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I hate people

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78 Replies to “I hate people”

  1. Faiqa Khan

    Now, that I’ve collected myself, I would like to announce that this dear woman’s lucid and provocative arguments have caused me to search deep within myself for what is best for America. I cannot, in good conscience, cast my vote for Barrrack Hooosayn Obama.

  2. Catherine

    Ooohhhh, NOOO. I didn’t realize these people actually existed, I thought they were just a rural myth. I thought cartoons of ’em and stuff were like some sort of scare tactic perpetuated by classy plantation owning townspeople meant to keep us out of the stunningly gorgeous American countryside. I hope no one minds if, after shaking my head rapidly a few times, I bury the memory of this traumatic video, and stick my head back in the glorious urban sand. Thank you.

  3. Blondefabulous

    OK, I couldn’t even get through the whole thing. I was disgusted that you had youtube footage of my former neighbors in Bowling Green.

    What the hell were they riding? I thought it was an ATV, but it looked like there were 15 people riding it?

    That is what happens when cousins marry!

  4. Functionally ReTodded

    Nothing says good government like knowing those folks are drinking and smoking with your / my money whilst voting for Hilary.

    Oh wait. You have to be registered to vote to vote. I’m willing to bet that they were too busy making meth, smoking menthol cigarettes and riding on their Kentucky SUV to get to the local schoolhouse to register to vote.

    Oh, and the over-under on them knowing where ANY schoolhouse is will now be set to no fucking way.

    And just as an aside, doesn’t that chick make you think of Susan Sarandon if Hollywood hadn’t worked out for her?

  5. Crystal

    Take out the drawling accent and age them by about 30 years, and you’ll have a fair representation of most of my customers. I know a gentleman who is afraid that if Obama is elected he will enslave the white race as payback.

  6. Grant

    I’m at work so I can’t watch the video, but I like to pretend that the flood of e-mail comments I get from leaving a note here are personal messages from people who like me, so I’m leaving this waste of space comment just for that.

  7. Turnbaby

    LMAO @ Britt’s comment and Sam’s is unfortunately too true.

    There are these folks in EVERY state.

    Scary thing is she has just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

    Cause she apparently votes.

    And at least she’s not against blacks–she said his name over and over and didn’t call him “Osambo” which appears to be the favorite racial slur going around right now.


  8. Faiqa Khan

    OSAMBO? Talk about multitasking and highly effective racists. Let’s see, they can offend African Americans, Arabs, people with Arab names who are not Arab (like me), people named Osama, people named Sambo (lol) Democrats AND decent human beings in just six letters. Somebody’s been reading Stephen Coveeeey!

  9. Grant

    You just know they’re sitting around now watching one of your video blogs and saying “What’s with this idiot? His political views are stupid. Can he even speak English?” Except they are three whereas you are one, and their voting power is, um, let’s see, carry the pi… Okay, I’m not sure about the math, but their voting power is greater than yours.

  10. Dory

    Holy shit.

    Some days, being deaf is just not all that bad.

    I could tell that she was saying “HoooooSAIN” repeatedly. I propose a new drinking game where we all do a shot every time she says “HoooooooSAIN”. Maybe at the Halloween party?

  11. Mik

    I should send my folks in the UK a link to that video, “Hey Mum & Dad, here’s what the family is like.” That would really freak them out.

    Dang,glad I don’t come in contact with people like that.

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