35 thoughts on “Sneak Peek”

  1. What?! No Guinness on tap?

    I wish I could be there anyway. Looks like you’re putting together an awesome party, Adam. About the only thing that keeps me from attending is the fact that my mother-in-law lives in FL, and I’d almost certainly be obliged to go visit her while I was there.


  2. Winter, oh, it should be pretty awesome!

    Fantastagirl, will do. We’ll pour a 40 out for you.

    LMSS, I wish we had done a giant maze in the backyard. Maybe next year.

    Kris, water.

    Hello, that’s just your portion.

    Mik, that’s just the stuff we already had, not the stuff I’ve recently bought.

    Mike, it’s on my list – two more bottles.

    Aunt Robin, you could have come to Florida incognito.

    Poppy, there will be popcorn. Although I don’t think you’re going to eat it.

    Bubblewench, yes. Yes, it does.

    NYCWD, what’s your drink of choice?

  3. MY drink of choice (because i know you’re dying to provide for me) is a lemon-drop-don’t-stop. all that’s needed is lemonade, vodka and cointreau/triple sec (triple sec is cheaper). i can bring all this with me like the white trash ho i am, though.

    not on the plane — but to your pad.

  4. I am also too impressed.
    I also hate popcorn.
    But that liquor sure looks good. Try keeping me away from that stuff, okay? Otherwise I’ll be running around naked…
    Oh, wait.
    Faiqa! please keep me away from the liquor!

  5. @Sybil Hmmm. I don’t know. Letting you get naked might be a good way to repay Adam for throwing the party. Also, I think seeing you naked would take our friendship to a whole new level. I’ll think about it and get back to you. 😉

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