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I don’t care about 9/11.

This post is reprinted from 9/11/06, when it was entitled “It’s just another fucking Monday.”

I don’t care about 9/11.

This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a tragedy. It was. But I think that the approximately 3,000 US killed and 100,000 Iraqi deaths in the invasion and occupation of Iraq since then is a much larger tragedy. I think that the 230,000 people killed by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean is a much larger tragedy. But do a single one of you remember the date that happened? (It’s December 26, 2004). I think it’s a bigger tragedy when our own citizens commit murder against each other, whether it’s through a terrorist act, a race-inspired crime, or just plain old homicide.

I’m not un-American. But I’m also aware that we’re one country out of 243. And the tragedies that befall people in the at least 220 out of those 243 on a daily basis make 9/11 look like nothing.

Additionally, I hate what America has become since 9/11. “Nine Eleven” has become an excuse for racism, discrimination, stripping our civil liberties, and has caused more hatred for Americans and the US than existed prior to the attacks. George Bush, who has blundered and stumbled through the presidency, has started events that affect us all in the name of “fighting terrorism”. Have we seen any good effect from this? No. Will we ever? I seriously doubt it.

When I think of 9/11, I don’t think of the people who died on that day. I think of all the negative things that have happened since then. I think of TSA scrambling to make flying a bigger hassle without providing any additional sense of security or faith in their ability to prevent a damned thing. I think of the President listening to the conversations of millions of Americans. I think of a conservative shift of this nation that alienates significant percentages of our population. I think about moving to Canada.

I don’t get weepy on 9/11. I don’t feel a twinge in my heart when I think about the towers coming down. I can watch the two films capitalizing on the attacks without getting the slightest bit emotional. I have never once felt teary or upset or the slightest bit concerned about what happened. I’m not happy that this happened, either – don’t misread my intentions as joy about the attacks. They were despicable acts, but they happened, and we reacted poorly and rashly, without thoughts to the consequences.

If you had a friend whose wife died in a senseless car accident caused by a drunk driver, how would you suggest that person cope? Would you suggest that they start killing every drunk driver, every person who is drinking and might possibly be driving, and every bar for selling alcohol? Would you want them to hold vigils every year where she died and keep their lives stagnant, mourning forever? Or would you want them to have a grieving period and move on? Enjoy the fact that they are alive and healthy and live their lives to the fullest?

Most people in the US are sheep. Stupid, aimless sheep who need someone to lead them. These are the types of people who need laughtracks to know when something is funny, who forward emails that say Target is a French company who hates Americans or that Obama is a radical Muslim who’s going to make us into a socialist country, who hop on bandwagons as fast as the media can feed them reasons to get frenzied about something, whether it’s Myspace or video games or obscenity or abortion. 9/11 is something for sheep to follow, and I think that people who sit down and actually think about it – really stop following the hype and hysteria and rhetoric – will realize that our goal should be prevention of another 9/11 in the future. Not through warmongering and oil chasing. Not through spying on our own country. Not through quasi-fascist govermental actions, far right religious pundits, far left liberal political correctness, or blind ignorance. But through understanding, acceptance of all religions, orientations, races, and cultures, and embracing the idea that the US cannot and should not capitalize on a tragedy and shit on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In conclusion:

Fuck 9/11. Fuck the president. Fuck the senseless deaths from the war on Iraq. And fuck you.

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62 Replies to “I don’t care about 9/11.”

  1. Willie G

    I have read this post several times since it was originally posted. There is so much venom that could be released in response. Our great country allows us the freedom to express our opinions. It also gives us the right to be silent.

    ……. wgf

  2. Andria and Co.

    I’m the asshole writing a tear-filled post.

    I agree. I lived in small-town moronsville back then, and saw how racism ripped through the town, projecting towards the Indian and Muslim population. Actually, anyone with darker skin.

    And everyone wonders why I moved so damn far away.

  3. KAT

    When I think of 9/11, I think of the fact that my evil step-dad was supposed to be on one of those airplanes, but overslept, and what a shame it was that he missed his flight.

    Just to be honest.

  4. Lynda

    Honestly, I think the people who it affects the most are the ones who lost or are missing loved ones, or were apart of it. It doesn’t even occur to me until I read some blog entry or see something in the news about it. For me, October 22 has more meaning, because that is the day my sister died. And as her family, we do hold a vigil of sorts by walking in Relay For Life in her name. As for 9/11, I have to agree with a lot of what you said, though seeing footage still makes me sad for the people who had to go through it on that day.

