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Such a cocktease

I know I said this months or years ago, but I’m very close to an announcement about the Halloween party, and it will be a big one! I was waiting on a third party and they finally came through, so I can finish up what needs to be done and get all of you excited about coming.

The savvy blogger may be able to find proof of some of my Halloween preparations somewhere on the Internet. It’s not on my Flickr, it’s not on Twitter, but I’ve put some hints on a site that I have linked here in the past.

If you can’t figure it out, just be patient and you’ll see the big reveal very, very soon. I promise!

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32 Replies to “Such a cocktease”

  1. Lisa

    I’ve been waiting because I can get EXCELLENT prices on airline tickets right now and one of my parental units has volunteered to pay for them!!!

    Need details.

    Wait, I remember that you posted the details through some kind of e-vite thingie.

  2. heartache heartburn

    Ok. A Halloween party. Sound intriguing. I haven’t celebrated Halloween in years for one reason or another, but I could make an exception. Except I already have plans and they have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. Oh hell…there’s always next year!

  3. Avitable

    BTDT, genius!

    Sybil, I’ll reveal it soon enough.

    BE Earl, suuuure.

    Lisa, November 1 is the party date. You can fly into Sanford Airport or Orlando International.

    Thursday’s Child, start saving now!

    Dave2, don’t call me Shirley.

    Winter, your birthday is Halloween? Cool.

    Hilly, that doesn’t surprise me.

    Lisa, nice job finding it!

    Sarah, you can put together a road trip to come.

    Heartache, it’s too bad.

    NYCWD, it’s sad that beasttube shut down.

    Todd, how did you guess?

    Poppy, there are many of them. And it’s “animal love”.

    Britt, bitch.

    Jenni, on the Avitaplane!

    Finn, such a tease!

    Hello, I do – if you have a decent size picture of yourself as a kid, email it to me.

    Turnbaby, no surprises there!

    Whall, you’ve figured out my nefarious plan!

    Metalmom, shh.

    TMP, it’s what I do best.

    Shelli, that WAS a whine!

    Robin, you could start planning now, ya know.

    TrishK, wayyyy before that!

    Dragon, vacation should be a think-free zone.

    Clown, I blame you!

    HG, we should just set up camping in our backyard.

    Heather, girls don’t know the pain of blue balls.

    Stephanie, totally.

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