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I’m an idiot

For some reason I promised my wife that the house would be completely back to normal, with all Halloween decorations in the attic, by the time she gets back from her business trip this Saturday morning.

Guess how much undecorating we’ve actually done?


I’m soooo screwed!

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32 Replies to “I’m an idiot”

  1. Aunt Robin

    Having heard that sort of promise from my husband more times than I can count over the years, I suspect that even though she wishes it was true, she’s actually expecting far less from you than you imagine–maybe 5 percent. You’ve got it made!


  2. Robin

    I think what you need is bribes. Gifts. Delightful surprises to distract her from the remaining decorations. Oh, and take out all the light bulbs for “ambiance.” She won’t notice as much if there’s low lighting, at least initially.

    Or you could catch her in the driveway, whisk her away on a romantic getaway, and avoid the problem a little longer.

  3. jenny

    Maybe you could kick the front door in, hide the TV’s and laptops, hit yourself on the head with a brick, and then tell her you were robbed when you finally regain consciousness. Just a thought.

  4. twinkie

    Too funny, muskrat!!

    Avitable, I could totally picture Thing One and Thing Two destroying your house, you reprimanding them, then they feeling sorry for you and cleaning up last minute and saving the day!

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