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The End of an Error

Since most members of my family are rabidly Republican, Thanksgiving this year should be very fun for those of us who voted for Obama. I’m thinking of ordering one of my own T-shirts just to wear to dinner.

If you also have Republican family members, don’t you want to order one of these to wear for the next two months?

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20 Replies to “The End of an Error”

  1. kT

    JUST bought one of these bad boys.i’m going to VA for thanksgiving to visit my aunt and uncle…they work for the pentagon…it will be an AWESOME thanksgiving with the republicans ;D
    great party by the by~

  2. Karl

    Heh, brilliant shirt. Your blog is throwing all kinds of database errors, by the way. At first I thought it was a joke…part of the t-shirt advertisement, but no…they show up in the feeds and on the actual post, too.

  3. hello haha narf

    you like to poke the bear, don’t you? at family functions we try not to talk politics coz have the family is democrat while the other half is republican. usually there is beer. NEVER a good combination. must be why i refuse to talk about politics. hmmm…

  4. Robin

    I know better than to wear one of those bad boys to any family functions. Hell, I might get shot for wearing that to the Wal-Mart in this town. But it *is* fun to imagine. In my imaginary world, these would make great Christmas gifts for my cousins. :clap:

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