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A video to distract you from the miscellany


Okay, now while you’re distracted . . .

  • Go wish Karl a happy birthday. He’s old!
  • There are only three more days left to buy raffle tickets, so if you’ve been waiting to the last minute, now is the time. I’ll be picking three winners who will win T-shirts and a grand-prize winner who will win a round-trip plane ticket to Orlando for the Halloween party! Go to to buy your tickets, find out about sharing hotel rooms, RSVP for the party, and get all of the details.
  • The limited edition Davetoon Halloween T-shirt will only be on sale for a few weeks more before it will be removed forever! Don’t lose your chance to get one today – click here now!
  • I’ve tallied the votes, and it looks like “chickpee” is the winner by a huge margin. Congratulations to Valerie, who wins her choice of a T-shirt from my Zazzle gallery. Email me to let me know your preference, and nice job!
  • Finally, thanks to everyone who listened last night to “Clearly, You’re Retarded.” We talked about how childless couples and couples encumbered with spawn have different perspectives, priorities, and focuses, and how it can be hard sometimes for them to be friends with each other. If you jog or mow the lawn or drive a lot, you should download the show or subscribe on iTunes and give it a listen. If you don’t enjoy it, I’ll give you your money back!
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28 Replies to “A video to distract you from the miscellany”

  1. Breigh (Canadutch)

    EEP!! That’s big jump for a dog. I’d be running to get him down, not videotaping it! Talk about a broken leg waiting to happen.

    I didn’t hear your show but as a childless couple (we are 33 and tried for years with no success) I can say with 100% certainty that the two different types of couples have very different points of view.

    Over the past year, every girlfriend I’ve made over here in Holland has gotten pregnant and had a baby. Suddenly my group of childless girlfriends I’d do lunch, movies etc with are moms and when we get together I feel like I’m in the middle of a mommy and me class.

    All they talk about are diapers, nipples and poo. There is a definite mind shift when people have children and it creates MASSIVE barriers between them and people like me who do not have children.

    It makes it quite hard to maintain friendships that were easily kept prior to the breeding 😛

  2. Blondefabulous

    LOL! That is a smart dog, but then again, beagles are a smarter breed. I imagine that owner wasn’t sitting there videotaping it Breigh, but couldn’t figure out how the dog kept escaping, so set up a video camera to get to the bottom of things. Cute!

  3. Turnbaby

    I also feel bad for dogs in a big outside kennel but that is one smart dog. I do like the ‘I need a little help here’ moment at the top. And yes i would have been down there to stop a potential broken lag.

    I crashed early and missed the show. I might have to reprise that topic on my show as I have lots to say about it.

    We are booked at the Hilton. I’ve already ordered extra pillows and towels–that’s an awesome feature.

  4. martymankins

    Damn smart puppy. The other ones are wishing they were that smart.

    Your TalkShoe radio show conflicts with my $5 steak dinner at the bar on Wed nights. But I always download it and listen to it later. Not as much fun, but still informative.

  5. Avitable

    Andria, I know. I was thinking the exact same thing.

    BPR, the puppy was fine. I was worried because of the big drop. And why would I piss you off on the radio?

    Sybil, hope you got your tickets!

    Jay, and determined.

    Hello, look at you, being all dirty-minded.

    Penny, you might be projecting just a bit.

    Breigh, yeah, I was worried about the leap, too. And once they get through the poop stages, it’s a lot easier to be friends with couples who breed.

    DaDuck, you should buy one!

    Blondefabulous, yeah, that’s what I figured. Otherwise, you’d think he or she would have run down to make sure the puppy didn’t hurt himself.

    Mattie, my dog doesn’t eat her own poop. Thank God.

    Britt, yeah, why can’t they just run around and play?

    Irene, exactly.

    Always Home, I always enjoy a good puppy video.

    Turnbaby, and the shuttle will take you to the party and back for free!

    Robin, you should just add it to your ipod.

    Maria, yeah, I love the ninja cat one, too. Why can’t you come to my party?

    Maman, that’s what I’m guessing, yeah.

    Marty, you’re serious, aren’t you? I’ll buy you a fucking steak one night.

    Evil Genius, he’s the Houdini of puppies.

    HG, I’ll be drawing the winners soon!

    BE Earl, of course, a cat would have just picked the lock.

    Bossy, Hi Bossy!

    Kapgar, he’s fine. I think it’s how he gets out on a regular basis.

    Deb, he’s not mine, unfortunately.

    Muskrat, don’t knock the ability to lick peanut butter without using teeth too much.

    Atomic Bombshell, in a bad way?

    Wayne, yeah, I like Ninja Cat, but I’m partial to dogs.

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