Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

The moment none of you have been waiting for

During the Halloween party, we had one room that was turned into a photo studio and took professional photos of almost every guest (except for the few who never meandered into the studio) in their costumes. I thought since most party photos are so dark, the quality would suck, so everyone might enjoy a nice, high quality photo of themselves at The Neverwas Fair.

I had this whole plan to upload the photos to Flickr and then move them over to Qoop, which allows you to buy prints. I was going to sell prints to everyone and everybody would be happy. The problem is that Qoop sucks. It’s one of the worst sites out there and very poorly managed. Fuck you, Qoop.

The new plan is much simpler. Here is the Flickr set with all of the photos. For each photo, you can click the “All Sizes” button at the top to view the high resolution versions, and then you can download the high resolution versions to your computer and you can even print the photos through Flickr to be picked up at your local Target. If you do print these photos, make sure to print them as 5X7, not 4X6!

Here are just a few of the photos out of the almost 160 that were taken:









In other Avita-news:

Tonight is a brand new installment of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”!

Am I addicted to the Internet? Is Britt? Is that a bad thing? Are most of your friends in your computer?

Britt and I are going to talk about Internet Addiction from 9 PM to 10 PM EST on Talkshoe. You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!

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25 Replies to “The moment none of you have been waiting for”

  1. whall

    To borrow some 1337 geekspeak, those photos and frames are completely win.

    Make sure on the radio show that you not only talk about Internet addiction, but PDA too. Blackberries, iPhones, etc. Talk about the nerds in your life that will whip out their gadget from their hip as they converse with you.

    Talk about how rude they can be where you’re sitting at dinner at a nice restaurant and as soon as any topic comes up, they insist on looking up “the answer” as if you invited a 3rd guest.

    Discuss the menacing problem facing our nation and how it’s all tied to the NOW NOW NOW ME ME ME LOOK AT MY DEVICE!

    Try not to talk about how astonishingly goodlooking said nerd is, nor his fascination with LOLcats, 3-minute videos or anti-Obama rhetoric.

  2. Poppy

    Princess Leia in pigtails with blood on her hands who just killed a stormtrooper with her bare hands in her knee-high Converse boots and glitter eyes was at your party?! Wow, that’s pretty awesome.

    Sheila is a naughty girl.

    Sybil wins the prize for best panties. Mine were just red with lace up the side, no kitty cat.

  3. Avitable

    Dave2, thanks – Clown did all the work on that.

    BPR, he made it out of cardboard, which was pretty awesome.

    Maria, that is indeed Sybil’s ass.

    Sarah, I can’t believe you never came in to have your photo taken, though!

    Whall, I’m one of those people who look up everything too.

    Robin, thanks!

    Poppy, yeah, Princess Leia made the party as awesome as it was.

    Faiqa, me too. Oh well – this works out better for everyone. Share the wealth, I say.

    Turnbaby, licking her boots? Ew! She’s being Wonder Woman and kicking me in the face!

    Sheila, you’re clearly the star of the night.

    NYCWD, death to Qoop indeed.

    Sybil, they glow in the dark? You should have demonstrated that!

    Robin, oh, it wasn’t me. All the photos were taken by my friend Jess.

    Dragon, she was smoking. Oh, and really, really drunk.

    Grant, I do speak a sukoshii Japanese.

    Finn, can’t believe you never made it in the studio. I distinctly remember suggesting that you go in there, too. . . .

  4. Brandon

    I’m glad I didn’t go, because if I would’ve seen Dave’s haunting eyes in person, I might’ve gone crazy. The pictures alone are enough to give me bad dreams. And I’m not even normally scared of clowns.

  5. Avitable

    Liquid, Clown does good work.

    Elizabeth, you’ll have to come next year.

    Brandon, we also had an actress dressed as a clown who jumped out and scared people.

    Heather, and now you know why you have to come next year.

    Hilly, you’re always speaking in some crazy code!

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