  5. Selma

    This day makes me feel bad for the people who were lost but also for victims of atrocity and terrorism all over the world who for the most part are ignored by the media. I had a cab-driver the other day who was from Iraq who told me ten members of his family had died since the US invaded his country. Ten family members! It didn’t even rate a mention in the local press. That is so tragic.

  6. Janna

    You are SO right!
    I also despise what we’ve become after 9/11, and I agree that the current administration has brazenly used it as pitiful excuse to commit serious crimes.

    I love how you’re able to just come right out and say all this, without fear of being hated for it. And, sadly, there are a lot of nuts in this country who would hate you for saying it. Or they’d accuse you of some balderdash like “being un-American.”

    Hopefully none of them read your blog. 😉

    I pink puffy heart you, Avitable.

  7. Miss Britt

    I think it’s OK to get weepy. I think it’s OK to be sad for all of the people who died just going about their daily lives. And the people who died because they purposely put themselves in harms way.

    Being said for a tragedy that we watched – that touched so many people we know personally – does not take away from other tragedies in the world.

    Sadness is not a competition.

  8. Turnbaby


    I’m angry that more people have died because some rich old white guys decided they had a perfect way to get richer and GWB needed to prove his dick was bigger than his daddy’s.

    I’m angry that I have a 26 YEAR OLD client who is so traumatized by his time as am MP in Baghdad that he is PERMANENTLY DISABLED. At 26. With a 3 year old child. And for what?

    I am angry that there is an old man wanting to send yet more people to die dressing up his campaign with a freakish extremist and calling it change.

    I am angry that there will be people who look at those who question government and say we are ‘Un-American’ when the sad truth is that being ‘AMERICAN” is ALL about being ABLE to question the fucking government when they are fucking up!

    *shew* Wow–that feels better.

    Thank you sugar.

  9. always home and uncool

    And I also bet you don’t wear a flag pin on your lapel, you commie bastard.

    Good for you.

    And rather than just putting a hold on negative ads today, McCain and Obama should stay away from “Ground Zero” completely in a stand against using a terrible event as a political statement.

  10. Faiqa

    This is a very provocative post. Or do I mean evocative? Probably both. Ironically, if I had posted this post on my blog, I would probably be festering in a cell in Guantanamo Bay tomorrow.

    Since 9/11, the following has happened to me or my family:
    – My parents, residents of the US for over 30 years, were detained at every international port of entry for over an hour for about three years after 9/11
    – My husband’s academic records have been under subpoena (you’re the lawyer, how do you use that term correctly, anyway?). We were notified of this AFTER the records were sent to DoHS
    – My financial records have been subpoenad. Once again, I was notified of this AFTER they were sent to DoHS.
    – My family (1 year old included) were detained over a year ago in Miami International for FOUR hours in the “special” area of immigration (that most of you have probably never seen) because a suspected Lebanese terrorist has *almost* the same name as my husband. Never mind that my husband is Indian, not Lebanese. They already knew where we lived, where we had gone to university, and just about every bit of information regarding our extended families. I guess they thought terrorists like to travel with their wife and one year old before they attack our freedoms.

    – I was sent an e-mail from an online bookseller that my purchases of books were now being tracked, by whom I do not know, and my phone clicks suspiciously after any major happening in the Middle East.

    I was born here. Has anyone else of non-Middle Eastern origin gone through any of the above? I doubt it.

    9/11 made me feel for the first time in my life that being born here was not enough to make me as “American” as everyone else. It broke my heart and it still does.

    So, I care about 9/11. I care, a lot.

    Sorry this was so long.

  11. Crys


    i agree with a lot of what you have said here (and i know we are discussing this on my blog as well), but i disagree with attaching all this fury and angst to a legitimate tragedy that happened on our soil. it’s ok to be sad about those people who died, and HOW they died, and it’s ok to come together as a people with this in common and mourn, if we want to. that doesn’t mean we are fascist assholes, or that we are buying into some flawed concept of pride or country. it just means we’re human.

    having said that, it’s totally ok to be pissed at Bush (who isn’t?) and hate a lot of America’s policy (who wouldn’t?), but attaching it to the deaths of innocents doesn’t make much sense to me. you’re as much using 9-11 as a representation of your political views as anybody else who does it, and i don’t like when ANYBODY does it, ever.

    but i do love you. you know that. even though you’re up to 69.2%

  12. Jay

    Like I’ve told other people who feel the same as you, every year on 9/11 I remind people that no politician shows up in Oklahoma City on April 19th to commemorate the men, women and children to were killed by a white fundamentalist Christian terrorist. I guess it’s just not close enough to any big election to be useful to them.

