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Has anybody seen?

I got caught up on some TV and movies this week.


The Strangers (Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman): Started off very intense. The first hour was very stressful to watch, but then the last half hour ended up being rather by-the-numbers. Still a decent flick that wasn’t too cliched.

Baby Mama (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Greg Kinnear, Steve Martin): They should have just let Tina write a movie her own way, without going the formulaic sappy way. It was still fun, but if it hadn’t been for the general awesomeness of the cast, the poor story would have made it a horrible movie.

Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Jack Black): I saw this twice in theaters and loved it. This time I watched the Director’s Cut on DVD. It’s a bit longer, and had some material in it that was funny but completely unnecessary and actually dragged the movie out a bit. I remain convinced that Downey deserves an Oscar nomination for his role, though.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): The finale, where Charlie puts on a musical, was absolutely hilarious. If you don’t watch this show, you are missing out. Go buy seasons 1-3 on DVD right now.

True Blood (HBO): Holy shit! The finale was outstanding – Bill walking across the yard in the sun was amazing. Anybody have any theories about Lafayette?

Chuck (NBC): This show has really turned around in the second season. Chuck is cooler, funnier, and less of a wimp, and his supporting cast has been fleshed out nicely. My friend from college, Zach, was the assassin (Codename: Wolf Den) in an episode a few weeks ago, and that was pretty awesome by itself.

Heroes (NBC): It’s still crap, but it’s been slightly more logical and entertaining crap.

Pushing Daisies (ABC): The magician episode with Fred Willard was my favorite of the season, and I’m so sad that it’s been cancelled. ABC really screwed the pooch with this one.

Have you seen anything good lately?

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47 Replies to “Has anybody seen?”

  1. Faiqa

    Loved Tropic Thunder. The Strangers… not so much. I felt like the characters were a little too moronic to be believable, you know? My ass would have high tailed out of there as soon as that crazy bitch knocked on my door at 4 a.m. (Ironically, I watched both of these movies this weekend.) I’m looking forward to watching True Blood on DVD.

  2. B.E. Earl

    I love “It’s Always Sunny…”, and I have since the first season. The show is truly out there.

    “True Blood” was a nice first season and a very nice finale. I can’t wait to see where it goes next year. The creators of the show certainly want us to think that Bill may have fed on Lafayette. But I really don’t think so. Can’t wait to see.

  3. Dave2

    I agree with just about everything you said. Except I think “Heroes” is BEYOND crap, and is about the stupidest shit on television. And I’m still not 100% back on board with “Chuck,” though I’m watching again.

    I’ve been re-watching episodes of “Sports Night,” “The West Wing,” “Wonderfalls,” and “Veronica Mars” on DVD… I never get tired of watching great television.

  4. Breigh (Canadutch)

    I LOVE TB! I think they want us to think that Bill fed on Lafayette but I don’t think he did. I mean he knows he’s a friend of Sookie, I don’t think he’d do that.

    What I think got to him was that chick who took in the black chick who seems to be from Sam’s past. I think she’s a nasty character.

    Have you been watching Sons of Anarchy? That’s another awesome show.

  5. Kelley

    Sucks being in Oz when you talk about your awesome TV shows.

    Makes me wanna spit.

    And you know what else sucks? When I am typing a comment about how it sucks that I don’t know these TV shows and my son leans over my shoulder and asks ‘why is the lady waving? Can I have that picture for my computer?’ and you die a little inside cause now you realise that he is a boob man at the age of 10 and the right height to go for a cuddle from any woman and bury his face in their cleavage.

    So thanks for that.

  6. Kathy

    It was still fun, but if it hadn’t been for the general awesomeness of the cast, the poor story would have made it a horrible movie.

    Between Knocked Up, Juno, and I guess now Baby Mama, I’ve pretty much decided to avoid all movie about unplanned pregnancy. All were disappointing.

  7. jGrrl

    Oy, I’m out of touch, they only one of those I’ve seen is Heroes and I’m two or three episodes behind I think… Damn husband.

    Ugh though, I’ve seen more than too much freakin’ Hannah Montana and The DoodleBops this month… Damn kids.


  8. Crys

    i saw those first two movies this weekend, too. i thought The Strangers blew. i mean, at some point you have to push through the fear and kick some ass, am i right? i thought the ending was weak.

    i feel the exact same way about Baby Mama. love the cast, but it was formulaic and lame. too bad.

    Tropic Thunder continues to remain my favorite movie this year and i TOTALLY agree that Downey should get an Oscar. he won’t of course, because it’s not PC, but he totally deserves it. plus he didn’t go FULL retard.

