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Derek Jeter Body Wash

A blogger friend, Sodapop, recently decided to become an Avon rep. I thought I’d check out the online store and see if there was anything I could buy to show a little support.

First off, I was very surprised that they had a men’s section at all. Who knew? Secondly, they have some neat gadgets, ala Sharper Image, and I had no idea their product catalog was that big.

My final surprise was the body wash that they had. Derek Jeter’s Body Wash. Now, I don’t know who Derek Jeter is, but I think he’s some type of athlete, and it’s a ballsy move to sell a body wash that is reminiscent of a nasty smelling athlete. So I just had to try some.

Here is the video of my experience. And if you’re looking for any products or gadgets or just shopping for little gift, why not go check out Soda’s Avon Store?

(Here’s a link if you can’t see it embedded).

The prognosis for Derek Jeter Body Wash is pretty decent. It smells a bit like Brut or one of those Axe body washes, but it’s much milder, so you don’t get that overpowering musk like you took a bath in Old Spice. I lean towards fruitier and chocolatey body washes usually, so I don’t know if it’s exactly what I’d like to get on a regular basis, but I’m pretty happy with it. You should give it a try.

(This was not a paid advertisement. I just wanted an excuse to use my video camera for a video post and take it in the shower.)

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53 Replies to “Derek Jeter Body Wash”

  1. Stephanie

    I think Derek Jeter is an ice skater. Or a sumo wrestler.

    So he smells like schweaty balls, I would imagine. Therefore what Britt said was a compliment…you don’t smell like Derek Jeter.


    I am imagining that NYC Watch Dog is doing this right now :banghead:

    As you were.

  2. Kelley

    I don’t think I have ever watched anyone take a shower before. Your mamma would be proud, washing behind your ears and everything.

    So stray dogs smelling your balls now? Apparently that is a sign of good body wash.

  3. RockDog

    Great commercial. I went and bought a bottle of the blue in hopes that someday I will smell like a multimillion dollar star of New York!…and now that the neighbors think that I listen to “I Touch MySelf” when I first wake up should make the next block party more interesting…it’s a Win – Win for everyone!

    You ROCK!

  4. Stephanie

    After perusing the comments, is it just me or do Amanda and Sybil Law look like the same woman? Or sisters?

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was the shower scene doesn’t count because we can’t be sure you washed Mr. Peterman and his associates.

    Do over. :cock:

  5. Undomestic Diva

    Blog Comment Taboo: Comment has nothing to do with your post… BUT, had to comment because, I shit you not, I had a dream last night that I was in a grocery store parking lot and I passed a beat up, ghetto-ass cadillac with a license plate that read: MISS BRITT (I know, too many characters… it was a dream) and so I screeched to a halt, hung my head out the window and there you were with MISS BRITT. And I was like hey! Miss Britt! Avitable! and you guys were all DUDE! Undomestic Diva! and then I woke up.


  6. delmer

    I think Jeter might be an athlete of some sort. I lack the give-a-shit-about-sport gene, but that sounds right.

    I think he might own a chain of Taco restaurants too. Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole? It seems I saw a commercial for them one night on SNL … and then a few months later on the rerun.

  7. TSM

    Britt was totally reading my blog. Awesome.

    And what’s wrong with Brut? I love that stuff! Hubby never wears any of that stuff. Except deodorant. So I sneak in a smelly one that will have the appearance that he is wearing some kind of cologne. Sigh.

  8. hello haha narf

    i feel like i should call amy and apologize for showering with you. “it just happened. i didn’t mean to do it, but i couldn’t help myself.”

    we have totally different shower habits. i have to start at the top, with shampoo and conditioner. shave while i wait for conditioner to work. after rinsing, i get a fresh washcloth and lather up with regular old soap. wash face, then work my way down. (after the washcloth has touched my feet that sucker hits the laundry. blech. i don’t know how you use those poofy things.)

    why is drunk girl rambling about showers? hmmmm? ount know. peace. hehe

  9. Stephanie

    Holy shit. I forgot you weren’t doing Sunday posts anymore, or not as often, or whatever the hell you said.