    I do feel sad for the victims of 9/11 and their families though. But, it’s the hypocrisy of the government and the media and the politicians that make this day so bitter.

  13. martymankins

    a ‘Fuck You too’ from Adam gives me that feeling that he likes all of us.

    I get a bit weepy remembering the day because I have actually been to that site and visited the WTC site just over a year before the attacks.

    Your ending statement speaks volumes.

    I agree that the government has used 9/11 to drive fear into us, with fucked up TSA rules and a senseless war in Iraq. For that, I don’t fault 9/11. I fault our government for using a tragedy to control it’s people.

  14. Atomic Bombshell

    Fuck me is right. When I think of 9/11 I think of how so many companies, mine at the time included, who used the “tragedy” and economic downturn that resulted as an excuse to lay off a ton of people.

    Why? I still don’t know. But it’s happening again. Time for me to get out of Marketing. Seems we’re always the ones getting dumped in the shitter every time there’s a bump in the road.

    Bleh! Thanks for letting me rant.

  15. Ghost of Keywork

    Well, you can be pissed off all you want, but being pissed off is not going to change anything. Now, being pissed off and taking action, well that’s something different. Otherwise, you’re just masturbating to the idea of freedom of speech. Yeah, blame it on Bush. Because the moment CNN airs pictures of the shit Hussein was doing to his own people, every fucking celebrity would be sacrificing their first born as a donation to the cause of human suffering. Bush fucked up on the premise. Not the action. Again, IRAQ HAD FUCKING NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. Anyone remember that we still have troops in Afghanistan? You know, the country that was housing and aiding Bin Laden? Right, we never caught him. So maybe Saddam was a consolation prize? No. Eventually, we would have had to deal with him again, don’t lie to yourself. So, if 9/11 was, in fact, a catalyst for the U.S. taking down a sadistic motherfucker like Mr. Hussein, I can live with that.

  16. Faiqa Khan

    Dear Ghost of Keywork,

    Why haven’t we “taken down the sadistic motherfuckers” who run the following countries: Sudan, Congo and Rwanda.

    If you would be so inclined, perhaps you could compare notes on the human rights violations that have occurred in the these countries and let me know if they are any less sadistic than Saddam in the 80’s who the FULL support of the U.S. government.:

    I know since you are ardently committed to “taking action” that I can count on you to check out the above links and get back to me.

  17. Ghost of Keywork

    Faiqa, I say with full confidence that my service to this country will speak for my ‘taking action’. Now, in regards to the links provided, I can only offer insight on what I have seen first hand:

    Exhibit A: Iraqi fireman. When he planned to leave Iraq, 9 years ago, his family got out clean. He wasn’t so lucky. Saddam’s men cut off his right foot. So he couldn’t run.

    Exhibit B: Mass Burial sights. Pick one, I have visited seven of them.

    Exhibit C: Mudslide near the Dominican Republic. Wiped out a town of ten thousand. I was there, giving humanitarian aid. Ever seen a child that was given a stove bath? I have.

    I’m not bragging, I live with these images every day of my life. I am heavily medicated, and if I had to do it all again, you can bet your freedom mongering ass that I would. So, Faiqa, where the fuck were you? What actions have you taken? Until you ‘get back to me’ on that, go fuck yourself and the freedom is on me and my brothers. Again, Fuck you. Semper Fidelis,

    Corporal Matthew S MacDonald
    OIF 1,3. JTF Haiti.

  18. Faiqa Khan

    I’m not sure I implied that you had not taken action, but I do apologize for offending you. I’m sorry for what you have seen, and you’ve definitely contributed a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears into making this nation a safe and decent place. I’m truly sorry to have upset you.

