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Plague or Wal-mart?

Check out Wal-mart’s growth since its first store. It’s like watching some mythical plague spread exponentially over the country.

Tonight I get to go watch two small demon children from the bowels of hell until their parents return from a NYC Hot Blogger Calendar photoshoot. Wish me luck.

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28 Replies to “Plague or Wal-mart?”

  1. Sarah

    Wal-mart is hell. Literally, I feel like I’ll see horns on those employees someday.

    If you die I’m totally making up a story about your death claiming I was there so I will have something other than school/work to blog about.

    Just to give you a heads up.

  2. Mik

    Good luck with the kids.

    Wal-Mart wanted to open another store near us but the local government wallahs vetoed that, they let Liquidation World have the spot instead! Smoke and flood damaged crap on the cheap.

  3. Sybil Law

    I think it’s Plague AND WalMart, right?!
    I cannot STAND that fricking store!
    So how’d the time with the kids go?! I am dying to hear the stories! Did they actually spend the night?!! Are you tied up right now with duct tape?! Should I send help?!
    I think I’m going to nap, but I’ll check in on you later.


  4. hello haha narf

    you love the little crumb snatchers. don’t lie.

    but be careful or they will give you germs. they licked me last time i was there…my arms, hands and cheeks. somehow i managed not to die. whatever you do, do NOT laugh the first time one of them licks you. seriously.

  5. martymankins

    I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart. I do shop there at times (hard not to when it’s 2 blocks away and I’m out of limes and tonic for my drinks), but I try to limit what I get there. I don’t hate them or want them to go out of business, but I prefer not giving them much of my money. Target and KMart seems better options, even if they are more than 2 blocks from my house.

  6. Crys

    is there some reason you didn’t fucking nominate me for hot blogger? i mean are you fucking kidding me? have you seen me? what the hell? who are you people? EVERYBODY HATES THE LIGHT!!

    when you babysit those demon ppl, you better tell them a bedtime story all about the woman who should have OWNED that calendar but never was nominated because people couldn’t bare to realize that she existed. you tell them THAT if you have the balls, Adam Avitable. fuck you and your whole horse dog thing too!

  7. Crys

    bare? bear? i always get that wrong. does it matter? no it doesn’t MATTER, Adam, all that MATTERS is that WOW, a prophet is never accepted in her home town. apparently. the home town? PRB. FUCK EVERYBODY! FUCK ALL YA’ALLS! EAT ME!

  8. hello haha narf

    if there was ever a doubt, which there totally wasn’t, i fucking totally love crys. LOVE. giggling my big ole butt off at her comments. although i am so curious as to whether or not they are drug induced. could go either way. that is the beauty of crystal. hehe

  9. Qelqoth

    Asda used to be normal and disease free. But like everything else, Wal-Mart wormed its way into Asda’s orifices, transforming Asda from a humble convenience store into Wal-Mart’s UK based biatch.

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