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Do people read blogs on Saturdays?

You’d think that the weekend would be the time when more people read blogs. They’re more likely to have free time and be sitting down to check personal email, catch up on things, pay bills, etc. But Saturdays have always been the day that I get the lowest traffic.

Anyways, just as an experiment, I’d just like to see who reads on Saturday. If you’re a regular reader or even a lurker or someone who usually doesn’t comment because there are too many comments or you don’t think I’d care about your opinion, it’s okay. I won’t bite. Leave a quick note and let me know that you were here. It will help me to decide if I’m going to keep posting every weekend or not.

While you’re doing that, you can also do a little good for somebody else. On September 21, a fellow blogger, Debangel, is running the Boulder Backroads Marathon in Boulder, CO to raise money for the Lungevity Foundation, which is the only organization in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to funding lung cancer research. She’s doing it for her mother, a non-smoker who died of lung cancer at the young age of 53.

Do you know anyone who’s suffered from lung cancer? Do you want to help? Just go here to find out more information:

Finally, for those of you who know and read the lovely and talented Nina, she’s having a tough time right now and could use some support, whether it’s moral, financial, or otherwise. Go show her some love.

And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the answer to last week’s contest and my final contest!

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128 Replies to “Do people read blogs on Saturdays?”

  1. cri

    heya. im one of those doesnt comment because so. many. comments. thing. but ya. i read on saturdays. what i want to know is if i just read it in my feed reader does ithat mean that you dont get my traffic.


    p.s. its very hard to type while holding an icecream sandwich

  2. DebbieS

    Av, you’re the best for plugging my mom’s fund! For you, I might even be willing to do the race in nothing but my running shoes. Hey, $50 a head *not* to see the video…a great fund-raising idea, no??

    I read you every day! I would be bummed not to see anything new on Saturdays. You’re like that extra-cool corner store that’s actually open late when you’re craving a snack 😛 So, no weekend for you!!

  3. cajunvegan

    I do read your blog and all of my other favorites on Saturdays and Sundays (usually my catch up time during the school year), but it is still Friday night here. Typically, I try to keep it light on the weekend on my own blog by completing another freaking meme on one of the days. BTW, I also seem to get more traffic Monday – Friday.

    Dude, I’ve been meaning to ask: how do I get my avatar on your blog?

  4. Jay

    Put me down as one of the no life people who read blogs on weekends too.

    I guess so many people don’t read or post on Saturday because they do all their blogging when they are on the clock at work.

    What’s the deal with people who don’t comment on a blog just because there are so many comments there already? I don’t understand that at all.

  5. Sarah

    I read whenever something new pops up in my feed reader. Usually you pop up when it’s still Friday night and I get Sunday’s post on Saturday and so on. I always feel one step ahead.

    But when I’m in school I usually do all my reading/commenting on the weekends unless I have a light work week.

  6. Kirsten

    I try to read on weekends. It all depends on what sort of plans my husband has made that he doesn’t tell me about until I wake up on Saturday afternoons. If there are no plans or just something going on later in the day, then I sit down in front of the computer for some very productive and enlightening blog surfing.

  7. Dan

    My page views go down on a saturday, but my comments tend to stay roughly the same.

    I read on saturdays and sundays, but might not have the same amount of time to comment as I’ve got the kids around swinging off my ear lobes.

  8. Aunt Robin

    I don’t have your basic 9 to 5. Weekends are just another weekday as far as I’m concerned. I read you every morning over coffee before work, usually right after I’ve caught up on the world news because by then I need something to smile about.

  9. Ashley

    I’m with Tracy, I obsessively check my reader every day, especially Saturdays, though. That’s when I work and generally have plenty of time to check and recheck everything.

  10. always home and uncool

    I read on Saturday but I have seen the same thing, traffic on weekends is always low. Shows how many peole are getting their bloggy on when they should be working. When I post something on a Saturday or Sunday, I usually let it stay up an extra day or two.

  11. shiny

    Due to it being the Jewish Sabbath, I regularly hire a blog-reading service which, for a nominal fee, reads and responds to my blogs for me purporting to be me. In fact, I feel that they are grossly underpaid and deserve a hefty raise.

