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Queer Eye for the Sunglassed Guy

Are my new sunglasses gay?

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68 Replies to “Queer Eye for the Sunglassed Guy”

  1. jared

    i thought it was common knowledge that our entire family gets costa del mar’s for free, because we’re all friends with the owner or something. have i been lied to??

    also i liked the — Like this post? Try this one: My review of Indiana Jones. “Do you like my gay sunglasses?! Yes? Well u’ll love Indiana Jones!”

  2. Valerie

    Probably it’s the tortoise shell. I think Costa Del Mars are supposed to be unisex. My parents instilled in me that Costa Del Mars are the best. I remember my dad being upset that he lost a pair in the ocean once. Even if the sunglasses lean toward the gay end of the spectrum, your overall image won’t be affected I’m sure.

  3. NYCWD

    My grandmother used to wear glasses like that.

    My mother currently wears glasses like that.

    It doesn’t make you gay.

    It makes you old and smelling like cough medicine.

    Did you get your Social Security check this month yet?

  4. Miss Britt

    Dude – you have issues that you are clearly projecting on to me.

    I never said your glasses were GAY.

    I said they were WOMEN’S sunglasses and that I can’t hardly stand to look at you in them without cracking the fuck up.

    I assure you, they are not “gay”, unless they are sleeping with other women’s sunglasses.

    They are, however, made for women.

  5. Poppy

    I already provided my opinion on her photo.

    It’s the shape of your face mixed with the style/shape of the glasses that make you look feminine in them.

    Are you in the kitchen? At first I was wondering where the hell you were.

  6. Laurin

    Those are women’s sunglasses.

    I feel like I need more information. Did you pick these out all by yourself, or did a friend tell you they looked great on you? Were you punk’d by the salesperson? Did you feel pretty when you put them on?

  7. Hilly

    I’m not even going to read the other comments until I leave mine so I am not tainted…

    Those sunglasses are very girlish. I’m sorry, but it’s true. In fact, they look a lot like a pair that I have.

    Ahem, sorry.

  8. Sybil Law

    It is the tortoiseshell, I think.
    I’d return them and get some regular, more guy looking shades. I have some almost identical to yours, by the way. Haha
    What – no gay smilies? You discriminate here or what?!

  9. BOSSY

    Gay sunglasses? You should be so lucky, since gays are unquestionably the most fashionable people in the world.

    What is it about Florida and long-cherished sunglasses meeting their demise?

    (Bossy thinks you look cute no matter what.)

  10. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    OK. You are not gay, obviously. And I think you walking down the street, sensitive gay-dar would not be activated.

    But, you walking down those street with those sunglasses? Still no gay-dar going off but people will think, “Wow. That guy is sooo in touch with his feminine side. Good for him!”

    You also might get smacked in the ass. I’m just sayin’.

  11. Allyson

    I have to say that I thught you simply looked like a man who was confident enough in his masculinity to wear women’s sunglasses. I would not judge you, but if I didn’t know you, and was single, I’d want to bed you because I’d assume you were fantastic in bed.

  12. Little Miss Sunshine State

    On one hand, I have sunglasses like that and I’m a middle aged woman. But on the other hand, my husband insisted they are his sunglasses and I stole them from him. So, I say Unisex. Or, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    I can’t find a smiley wearing sunglasses.

  13. Mike

    You can resolve that issue with simple applied logic.

    The consensus seems to be that:

    – the sumglasses are feminine.
    – you are masculine.

    Since the sunglasses are “riding your face”, we can conclude that they are not gay.


    //I got nothing.

  14. Faiqa

    On behalf of gay people worldwide: You *wish* those sunglasses were “gay” so they’d actually be cool. Which they are not. Unless you’re a 56 year old woman. I wonder if gay people ask each other if their accessories look too straight? I guess if they have to ask, they aren’t gay in the first place.

  15. Stephanie

    So before I read 746,000 comments, I will say this:

    They are SOOOO not gay.
    The gays have much better taste in eyewear that those things.

    Dude…they are truly women’t glasses. Go back to the solid black frames, yo.

    And give those sunglasses to CP’s mom. She’d rock ’em.

  16. Catherine

    LOL @ Britt’s comment (unless they are fucking other women’s sunglasses). HA!

    It doesn’t matter, they’re a good shape on you, very cool, dude-esque enough in that way. No, I wouldn’t have chosen tortoise shell for a guy, might have gone with just black or dark blue or brown, a solid color. But hey, maybe you like tortoise shell, and maybe you could be the dude who does for tortoise shell what Tom Selleck did for ‘salmon’ colored upper wear on guys.

  17. hello haha narf

    ok, me loves that you will buy and wear shades that are obviously made for women. i’m all about do what you want for you and fuck those who don’t like it. that being said, i’ll buy em from you and totally rock them, then you can use the money to go buy shades more traditionally masculine sunglasses. or not.

    yay, you!

  18. vulgarwizard

    :martini: I’m thinking it might be that they’re tortoise shell, because the shape is great for you. I don’t think you look gay, but I think these are almost there for you . . . maybe you need a solid color (not red), basic black, even though it might be boring.

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