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This weekend

This a boring Halloween party post.

This weekend, I have to make my house look like a carnival. The goal is to get the decorations mainly done by next Friday night so that Saturday doesn’t become an all-day affair like last year.

Last year, I, along with friends, worked from about 8 in the morning until the party started on the day of the party to finish the decorations. This left me exhausted all night.

We’ve been slowly preparing everything for four months now, so ideally this weekend will allow us to get a lot of major parts done, and then the rest will be a piece of cake.

Not that it’s ever that easy.

The caterer’s done, the bartender’s done, I’ll be buying liquor this weekend, and I have my costume. It’s all slowly coming together . . .

I can’t wait until next week!

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18 Replies to “This weekend”

  1. delmer

    “I’ll send my kids down. They can have any place looking like a Mad House in pretty short order. Wait … you said Carnival. Never mind.”

    That’s what I was going to say — but my kids are pretty good and I can’t bring myself to make that joke at their expense.

    I must be tired.

  2. hello haha narf

    i feel like a slave driver. all work and no play makes one hell of a great fucking party, though! (thanks for everything you are doing to make sure that this is an incredible experience. guess i should get a real costume instead of that ole sheet over the head.)

  3. Poppy

    I can’t wait either! The entire world is going to it! I don’t even know how you’ll fit everyone on your property. We might have to hang out in the street like white trash. 😉

    I can’t remember, do we need to bring money to your party, or was that what buying raffle tickets and shirts was for? No matter what costume I choose, I won’t be placing money anywhere on my body.

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