    But my point was that you were saying that we took Saddam out because he was evil and terrible to the people of Iraq, I just wanted to make the point that over 1 million people on the continent of Africa have been raped, pillaged, burned and disfigured in the same way within the last ten years. And yet, we have seen nothing on TV nor have we invaded. I feel that this is enough to warrant the criticism of our administration for selectively deciding whose human rights are actually worth protecting.

    Again, you have my admiration, support and, even though you told me to go fuck myself, my love for all that you have done and endured. Be well.

  19. Ghost of Keywork

    Very well, I’ve got nothing on that, Avi. But you could imagine how getting called out on something like ‘taking action’ would probably upset me. Fair is fair, Faiqa. I can’t apologize for what you have gone through, idiots are everywhere. I wouldn’t devalue or discount any of your experiences, I’m human. But when people start firing from the hip, I’m inclined to do the same, it’s my nature.

  20. Hoosier Girl

    I do care about 9/11. I remember worrying about my students, since I was at a teacher training across town. I remember wanting to get home to my kids in case they decided to do more. And I remember being horrified for all the people who died, particularly the children. And I think about all things on September 11 every year, not because I am a sheep, but because it was a day we should not forget.


  21. Em

    Geez… so nice this morning aren’t you?

    I’ve had to write the date like 3 times today and this is the first time I realized the significance of it.

    What happened on Sep 11th however many years ago was indeed tragic. However, I agree with much of what you’re saying.

  22. Robin

    You know, I haven’t thought about 9/11 in that way for a long time….and you have an awesome point. I still cry though…then again, I cry when I hear of any senseless death that occurs in the world.

    Me personally, I believe 9/11 was small potatoes compared to what the US is in store for unless our government wises up and starts spending money where it deserves to be spent.

    Then again, we have institutional terrorism against our own people (i.e. racism, sexism, civil rights violations, bigotry, money-stealing, etc) that we have yet to truly deal with…it’s a vicious cycle, actually. ‘

    Just to let you know, you sound really elitist today…. ::wink::

  23. jasmine

    Whoa. Adam my friend…not only are you a big funny goofball, you’re damn deep and insightful too! A bit blunt, but I can’t say that I disagree with you much here. Thanks for another good read and food for thought.

  24. Shelli

    I didn’t read every single comment. I do agree with Britt and Turn. I’m still saddened today. Especially when I read a post like the one that is up on Dawg’s site today. To think that had one little circumstance would have been different and I never would have had the honor of knowing him at all. That makes me grateful for myself and sad for him today.

  25. Mari

    Hear, hear! Although I’m not so sure about you fucking me… do we know each other that well?
    I do feel sad for those that lost their lives. No more sad than I feel for those that were part of he OK bombing, but still. A tragedy is a tragedy; each pain is seperate and cannot be measured or weighed. For some it will mean depression and despair. For others it will mean invading another country for the purpose of killing ‘terrorists’. Except that they don’t exactly wear t-shirts that identify them, so whoops, sorry you got in the way! Or not.
    Stop & think about it. If McVeigh had blown up something in Afghanistan, would we have accepted an invasion of Afghani soldiers ‘looking’ for terrorists? If for some reason we were unable to kick the invaders out, do you suppose we’d be grateful? Raise our babies to love them?

    Whatever. It’s not a war on terror. It’s an occupation. Funny how you can’t win an occupation. Didn’t Hitler prove that?
    I still won’t have sex with you. But I will mark my calendar to vote for you when you decide to run for office. ‘Cause I love you like that!

  26. Avitable

    BPR, well, hi there.

    Amanda, you must bow down with obeisance to everything I say!

    Sybil, I’m always right!

    Undomestic Diva, so, you don’t agree?

    Poppy Buxom, yes! Those people drive me nuts!

    WillieG, if you disagree, please feel free to be vocal – I don’t mind people’s opinions!

    Matt-Man, I’m usually pretty long-winded. And long-penised.

    Special K, I’m just not a weeper.

    Andria, no, not an asshole at all! I just can’t make myself feel the way that everyone seems to.

    KAT, I don’t blame you in the slightest.

    Lynda, I can definitely understand people being affected who were actually affected. It’s the other people I can’t understand.

    Selma, extremely tragic, and there are Americans who would cheer that, too.

    Janna, I still haven’t gotten any hate mail. Everybody’s scared of me, I think.

    Othurme, maybe it will help change their mind? Or do you disagree with me?

    Blondefabulous, my knickers, too.