  12. ~jtm

    :sexytime: Hey! I read everyday… well, most days….ok, everyday…sheesh, such pressure. But maybe if all the blogs I read took a weekend sabbatical I would find something more productive to do. I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a comment, tho. :loser:

  13. Turnbaby

    I read on weekends although I think Saturday’s a a ‘lighter’ traffic day in the summer. I’m going to be mixing things up with my posting now that I don’t have the show on Sundays.

    Anyway Hi Adam!


  14. martymankins

    I tend to check my feed reader and go through some of it, but normally on Saturday mornings before my wife wakes up (read: before coffee is ready). Then if I don’t already have the day packed with all sorts of chores or shopping trips to Lowe’s and the grocery store, then I check later on. I tend to Twitter more than I read blogs.

    I do put some work in my Scooter Sunday post for my blog, adding things I think of and want to post on.

  15. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Weekends are off and on for me. It depends on what I’m doing. Typically, I get the kids completely on my own (no evening help from Ty) during one day (giving him a full day off) and then I get the next day. That full weekend day to myself, I’m typically doing a craft project. So, it all depends if I feel like reading or not. I know. I’m waffling. 🙂

  16. Grant

    I’m reading on the weekend because I’m weak and unable to do much else. Normally I blog when I’m at work and am chained to the computer. Given my ‘druthers, on the weekend I’d rather do something else.

  17. Cris

    I am way too important and busy to be bothered with reading BLOGS on weekends. I like to spend time with my children and smelling the flowers after a hard work week of saving the world on a daily basis and… wait… what’s today?

    Awww Crap! OK So I read you on the weekends too! Screw you, I have no life!! Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Mona Mildew

    I sit and read blogs every single day and ignore everything else I am supposed to be doing. Kids have poptarts? Check! Cartoons on? Check!

    I’m one of those dillweeds that click on you multiple times a day even though I KNOW you only post once a day.

    But, I rarely comment because I am terribly insecure and think I am not really that funny and have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

  19. Linda

    Hey 🙂

    I read everyday – you crack me up.

    That’s not a request to see a pic of your hairy ass….

    No more contests? They were fun – no need for a prize.

  20. Robin

    It’s funny, I usually have more time on the weekends but I get distracted more than I do at work. There is probably something not right about that. I blog easier while at work because I need to be at the computer all day so I am kind of forced to focus.

  21. ScottieC

    <== long time lurker. I don’t generally read blogs on Saturday. Today is a fluke. So I would say go ahead and take weekends off. That being said, it looks as if you have a fairly large number of weekend readers, so what do I know?

  22. Mari

    ‘Bout the only time I don’t read is when you’ve got some video link that’s marked as nasty. I just don’t need the damn weasels scratching at my eyes anymore! :2girls:
    So yeah, you show up in my inbox and I read – as if by magic!

  23. barefoot writer

    I check my gReader everyday, unless I have something else to do. Um, yeah, everyday. My gReader on the weekends is like Christmas during the Depression, or atleast how I assume it was like then – so sad and empty.

    BTW, love your header (and so does my hubz)

    I’m going to go back to lurking now …

  24. Hoosier Girl

    Yes, I read blogs on weekends. During the school year, when I’m working, it’s the best time to catch up. I have learned, though, not to put a really important post on the weekend because a lot of people will miss it.


  25. Kris

    Not lung cancer, but I run at 82% lung capacity while ON meds and about 70% capacity when I’m not, so I’m all for the cause. I’ll go show some love. Will I get a free “personal massager” if I tell them Avitable sent me?

  26. Ioma

    I read blogs every day of the week. It doesn’t make a difference to me whether it’s a weekend or weekday. I work during the weekends, so I’m just as likely to be busy then as any other time.

  27. trishk

    I read on the weekends..and on Saturday. This last week has been bad and I haven’t been anywhere really.

    You are my first read, every morning…at 5:20 am..after I crack open my Diet Coke, take a sip..smoke a cig..even on Sat.

    (I think hubby might be getting jealous)

    But now it is Sunday am…

  28. hello haha narf

    normally i would have read yesterday, but i was so hungover that i didn’t have anything but water and sleep all day. anything else, including the glow of the monitor would have made me hurl.

    anyhow, normal weekends find me reading both saturday and sunday. coz i am addicted to you. and the insanity that you expose me to.

    :2girls: and :bukkake: and :cock:

    i love this place.

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