  9. Crys

    oh, i should mention that i also saw Mongol (the story of Genghis Khan, as recommended by my brother who recently read a book about Khan based on the only known biography to have been passed down. the movie follows the book, insomuch as it is based on the same info. ANYWAY. it was quite good, kind of Braveheart-y, a little sad. it’s the story of the first part of Khan’s life, how he rises to power through adversity, and ends with Khan rising to power to unite Mongolia. there are 2 other movies due to come out, presumably about his conquests and i don’t know, Kublai? (Genghis’ grandson)

    i don’t know, i like books like that (historical), and this movie was pretty good.

    did you ever see Hero with Jet Li?

    now there’s a beautiful movie.

  10. m

    The finale of the Shield. Very satisfying and very…Sheild-like.

    Got bored with Sons of Anarchy.

    Life on Mars. Digging it…cant wait until January for more, now that they appear to be really diverging, I want to know what’s int he basement.

    Murdoch Mysteries. Canadian show. Kinda like CSI, except set in the 1800s. Yeah.

    House. Still kicks ass after 5 years.

    Fringe. Still not digging, but still trying to watch it.

    Heroes. Gave up. I’ll continue to get the DVDs and just watch it that way.

    The Unit. That’s what I do with this show…just out of weekly time constraints. Watched the whole 3rd season on Thursday. Good shit.

    West Wing S2…gf is running through the whole series start to finish to catch all the ones she’s missed.

    Spooks. Went back and got season three after having not kept up.

    Chuck’s fun. Kinda empty fun, but I enjoy it.

    30 Rock. The Fey. Uh huh.

    Have True Blood on stand by.

    And one month until The Doctor Who X-Mas Special. WOOO HOOOO!

  11. Maria

    The Strangers: Didn’t see it. Seemed like it would be Funny Games mixed with some random horror flick.

    Baby Mama: I thought it was cute/funny. Tina Fey was great.

    Tropic Thunder: You know what I find funny? People boycotting the movie because it uses the word retard. It’s not necessarily making fun of them – it’s making fun of the ridiculous lengths actors will go for recognition or an award. And RDJ was a better black man than most black men. He *was* the film.

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): Never seen it, but I plan on checking it out eventually.

    True Blood (HBO): I think Lafayette was turned by the red headed chick. He can’t be dead. He’d better not be dead.

    Chuck (NBC): I agree with you, Chuck is really good this season. We don’t have enough Morgan though. I love him, we need more of him.

    Heroes (NBC): I agree. The past few episodes have been a bit better, but it’s still suckage. Not the good kind, either.

    Pushing Daisies (ABC): Yes. They did. I’m pissed. But,there might be a graphic novel continuation followed by a movie, so I’m trying to look on the positive side. The end of the last episode, with them opening Chuck’s dad’s grave? The most perfect cliffhanging scene. Can’t wait until next week.

    Do you watch Dexter?

  12. Grant

    Just saw Tropic Thunder on Thanksgiving. It kicked ass, although I didn’t watch the extended director’s cut. I liked Tom Cruise the best in it.

    I think Sunny in Philly is available for free on Hulu. As is Dr. Horrible. I still rewatch that one every so often just for the songs.

  13. Jason

    It’s Always Sunny is the best show on TV. Charlie is a maniac. I think my recent favorite was the “Who Pooped the Bed” episode.

    Baby Mama was set in my neighborhood in Philly. Too bad the movie was lame.

  14. Blondefabulous

    Pushing Daisies (ABC): The magician episode with Fred Willard was my favorite of the season, and I’m so sad that it’s been cancelled. ABC really screwed the pooch with this one.

    I am so totally with you on this one. ABC is really pushing their luck. :finger:

  15. whall

    I’m looking forward to Tropic Thunder (haven’t see it yet) and I think I might give Heroes a try from the beginning… never saw it either.

    Me? Big Bang Theory is my favorite show. It just keeps getting better and better. A few episodes ago, they even featured LOLcats! (one of the cast members emailed another cast member a LOLcat and that was “a strike” against their friendship).

  16. melanie

    I also watched The Strangers this weekend. I thought is was pretty lame but the teenagers and I made our own narrative as we watched so that salvaged the dollar we spent to rent from redbox. I haven’t seen the others but just might go get some of them and check it out today.

  17. ADW

    Out of all of those shows, I only watch True Blood. I just saw the finale on TGiving and Holy Crap!

    I thought them skipping through time was a little bit weird, but it’s a strange show.

