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Hot Nude Male Blogger Calendar

The photo shoot for the Hot Blogger Calendar was last weekend, and I was unable to go. I have to get my own photos taken and submit them for approval.

This was one that was rejected for being too risque, because they are trying to keep the calendar appropriate for all audiences.

It might be too late to tell those of you with weak stomachs to avert your eyes. Those of you who are masochists can click the image for a larger version:


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58 Replies to “Hot Nude Male Blogger Calendar”

  1. Robin

    There are leaves floating in the pool. That, and I think you might want to consider different shades. Not the kind that make you look like a bug, though. I think bug sunglasses are bad on almost everyone. :deadhorse:

  2. martymankins

    I think they were looking for another nutsack shot of you. When all they saw was the top of your ass, a collective “Meh” was uttered.

    I’m not buying it (well, I wasn’t before either… but I’m trying to show you some support here)

  3. Jay

    I’m definitely thinking there is going to be an Avitable calender coming out soon. Actually you can release it next summer and make it a 16 month calender like all the other supermodels do.

  4. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    So, I clicked on this this morning and Ty said, “Is that what I think it is?” I replied, “Yep. Do you want me to enlarge it to really see it?” and he said, “Nope. I’ve already seen his nut sack. I don’t need to see his butt crack.”

    My husband rhymed like Dr. Seuss and it’s all because of your rampant blog nudity.

    Aren’t you proud? :thumbsup:

  5. hello haha narf

    i caught some nasty cold / flu / bug / near death icky stuff while in denver and vegas, but i am not on cold meds. just a little b & b. i have over 430 feeds in my reader, but started with “a” over here in avitaland. gotta tell you, me thinks i have found my new wallpaper. boss be damned, that is a terrific shot. i’m beyond disappointed that the photographers of the so called hot blogger calendar rejected this photo. how about during the halloween party we do a “adam’s pool calendar” shoot? i’ll go nakey for it. and my boobs float. anyone else in? could be a group shot!

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