    Britt, it’s okay to be sad for people who have died. But at some point, years later, if you have no connection to those people, it’s just emotional immaturity. It’s like people who cried when Kennedy died.

    SciFi Dad, thanks for the input!

    Turnbaby, very nicely put.

    Elisa, being sad that people died isn’t being a sheep. But seeing it as something more than a tragedy among many tragedies is just poor perspective.

    Always Home, it will be nice to see if we ever have an election when 9/11 isn’t some cornerstone of political manipulation.

    Wayne, I read your other blog – – I know you think that!

    Princess of the Universe, sweet!

    Grant, I’m too busy sitting home crying.

    Faiqa, that pisses me off so much that you’ve been treated like that. And the fact that there are people in the US who consider themselves Americans who would say that it’s for the greater good makes me very sad.

    Crystal, I’m not using it as a representation of my political views. Just my personal ones. Since it was a personal tragedy.

    Finn, ok, you can cry. I guess.

    Anon-i-mouse, thanks for the link.

    Jay, that’s an excellent point.

    Marty, well, I can’t fault the people who died, obviously. I fault what the term “9/11” has become.

    Robin, I agree.

    Atomic Bombshell, anytime.

    Ghost of Keywork, that’s why I’m voting for Obama. And Iraq had everything to do with 9/11. Bush used 9/11 to push into Iraq.

    BE Earl, I would if “9/11” wasn’t a catchphrase now.

    Hilly, people die every day!

    Hoosier Girl, did you think the same thing when Oklahoma City got bombed?

    Em, that’s because I’m a geeeenius!

    Metalmom, well, duh.

    TrishK, what happened?

    Robin, me, elitist? Never!

    Jasmine, blunt is my middle name.

    Shelli, that is a good point.

    Mari, I think I might have too many skeletons in my closet. Although I’m about as qualified as Sarah Palin.

    Tracy, feelings hurt my brain!

    Stephanie, worse tragedies happen every day around the world. Are you just crying nonstop?

    FWG, penile gazing does that.

  27. Black Belt Mama

    Have you ever been to the sites of the plane crash in Shanksville, the Pentagon, or the WTC sites? I have and there is something about going there that affects you very deeply.

    In Shanksville, the families made small crosses and decorated them for their loved ones who died. Each cross is a unique representation of each person who died on that plane. It is unsettling and something that I will never (and don’t want to ever) forget. I also knew someone from college who died in NYC that day. I think it’s a bit different for people who live closer, geographically, to where it happened.

    While I agree that we haven’t handled things perfecty post 9/11, I think that moving on like nothing ever happened would have been completely wrong.

    We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this issue, Avi.

  28. Avitable

    BBM, I don’t think we should move on like nothing has happened. I think that using that to justify what we’ve done as a result is wrong, especially since many more people die in many worse situations in countries around the world every day. It was a tragedy, but now it’s become a buzzword, and I hate that.

  29. Willie G

    I appreciate your openness to my point-of-view. That’s one reason I continue to visit your site each day. However, in this case I feel such strong emotions for the senseless loss of life on 9/11/01 that prolonging commentary on this discussion would only serve to desecrate the memory of the innocent family and friends that were lost. I believe your stated opinions would have been equally as valid and well stated without diminishing the personal tragedy of those left behind to mourn. Peace to you.

  30. Maria

    Well spoken, Adam. To me, it’s okay to mourn what happened. To be affected and horrified by the tragedy and the violence. Other awful acts don’t make this awful act less awful. I think it’s much easier to have an emotional reaction to something you can relate to or picture yourself part of. So, I sympathize with those who are haunted by 9/11.

    BUT, yes. The racism. The excuses. The war. So much of the aftermath has been infuriating and disappointing.

  31. John Carr

    I agree with the original post. It is disgusting that companies such as HBO do everything they can to make a buck off of the tragedy of 911. The media is absolutely disgusting also. Every station and newspaper is out to make a buck off of it. Even Broadway jumps on the bandwagon to make some money. It’s depressing what this country has become.

  32. Shellie L.

    What I don’t get is why on 9/11 everyone is “Proud to be an American”, as if it’s the 4th of July and we have a glorious victory to be proud of. We were attacked because not everyone agrees with our attititude of American Exceptionalism (which I guess is renamed Nationalism with a positive twist?)…not exactly something to be proud of.

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