta the office for two days?

    wait. did you just call me pathetic? fucker!

  8. Gwen

    I am neither crabby, bitchy, stubborn, depressed, pathetic, upset, crying, or some combination thereof. I’m a little tired, but oh-so-glad it’s Friday and that you have AC again.

    I hope SB is as good as it looks. I’ve got tix to Dark Knight on Sunday otherwise I’d be seeing it.

  9. Hoosier Girl

    Man, there must be something in the Internet airwaves today, or maybe it’s the cell phone lines, ’cause everyone I know is crabby too. Ugh.

    So glad you have AC again. Tell us if the movie is any good. I really loved those two in “Talladega Nights”.


  10. RW

    I’m reading the comments from your commenters and wondering what the fuck everyone is talking about. WHO’S CRABBY DAMMIT?! Bull, there’s no hormones and crab getting dished anywhere I’m going. AND DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING SAY IT IS!!

  11. Maria

    I’m not any of those things. I’m on top of the flipping world! 😀

    I’m going to see X Files & Step Brothers today. They’d better be good. Or I’ll leave in the middle of each and sneak into The Dark Knight.

  12. Em

    Why, at the age of 35 is this the first time I’ve noticed that theaters play movies in the MORNING? People actually go to the movies in the morning? You have breakfast… and then go to the MOVIES? Do they sell popcorn that early?

  13. Lisa

    Let me think about this combination for a minute. Could I ever be: crabby, bitchy, stubborn, depressed, upset, crying? Me? Never!!!

    I also have a nose that is growing by the inch as I type.

    Notice I left out “pathetic”. :finger:

    I’m glad that you FINALLY got the air conditioning fixed. I was starting to feel guilty for sleeping with blankets each night this week.

    Please let us know how the movie was because my girlfriend wants to see Momma Mia tomorrow and I forgot this movie came out today.

  14. Stephanie

    I’ve got that same fucking headache…and I’m one of the bitchy/crabby ones, because I just walked around an outdoor event in 90 degree weather for 6 hours and I am one sweaty, achy beyotch.

    Glad your a/c is going again, hope you kick that headache.

  15. maman

    You are freaking me out… Our AC went out just before we left for vacation… and I have gotten way too used to the cool temperature these hot house flowers around here require.

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