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I went to the Barack Obama speech in Jacksonville yesterday. I’ve never been to any type of political rally before, so I thought this would be an interesting and historic time to attend one.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 20,000 people there. It was crazy, with lots of long lines, packed crowds, and people as sardines.

Spending four hours jammed in with my new closest friends was quite an experience. While mostly positive, there were a few negative elements that I’d like to briefly address:

1. Just because you’re a Democratic tree hugger environmentalist wacko, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shower and use deodorant before spending a hot day with lots of people who will have to smell you.

2. This also goes for all of you mouth breathers who don’t believe in breath mints, dental hygiene, brushing your teeth, or chewing gum. Your breath smells like a three-day old cheese fart. Please duct tape your mouth shut until further notice.

3. We’re all hot and we’ve all been standing there and we’re all tired, so announcing that you’re tired and hot and sweaty and sick of standing is liable to make me get stabby.

4. If you have a baby, stay the fuck home. Don’t subject your infant to the heat and germs of 20,000 people just because you want to support Obama. That makes you a bad parent.

5. Just because I’m there and you’re there and we’re both going to vote for Obama, it doesn’t mean that I have any interest in the slightest thing you have to say. That is our one thing in common, and I want to keep it that way. It keeps the mystery alive.

Well, at least it wasn’t a McCain rally, where I’m sure the old people smell would have just driven me insane!

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41 Replies to “Obama”

  1. Amanda

    Yeah the one I went to was like that too. It was hot as hell, too many people crammed into a space, people whining and bitching. But still, it was awesome, amazing, and inspirational. It was worth it in the end

  2. just beth

    Jeezus, really, Avitable? You really DON’T have kids, do you? I would take my children to see Obama speak in a heartbeat, and I’m a WONDERFUL parent.

    See, even if they *hate* it, even if they make some jerks unhappy, they will have been a part of something amazing. I went with my folks to the ’84 Olympics, and even though I was miserable and the people next to me probably hated me, I remember it now and I am grateful that my parents thought that I was important enough to be a part of something important.

    For shame, Adam.



  3. whall

    Adam, you don’t have kids. You wouldn’t understand. If you get stabby, you’d get the death penalty. It would make your mom wish she’d had an abortion. I think you’re too open with your feelings on this matter. And all those comments about McCain supporter’s age… tsk tsk. You should join the tree-huggers before they clone themselves an army and take over the world with kool-aid drinkers.

    Or in other words, clearly you’re retarded.

  4. Ioma

    I agree completely with #4. (Most) kids make me stabby.

    One of my ex ophthalmologists was a mouth-breather. I’ll be sure to remember the duct tape next time I see the eye doctor.

    A McCain rally…*cringe* Old people smell can be lethal in that quantity, you know, and babies wouldn’t be the only ones wearing diapers.

  5. Elisa

    That is funny.

    I’m kind of leaning towards Obama myself after comparing where he and McOld stand on the issues.

    I kind of think we’d end up w/ a president Biden though if Obama is elected. Or maybe that’s just because I know a lot of racists around these parts.

    Oh, and I always talk to strangers. I wonder if they are like you and are wishing I’d shut up. LOL

  6. martymankins

    I agree with you on 4 of the 5 points. Sometimes #5 can be good, as you meet other people that have similar stances or they interject something that makes you think about a subject or position that opens up a new avenue of dialogue.

    Small babies and children don’t like standing in line for hours regardless how many toys and food their parents have for them. It’s not fair to the parents and not fair to others around them. And this comes from someone who has a kid and learned the above early on and only after a couple of events. Babysitters are so worth it.

  7. Maria

    I’d never been to one either, before I saw him speak, and if my experience had been like yours, I probably would have never gone again!

    Or been in jail for actually stabbing someone repeatedly with my Obama ’08 button.

  8. Grant

    I heard a vicious rumor that claims Obama is actually black. That can’t be right. Can’t we Southern rednecks just vote for the two white guys instead of having to pick a party? :p

    I was actually hoping for a Hillary / Obama win because a) I prefer Hillary and b) it would make all the whiny pussies who claim our country will never send anyone but white men to the White House shut the fuck up. At least this time, either way, they’ll have been proven wrong.

    Ironically, locally I haven’t heard any men disparage Palin but I have heard several women say the country isn’t ready for a woman in the White House.

  9. Blondefabulous

    I felt the need to go all “stabby” on the Obama stumpers who felt it necessary to interupt my “nekkid” time with HHH yesterday to extoll their candidates good points and detract from McCain. Hell I’ll get stabby on ANYONE who interrupts my nekkid time with HHH, political or not. Be warned!