    Lafayette is(was) one of my favorites, so he better not be dead.

  18. Robin

    OMG – LOVED Tropic Thunder. Loved it! From what I heard, I was so expecting to be protesting and shit outside of the theater…turns out those were the funniest parts. That movie’s out on DVD already? ::runs to Amazon::

  19. Barbie

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, best ever. So glad I have met others that enjoy it.

    Just saw TT last night and loved it. Downey is incredible and he is also great in ironman I thought. I love him. Tom Cruise was good too, but too much cursing was written in for him and it seemd off coming from him. I kept thinking of his dawson’s creek wife and baby. Weird huh?

    Don’t watch tv but do watch shows online. I love the show intervention on AE.

  20. Brandi

    Cancelling a show with my fav pie maker is :shit: . I hate you abc. That is until lost returns.

    I am digging little britian usa along with my true blood. Also I occationally enjoy a life and times of tim.

    Big Bang theory is great too.

  21. Lin

    The Strangers scared the crap out of me the first hour. I waited until my husband came home for R&R to rent it. Then I found it lame and sort of stupid.

    Based on your review, though, we rented Tropic Thunder for tonight. I was sort of wanting to watch it, but I figured it was a good way to send Gary back to Iraq…lol

  22. Turnbaby

    Tropic Thunder was excellent in the theater. We’ll probably watch TB at some point. And the few episodes of It’s Always Sunny that I’ve seen have been awesome.

    Saw Four Christmases today –some funny bits but it bogs down toward the end. Gotta love VV

  23. maman

    How do we organize one of those “Put my show back on, you stupid bastards!” protests. And why is the cast of Mad Men following my Twitter feed? I would give ANYTHING for that to have been OLIVE SNOOK!

    also, I vote for the Big Bang Theory too… but then I did last year too.

  24. Honeybell

    They canceled Pushing Daisies? Well fuck me! They barely gave it a chance considering the strike screwed everything up.

    Plus I have to wait for True Blood season 2. I hate waiting. (No way can Lafayette be dead)

    *off to pout*

  25. Sarah

    What have I been watching? Not much. I haven’t seen Sunny at all this season yet, but I’ll get to it. Dexter is awesome this season as always. I quit watching CSI when they killed Warrick last season that show focuses too much on the characters and really lost focus. But I heart NCIS as always.

    Wow I haven’t really been watching much. Except supernatural, I have yet to miss an episode. Although that’s more about hotness factor than actual episode quality, although I really like to show.

  26. diesel

    We have similar tastes in TV. I never saw what the appeal of Heroes was, but I keep watching it for some reason. Pushing Daisies was okay, but almost toxically whimsical.

    Have you seen the U.S. version of Life on Mars? It’s actually pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

  27. cris

    I think Chuck is maybe the best thing on TV right now. At least the best thing I seem willing to watch.

    My True Blood theory is Lafayette was attached by the social worker chick Tara has been staying with. I believe she is a werewolf who is following her “pet pooch” Sam. Remember he once saind of werewolves, that they were “Loathsome, disgusting creatures I don’t appreciate being compared to”

    I suspect Lafayette is too good of a character to kill off, so we could have a road crew working, transsexual, prostitute transspecies next season. Imagine a great powerful beast attacking you out of the darkness with perfectly maintained and painted nails.

  28. Sarcastica

    The Strangers sucked. I hated it, couldn’t even stand to watch it but the boyfriend made me. God if I were them I would have stayed in that room with the gun and shot the people.

    Baby Mama was alright, nothing I’d watch again though. I agree about Tropic Thunder, totally awesome!

  29. Gina

    I enjoyed “Burn After Reading” (saw it in theaters 2 times), “Quantum of Solace” (yum, Daniel Craig), and “Religulous.”

    I want to see “Twilight” still, “Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” and “The Spirit.”

  30. twinkie

    I couldn’t watch Heroes this season because of my kids pee-wee tackle practice so I’m not gonna watch it now till it goes on DVD but I LOVE that show!!

    Still waiting for LOST to come back.

    Addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.

    Other than that who has time for t.v???

    OH WAIT… I did watch Tropic Thunder and ohMYgawd. Robert Downey Jr???? I’d be his crack whore any day!

  31. twinkie

    I just wanted to add that this weekend one of the baby twinkies was quoting the movie, “You mmmammma mmma make mmmemmmee happy!”

    and I replied, “Big Mickey!! You NEVER go full retard!!”

    people that boycott movies are retarded.

    Which is aparently different from mentally challenged ever since it became politically incorrect to use “retarded.”

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