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Can I exchange July for another month?

Our AC is finally fixed, but that was only after the last two weeks consisted of having the AC company come out five different times to continue to fix it and waiting a period of 4-6 business days for a part to be delivered. How the fuck can a part take that long to be delivered? I can order something from Japan that will be here tomorrow, but the piece I need to keep from sweating my ass off in 94 degree weather has to be hand-delivered by Pony Express? Was it being manufactured to order by amputees in China using only their feet?

My head hurts. And not just a headache. But a HEADACHE. It wraps around my head and won’t go away, even when I sleep.

Business is slow. July’s always a slow month, but it’s killing me this year. I’m always stressed when our sales aren’t at the level I’d like, but this is just compounding all the other shit that July’s given me.

Everybody’s tempers seem to be flaring. Some of the recent drama has died down, but recently it’s just been nothing but people being angry and upset and frustrated and short and terse.

I feel like I don’t have the time to do the hundred or so projects that I’ve been working on. I have an announcement for the Halloween party that I’ve been wanting to make for over a month, but I still have to wait on someone before I can do that, and it’s very frustrating.

Everything just makes me want to punch something.

Anybody want to exchange a shitty July for a bright new shiny August?

If that didn’t tantalize you with regards to my mood, just wait until tonight. For our fourth episode of “Clearly, you’re retarded”, Britt and I will be verbally sparring with our fleshy mouth swords at 9 PM EST on Talkshoe. The topic tonight is PORN, which is a topic very dear to my heart. C’mon and listen in – it will be fun! You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!

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54 Replies to “Can I exchange July for another month?”

  1. Grant

    May I turned a year older, June I got sick, July I spent in recovery and receiving hospital bills, and I hate August for the heat. Can I trade you all those for double Octobers – Decembers. I’ll throw in an IMAX ticket for The Dark Knight.

  2. cris

    I have grown to hate summer months with a passion that can only be understood by the hairy overweight set. Add to the fact that I am so freakin bald I can’t even say Hi to anybody in direct sunlight without the top of my head beginning to turn deep purple and then peeling like the ugly outcast in a leper colony.

    not that I’m one to complain.

  3. suze

    What is it with everyone’s July being a suckfest? Sorry yours was awful too…

    But, Yay! Bright shiny new August only two days away. Which means I’m three days away from a month off work, which means August is already the best month of the year…

  4. penny

    Ugh. My sales have been down this month, too. Next month will be better sales wise because I have an extra project I’m starting tomorrow but that means I have to drive a lot. And I never look forward to that.

    But I am treating myself by taking time off work to go to the drive-in the next 2 weekends which means I get a total of 4 movies for $12. Not including popcorn.

  5. Crystal

    Around here, July was pretty bad (even worse if you were moving out of your apartment, as we were), and I’m dreading August’s notoriously humid days.

    And I can’t even walk around naked, because I’m living in my mother’s basement, with the threat of her coming downstairs at any moment.

  6. Poppy

    Christmas in July was a good day… I don’t want to exchange July for August, thanks, but I wouldn’t mind if August arrived. 😀

    Your cure: Excedrin and a nice, stiff Diet Coke with citrus. Oh, and a piece of cake.

  7. Crys

    i’m sorry, sweetheart. you’re right, it has kind of been sucky on the blogosphere, but we’re all still here, sticking it out together. that’s cool, right?

    what’s not cool is heat. that kind of persistent heat can make anybody homicidal. you should go to The Four Seasons (and take me) and order martinis (for me) and crab cakes (i’ll share) and people watch (with me). people are so preposterous; it lifts my spirits every time!

    i have nine whole popemobiles filled with dead popes and Jesus in my HEART and they’re all for YOU.

  8. Em

    Aww…that sucks. Headaches are definitely no fun. If it makes you feel any better (although I doubt it will) when I moved into my new house our a/c didn’t work for a week… with average temps of 105 in July here, 94 sounds downright cool.

  9. Shelli

    It will all work out. I understand hot and headache, though, so I empathize. Come hang out in my corner of the ‘net–it’s cool (temperature) dark and quiet (great for headaches). No one hates anyone over there. Of course, I should really put up a new post…I’ll work on that.

  10. Gwen

    oh! oh! Me! I do! July has been THE SHITTIEST MONTH EVER! Can we be done now? There’s still today and tomorrow and I’m worried that it’s saving something big for the very end. Honestly, I can’t handle it right now, my nerves are shot to hell.

  11. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    The only thing I like about July is, um, well, I guess extra day off of work for the 4th. Other than that, I’ll gladly throw in a vote to just nix this month completely. I feel like it’s been July for a year or so.

    The perfect headache cure? A freezing cold coke, a cigarette and three extra strength tylenol.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to make the show tonight!

  12. bluepaintred

    try this one on for size. during an average Saskatchewan summer, we will experience 79 severe weather events. So far this summer – read : JULY we have had 117 severe weather events.

    I agree, July sucks, bring on August!

  13. martymankins

    I understand the complaint about waiting for a part. And as you said, I can order something from Japan and have it shipped overnight, but a common part takes 4-6 days? I experienced the same fucking wait times with my scooter. One part. Don’t understand one bit.

    Oh, and August starts tomorrow.

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