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Dirty poems by Adam

For your entertainment:

I once knew a blogger named Karl.
He kept all his semen in a jar.
When he ran out of juice,
He twisted the cap loose,
And drank it alone in his car.

There once was this girl named Sybil,
She acted so normal and civil,
But show her a dick,
And she changed right quick,
Into a pervert who’s quite mentally ill.

Britt, Hilly and Becky were drinking,
Some Scotch, vodka, and a pink thing.
They let fly with their boobs
Someone put it on Youtube
And now that’s all anyone’s been linking.

In New York is a blogger named Nina,
She’s too nice and needs to be meana,
When I send pics of my crotch,
She says, “Want to touch”,
And doesn’t make fun of my wiena.

There was this Frenchie I knew named Poppy,
She was cute and messy and sloppy,
A Dawg brought her home,
And gave her his bone,
And now her hair is just a bit gloppy.

Kapgar and RW – Chicago.
They went out looking for a cheap ho,
Instead they found Mocha,
Wearing a thong and a choker,
And spent hours eating her cocoa.

The Pacific Northwest has a cave,
Where you can find both Tracy and Dave.
They’re both a bit weird,
And should rightly be feared,
Unless you’re a kitten or puppy to save.

Amanda lives in Missourah,
She’s broke and kind of poorah,
I told her the plan
To put cash in her can
Is to become a high-class whorah.

AmyD is a vicious person at heart,
She’ll stab you and punch you to start,
And when you beg
She’ll kick you in the leg,
She has refined torture to an art.

I cannot forget Earl, Steph, or Jay,
Their comments always make my day.
But it gets kinda creepy,
When at night I get sleepy,
And dream about a big four-way.

There was this god named Avitable.
He was kind and holy and charitable.
He didn’t wear pants,
And his balls liked to dance,
If you want to join them, he’s feeling hospitable!

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43 Replies to “Dirty poems by Adam”

  1. Sybil Law

    :clap: :lmao:
    I once knew a man named Avitable
    Whose rhymes were not at all pitiful
    He liked to wear black
    and post pics of his sack
    with his camera that was digital.

    Mine? Not so good.
    Yours – awesome!

  2. Sarah

    Now I feel like I have to be witty because I was obviously left out of poem.

    There once was a girl name Sarah
    who decided she wanted some air-a
    so she hopped a plane
    told Adam he’s a pain
    and then went back home again-a

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, I can beta test if you want.

    Dave2, do not!

    Sybil, ha – I like yours!

    Blondefabulous, no, you should definitely go see how he tastes. I mean, meet him.

    Thursday’s Child, I could be presumptuous and pretend I know who that is. But I don’t.

    Mike, or a special type of madam.

    Jay, yup, with my beret and Van Dyke beard.

    Bossy, but you just wrote the best poem ever!

    BE Earl, yes, it’s a Stephanie.

    Sarah, again-a and air-a? Don’t quit your day job!

    Poppy, hahahaha! You know you laughed at “gloppy” though.

    Lisa, here you go:

    I once knew a blogger named Lisa,
    It wasn’t too hard to please her,
    A slice of cheesecake,
    Or two or four or eight,
    And through the doorway she wouldn’t be able to squeeze-ah.

    Hello, someday that love is going to explode out of you like a big ol’ gushing orgasm.

    Crystal, here’s one for you:

    A Hawaiian angel named Crystal,
    Was gorgeous and smart as a pistol,
    She is an avatar from on high
    Her angelic nature is nigh
    But she never quite learned how to whistle.

    Robin, sigh. All these whiners!

    There was this chick named Robin,
    Her breasts never needed boob-jobbin’.
    She was proud of her rack,
    Or, as they’re called, Jill and Jack,

    RW, c’mon, I’m a poet and I don’t know it!

    Turnbaby, a powerful image, no?

    Metalmom, I would have done one for you in the comments, too, but yours was so good!

    Britt, why do you hate me?

    SinisterDan, I try very hard to keep my filth level high.

    NYCWD, yes, we know. Sigh.

    Finn, where is this picture?

    Grant, what? This wasn’t tame?

    Willie G, ooh, I like yours better.

    RW, hah. Men have boobs.

    Sue, it’s good cold and salty.

    Delmer, no, that’s easy:

    I knew this tall fucker named Delmer,
    (Which is a name stranger than Velma)
    When he has time to spare,
    He bikes everywhere,
    And glues Lycra to his body with Elmer’s.

    Jozet, poetic license!

    Fiwa, well, I’d say it was about half-assed, personally.

    Heather, I love that one!

    Poppy, I know! I’m getting it from all sides! That’s what she said!

    Hoosier Girl, sigh.

    Hoosier Girl is a blogger who teaches,
    She likes truckers and manly men’s features,
    She likes a team called the Hoosiers,
    I don’t know if they’re winners or losers,
    But if you mock them, she’ll find you and eatcha.

    Stephanie, yes, that’s you.

    Karl, and that one was hilarious!

    Winter, karaoke, yes. Creepy poetry, no.

  4. whall

    (improper pronunciation required)

    There once was an Avitta-ball,
    Who slighted the great blog of whall
    He poem’ed him not,
    His stats went to shot
    Now nobody visits at all.

    (proper pronunciation now restored)

    This one big-ass doof named avitable
    Wrote poems so bad they were pitiful.
    Offending each one,
    (both done and not done)
    tittable, clitable, shitable.

    (SYSTEM NOTE: the last line of above limerick was automatically censored by this blog’s filth-o-meter to adhere to minimum offensive content standards)

    This guy that I know has 2 dicks
    He’s homo and ain’t into chicks
    He’s got two gay buds,
    named Phillip and Studz.
    Their 3-ways are actually six.

    The great blog of whall is now open.
    and whall is just sittin’ there hopin’
    that y’all come and visit
    Ifyaneed more, what is it?
    Gratuitous lickin’ and gropin’??!?

    You think you’re so highly regarded.
    (I hope this news isn’t discarded)
    But Adam Avitable
    and hottie Miss Brittable:
    You both are so Clearly Retarded.

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