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So. Exhausted.

Two words, people:

Monkey Box.

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41 Replies to “So. Exhausted.”

  1. Avitable

    Hello, oh yeah? Chocolate. Body. Cream!

    Amanda, someday you will.

    BPR, I love ice cream for breakfast.

    Summer, monkeys are cool!

    Steph, only if they’re angry.

    Jay, ooh, good thinking.

    Penny, pheasant buttress.

    Libragirl, that’s why you need monkeys who clean themselves.

    NYCWD, you’re missing out.

    Delmer, box is usually a vagina.

    Britt, me?

    BE Earl, orangutang clamtrap.

    Finn, I was too exhausted for that.

    Poppy, I’m perfectly clear if you know what I’m talking about.

    SinisterDan, it doesn’t break any quantum theories, if that’s what you’re asking.

    Dragon, with poo flinging?

    Crystal, FACT: bears eat beets.

    RW, I’m fap-free.

    Paticus, how’d you guess.

    Maria, something I did last night.

    TrishK, I actually didn’t mean TheMonkeyBox – I’d never heard of that site!

    Sybil, you might see someday.

    BTDT, no, I didn’t.

    Hilly, you want one too?

  2. Donnie

    Monkeys don’t box…they club the shit out of each other with tree branches and throw coconuts at each other. They fling their poo at humans.

    I guess this could be a way of calling your cat…other names for vaginas: monkey, box, pussy…monkey box…pussy pussy…kitty kitty…WTF?

    I’m stumped. :dunce:

  3. Avitable

    Sybil, actually, we aren’t really doing anything like that – it was just accidental.

    Nina, *hugs*

    Robin, it might end well with the monkey.

    Turnbaby, I guess you’ll just have to come to Florida.

    Cajun, are you a Wicked Witch?

    Donnie, it’s just something I’m working on. No surprised yet, though.

  4. Avitable

    TrishK, oh, I am being cryptic!

    Tracy, hah!

    HG, nope – it was something you’d never guess.

    Mrs. RW, exactly!

    Heather, you’re the one person I wouldn’t argue quantum physics with!

    LMSS, hmm….

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