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My head is just getting bigger by the second. And yes, I’m talking about my penis.

Today, I’m probably getting pretty sick of having no internet and being on the beach at a tropical resort. Yes, I’m weird, I know. According to Gina, though, I’m pretty awesome, too!

Hi! I’m Gina from, well, See Gina Blog. So I have been thinking hard about what to write for a guest post on Avitable’s blog. I read a bunch of his archived posts to get more of an idea of what would be a fitting post. I determined that I could write a post about boobs, porn, or masturbation. I could, but I thought instead I would talk about what makes Avitable so fab…

The Top 9 Reasons Why Avitable Rocks:

1. He will be featured in a hot blogger calendar.

2. He reads and comments on commenters’ blogs (mine, included!).

3. He will do guest posts for you if you ask and they will be hi-larious, guaranteed.

4. He throws an annual party and invites all of his blogger friends to join the fun.

5. He loves and adores his wife, clearly, and knows how to treat a woman right.

6. He is the kind of friend everyone should have in his or her life, ask his best friend.

7. He is the boss we all wish we had (Movie Fridays? Yes please!).

8. He is funny as hell.

9. He understands that tact is for pussies.

Hopefully I will meet Avitable in person one day, perhaps some year for the annual festivities.

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