    Dammit. I come here expecting teh funny….loaded up on wine & Sprite…and I get…nothing.

    Why!?!?! Why do you have to live your own life Adam?!?!?! Dammit.

    I feel so alone. So vulnerable..naked..and alone.

  10. Stephanie

    And to reward myself and to make myself feel better…I am now indulging in a Double Chocolate Fudge Sippable Sundae from Steak ‘n Shake.

    7,496 calories worth of chocolate.
    At 12:50 a.m.
    After drinking 2 glasses of wine.

    I’m so hot.

  11. Jessica

    Love the soundtrack. During the beginning of the video, you were talking about the body wash and I thought, ‘God, why doesn’t he just get in the damn shower already?’ I’m becoming more blase about your nudity.

    I get moisturizer and cleanser from Avon, because my skin is super sensitive and I can’t use most regular cleansers. Go Avon!

  12. othurme

    Adam – You’re an axe man….so that’s why the chicks dig you so hard.

    Hellohahanarf – I don’t think I’m stepping on anyone’s toes here by saying that you’re welcome to copy this post anytime you like.

  13. Avitable

    Stephanie, why would I know that?

    Sybil, my dick might.

    Amanda, is the the one with the white ball and stick?

    Jay, probably!

    Whall, an inadvertent pun!

    Gwen, I have shows thrice daily where I shower.

    Janna, she’s a funny fucker.

    Winter, at least I didn’t drop the soap.

    Penny, you should get on that!

    Kelley, I don’t want strays smelling my crotch!

    DB, you’re turned on, aren’t you?

    Crystal, I don’t know!

    RockDog, sounds like we definitely all win.

    Hallie, well, you could make me cookies!

    Sodapop, anytime!

    Britt, I was trying to make you seem less cunty!

    Maria, but were you dancing too?

    Turnbaby, at least I didn’t ask her to smell my penis.

    NYCWD, I think that Axe stuff is too strong smelling.

    Lisa, and aroused?

    Suebob, rawr.

    Angie, I used body wash for the junk, face wash for my face, and shampoo for the beard.

    Dragon, why? Does he smell bad?

    EG, now you should take a shower and send the video to me!

    Robin, actually the steam was really bad so it was a cold shower. I had shrinkage.

    Stephanie, I don’t think they look alike at all in reality. And I always scrub my groin vigorously.

    Undomestic Diva, I think that’s a sex dream.

    Delmer, same here – I don’t care about sports at all.

    BE Earl, I smell like Jessica Biel, too!

    Faiqa, it’s on Youtube, so you know it’s safe!

    TSM, was she? Bitch was supposed to be working. And I only wear deodorant. Aftershave and cologne are unnecessary and make no sense.

    VW, are you sure you’re not my wife?

    Hello, you have a lot more hair, too. I can’t stand washcloths.

    e. Craig, stick around for my view of “Lil’ Tyke Enemas”.

    Poppy, who what now?

    Stephanie, mmmm, now I want Steak and Shake! And I just got behind in replying.

    Sybil, I posted, just late.

    Jessica, you should order it through Sodapop! And I’m guessing that since you’re blase, I can start sending you naked pictures via email?

    Othurme, I like those Nivea commercials that show an actual adult saying “Oh, good, it doesn’t smell like ass. This is the body wash I’d rather have.”

  14. J.O.

    This is almost totally off topic but you did mention chocolate.
    A friend saw something on food network that I want to try but wondered if you have tried it and if so is it good?
    Chocolate covered bacon

  15. *pixie*

    Oh, and at J.O.โ€”I’ve had the chocolate bacon bar that Voseges (or something like that) sells. It’s interesting. The bacon is small, smoked, and salty and marries nicely with the milk chocolate.

    I wouldn’t crave it, but I wouldn’t pass it up if offered to me again. My husband LOVED it.

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