Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

Eggs Hoss Ted!

We spent all evening working on props for the Halloween party, which means I didn’t get to finish cutting out the little slips of paper and putting them somewhere to draw the names of the winners. I’ll do it during the day today and post them on Wednesday.

In the meantime, today is the day that Britt and I try to figure out what tomorrow’s radio show will be about. We try to pick a topic about which we fundamentally disagree.

Does anyone have any suggestions for topics?

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38 Replies to “Eggs Hoss Ted!”

  1. Little Miss Sunshine State

    You could do “can casey anthony be forced to get a psychological evaluation?” If I was her mother, I’d be torturing her until she talked.

    How about “Is bad plastic surgery better than no wrinkly face and no boobs?” I could send you some pictures of women on the streets of a certain Central Florida small city.

    “Why is pot illegal and alcohol isn’t?”

  2. Mattie

    Topic: Do parents have a right to force their kids to believe what they are teaching them or should parents teach their kids about all religions and let them decide for themselves (at an appropriate age) what they believe or don’t believe?

  3. hello haha narf

    you could debate which of you adores me more.

    actually, i would love for you two to go at it about how britt thinks you can learn something from everyone while you have very little use for most people.

    (i saw eggs in your title before i actually read it and for that split second i honestly thought you were somewhere dying from your egg dinner.)

  4. Finn

    Euthanasia, school uniforms, the Bush Doctrine, plastic surgery — good or bad?, do people with kids get more breaks in the workplace than people with no kids, who’s your favorite blogger, how fabulous is Finn…

  5. Sybil Law

    I like the religion one. What was it you two kinda veered off into last week… I forget. I am heavily sedated. Well, I am on allergy meds and they render me useless. However, I can breathe!
    Anyway, I say the religion topic, because religion makes people crazy.
    Or the oral sex one, but I’d say yes on that, period.
    I’ve never used this one before! – :boobs4:

  6. Em

    Do you guys agree about whether or not creationism or intelligent design should be taught along side evolution in public schools? Or yea… oral sex, although I sincerely hope you both know it’s sex. Or religion! Do religion.

  7. B.E. Earl

    Wow. I must be Eggs Hoss Ted, because it took me this long just to figure out what that meant.

    Topic suggestion: Classic TV (Odd Couple, Barney Miller, Mary Tyle Moore, etc…) vs. current TV. I’m in a TV mood, sue me.

  8. cris

    Are Blow Jobs a reasonable expectation in a sexual relationship?

    Should America switch to electric or hybrid cars?

    Is a “Panty Pregnancy” possible and if it is, should schools teach the consequences of unprotected mutual masturbation? (which is recommended by abstinance only education)

    Do pretty girls have an unfair advantage in the workplace? Can a true Feminist morally take advantage of her beauty, or is she just a “poser”?

  9. RW

    I can think of lots of topics;

    Should we use our resources to explore space?
    Why are women or men jerks?
    What if you don’t like your blog readers?
    Are third party votes wasted?
    If health care was nationalized should cancer caused by smoking be excluded from the plan?
    Why are women or men jerks?

    Oh, big damn list of topics!

  10. Faiqa Khan

    I like the religion topic. HOWEVER, based on the chat room conversation last week, the topic most people seemed interested in is as follows: “Should we start spanking people on welfare?” The people have spoken. I’m just sayin’.

  11. whall

    You could do another porn show, but this time, instead of letting Britt slide on the “aint no way *my* man is allowed to think about another woman’s body because I have all he needs _right_ here!” you should pose the question – well, what if you had breast cancer and got a double mastectomy? Would you have everything he needs then?

    Namely: Is porn ok for someone whose spouse has been injured, burned, or otherwise disfigured medically?

  12. Avitable

    LMSS, well, we already did plastic surgery in this episode. Who’s Casey Anthony?

    Jared, originally I was going to put all of the names in my manties.

    Mattie, that’s a good issue, and after some discussion, Britt and I realized that we essentially agree on it!

    Brad, I’m still waiting on your baby picture!

    Hello, that is a good topic – I’m adding it to the list.

    SciFi Dad, it would be, if we disagreed about it, but we agree on the fundamentals.

    Lisa, it was just more fun to do in a video.

    Robin, see above.

    Turnbaby, Brad’s hilarious.

    Britt, well, I do. You’re like the Robin Quivers to my Howard Stern.

    BHJ, I think we agree on legalizing drugs.

    Poppy, ooh, that’s a touchy subject!

    Robin, I think Britt and I are on the same page with that topic.

    Grant, clearly, it’s me.

    Winter, it would probably get a bit too technical.

    Finn, we did plastic surgery already, and we both think you’re fabulous. Some of the others might be good.

    Bossy, you’ve never even listened to our show, have you?

    Always Home, we’re both in agreement on it, so we wouldn’t be able to argue about that.

    Sybil, I think you have used that one before.

    Em, we do agree about those issues.

    Jordie, are you?

    Karen, well, thanks. That’s a lot of help.

    BE Earl, Britt has some of the worst taste in TV I’ve ever seen, and she’ll admit it.

    Cris, that one about pretty girls isn’t too bad.

    Karen, we both oppose guns.

    Robin, our sex show would be so vanilla and boring!

    RW, some of those are good. Don’t be a jerk.

    Faiqa, like, physically spanking?

    Baseball Mom, circumcision is not a bad topic, thanks!

    Willie G, aww, I love you too.

    Anissa, I think we both agree on that one, though.

    Crys, no. Pedophilia actually wouldn’t apply to that age anyways.

    Daisy, I think we’re both against homeschooling, but I’ll see.

    Heather, Shakespeare’s wife wrote his stuff?

    Wayne, wow, that’s quite a topic, especially coming from you!

    Stephanie, yes, you did.

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