  10. Sybil Law

    I hate crowds of pretty much any kind. I’m always working my way towards an exit – I mean I like to stand near an exit. People act like imbeciles should a fire or something break out. Imagine if one had – you might’ve gotten trampled by any of those people!
    You’re right – taking an infant to that thing was completely irresponsible. They were hoping Obama would pick their baby up and kiss it.
    You shoulda drawn a picture to go along with this post! :lmao:

  11. Evil Genius

    To date, there has not been a single political candidate who has so moved me that I felt the need or desire to attend one of his/her rallies in person.

    I hate crowds. With a passion.

    And I don’t like politicians much better, either. 🙂

  12. Maman

    I used to get invited to more rallies when I worked for the City of Chicago. I saw Al Gore in Daley Plaza and got to shake Bill Clinton’s hand. sigh. That was back when I was a person instead of just a mom…

  13. Black Belt Mama

    I went to a political rally four years ago and I took my daughter. She was three at the time, but a very well behaved three. My friend and I left our houses at 4:30 a.m. to arrive in the middle of farmland and have to park miles away. We walked a good two miles to the entrance and waited in line to go through the secret service lines. It took forever and it was freezing!!! I would never take a baby but my daughter thought it was fun because she knew how exciting it was to see the President in person.

    When we finally got in, we were able to see GB fly in on Airforce 1. He got out with Laura, spoke and then got back on the plane and took off with all of us watching. The security was incredible (snipers on airport hangar roofs) and we thought all the waiting and freezing was totally worth it.

    Despite it being all Republicans there, I can’t remember anyone smelling and most of the people there were young. Sorry to disappoint. You have to be young to survive those lines and the elements! 😉

  14. Avitable

    Turnbaby, I’m an educator first and foremost.

    Amanda, I did enjoy hearing his speech.

    Sarah, bad breath is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    LMSS, and then we could kill some helpless animals from a helicopter.

    Whit, and cranky!

    BE Earl, some low profile politician.

    Hello, I said in the post!

    DB, yes, we’re all best buddies now.

    Jay, I bet.

    Just Beth, I was talking about infants. Taking a child could be interesting, but taking a 6-12 month old infant there is just bad parenting.

    Wayne, you have the hots for Palin, admit it.

    Ioma, seeing babies being dragged around in the heat and crowds is what made me stabby.

    Penny, I’m glad I went to one. I’m done now.

    NYCWD, not only that, but I found that the best place to hear his speech well was outside the entrance!

    Elisa, you know a lot of blowhards who talk big but are actually cowards. That’s usually what a racist is, though. And I am usually anti-stranger and unless someone is oblivious, they understand that.

    Robin, you should go get in line now!

    Marty, I have a low opinion of other people and think that their perspective is stupid.

    Maria, I am glad I went, though.

    Grant, I’ll disparage Palin. She’s an idiot. On a scale bigger than W!

    Cissa, I’ll announce tomorrow hopefully.

    Blondefabulous, is it hard to detract from McCain?

    Sybil, I got a bit claustrophobic.

    BTDT, they just smell like VapoRub and Metamucil.

    Metalmom, nope, just some of the attendees.

    Poppy, glad you liked that.

    Rachel, you would have been welcomed with open arms.

    Kapgar, I’m glad I went, though. I just don’t need to continue to go.

    Evil Genius, me either, usually. I think this one is different.

    Hilly, it’s amazing how many people are on welfare and food stamps but still think the Republican party represents their best interests!

    Maman, you’re just a mom now?

    BBM, the kids I saw were pretty well-behaved. The small babies, though, were hot and whiny and cried, which is why I thought it was a bad idea to bring them. And don’t lie to me – I know that a McCain rally is going to be all Geritol and Vicks VapoRub.

  15. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    So you and ever happen to be at the same McCain/Palin rally I should be sure to lighten up on my arthritis rub? Is it okay to use my Polident? I’d hate to have my teeth fall out while I’m jumping up and down waving my Republican flag. lol

    People who subject their kids to that stuff should be drawn and quartered. A child should not have to spend a whole day suffering (and as a result, all of those around them suffer) for an experience that they likely will not remember. Why would you put your baby in danger like that? Geesh.

  16. Meg

    Thanks for saving me the trouble; now I am sure I can live vicariously through the rest of y’all who go to these things. Doesn’t mean I don’t support the guy, just means I don’t feel compelled to hang out with a bunch of other hot sweaty opinionated folks who also happen to support him.

  17. Nissa

    All very valid points. That’s why I stay at home and watch the speeches on TV or internet. Wait, I mean I don’t like dealing with those things, not that I’m a showerless, dragon mouthed, whiny ass bad mommy who likes to talk to complete strangers..

    Okay, maybe some of those apply on different occasions. Again- I stay home.

    :cocksuck2: I love the blowjob smiley- had to put it in just for the hell of it.

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