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Fantastic Waste of Time

I’ve been addicted to this game recently. One of the cooler physics puzzle games out there.

Play at your own risk, as long as you don’t mind spending hours of time. And it’s totally worth buying the full version for the player levels.

Fantastic Contraption

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26 Replies to “Fantastic Waste of Time”

  1. Crys

    Hello Adam. I heart you right in your butt parts.

    In other news, this new comment thing, which is startling me, keeps eating my comments. Have you blocked me, is that it? We’re over now? You’re off the juice? You’re off the love? Well ok, I can accept that. I don’t want to but I will. I’ll do yoga and drink coffee and yes, I’ll cry right there in the middle of that sucktown coffee shop. It’ll be sucktown because anywhere without you? That’s a town that sucks

  2. Sybil Law

    Crystal’s comment made me laugh. Hahaha
    And thanks for giving me something to waste my time. I seriously don’t do that enough as it is. :poke:
    (Actually, my house is sparkling and my errands are mostly run so I can actually waste some time. Thanks!)

  3. Lisa

    I’m afraid to look because it’s 12:37 pm and I’m still in bed, in pajamas. I need to get out of bed and if I look it will give me an excuse to play games until 3:00 pm.

    You could call me lazy because of the time and pajama factor because I have no excuse today.

    Well, my ear hurts.

  4. Em

    A physics puzzle? Um… I think I’ll pass. Not that I’m not smart enough to enjoy physics puzzles or anything… I just have more important physics related activities to attend to.

  5. hollydolly

    um…i only have 2 and a half minutes of day left after blogging. this *looks* like it will take more than that…

    i have been listening to your podcasts. nice. and am i deranged, or has someone else mentioned you sound a bit like gil grishom (it’s too late at night for me to recall or google the man’s real name).

  6. Evil Genius

    Cool, I can’t wait to try out this exciting new…wait…did you say it’s a PHYSICS game? Oh, crap. I thought you said it was a psychic game. I thought maybe I was gonna learn how to bend spoons or make books fly through the air or spontaneously combust or something.

    Damn. And I went and got my hopes up.

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