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I don’t post on Sundays anymore.

The Halloween party is less than two months away, and you’re all invited. For more information, go to the Halloween page at It has all of the details you’ll need, including:

The raffle tickets! Three lucky people will win t-shirts, and one lucky person is going to win a roundtrip plane ticket to Orlando for the party. We’re only 19 tickets away from selling enough tickets to give away the prize. The raffle ends in three weeks, so go buy your tickets now!

T-shirts! We have an exclusive T-shirt design by Dave2 from Blogography, along with designs by local artists, including myself. A percentage of each T-shirt sale goes to the Halloween Party fund, and gives you a chance to be a part of the hugest celebration of the year, even if you can’t go!

Hotel information! We have special prices for a nearby hotel, but the rooms need to be reserved soon. There’s shuttle service to and from the party, and a reserved block of rooms just for the party.

Child photos! As part of an interactive element of the Halloween photos, I need photos of you as a kid or young teen. A few people are waiting on SASEs, and those are on the way. If you want an envelope to send it to me, I’ll scan it and send it right back. Otherwise, scan it and email it to me at my first name (adam) at my last name (avitable) dot com.

RSVP! I’d like to know who might be coming, so please go visit the Halloween page and use the comments on that page to let me know. It will be a big help.

If you’re not interested in the Halloween party, here are two new T-shirts I designed:

Anal sex isn't cheating. shirt

Anal sex isn’t cheating.


Make a Custom Shirt On

Sarah Palin is a feminist? shirt

Sarah Palin is a feminist?


Design a Customized Shirt At zazzle
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22 Replies to “I don’t post on Sundays anymore.”

  1. Christie

    Funny shirts 🙂

    Of course if I had aborted my children and (unhappily) made the choice to work outside the home maybe I’d be a real feminist.

    Unfortunately I’m not aloud to be the Liberal I am *and* be a mom. Oh hell no, that’d just make the world explode now wouldn’t it?


  2. martymankins

    Well if Lisa only comments on Sundays, then so can I.

    Anal sex isn’t cheating? ok then… add that to the “Hand Jobs aren’t considered cheating” and “Muff diving isn’t cheating” mantras and we’ve got another option. WooHoo!

  3. Greg Barbera

    I’m from CSI, have you ever received an email from a girl named Kelly who claims she is from Kentucky and likes to end comments with “everyday’s a party and y’all r invited!”

    sorry to have to approach you this way.

  4. Avitable

    Stephanie, it is scary here on Sundays. Like a ghost town.

    BE Earl, I think we all just learned something very interesting about you.

    Sarah, cool! Don’t forget to email me a naked picture picture of you as a kid or a teen.

    Winter, I want to sell millions of them!

    Penny, oh, everybody knows that oral sex is never cheating.

    Mocha, Sunday is a good day to think about butt sex.

    Hello, damn skippy.

    Em, it also means that a virgin who’s only done anal is still a virgin.

    Sybil, I think your kid picture is probably okay.

    Christie, oh, it has nothing to do with her being a mom. You can be a feminist and be a mom. You cannot, however, say that you’re a feminist if you actually oppose women’s rights.

    Lisa, see? I’m trying to help by making it easier for you.

    Marty, oral sex isn’t, either.

    Wayne, it will be fun, even if you aren’t going to come to the party.

    Greg, but does she have anal sex?

    Kevin, then absolutely buy one!

    John, I know, I’m a clever motherfucker.

    Manager Mom, I think you should. I’m guessing that she’s a Republican?

  5. Poppy

    I RSVPd already, stop fucking telling me to do it again. (HEHEHE.)

    I bought the shirt I’m gonna buy, but might buy the short-sleeve, but don’t nag me. 😛

    Got the hotel squared away.

    Got my raffle tickets a long time ago.

    Child photo —– STILL IN VERMONT. Will get it to you a sufficiently short amount of time after we go get my stuff.

    Um… was there something else?

    Ok, then.

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