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Is there anything I haven’t eaten this weekend?

Between three different Thanksgivings and the meals in-between, I have consumed more food than any human should be able to.

I’ve had turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and twice-baked potatoes and two different types of sweet potato casserole and stuffing with sausage in it and rolls and cranberry sauce and two different kinds of gravy and grape jelly meatballs and eggnog and slices from two different pumpkin pie cheesecakes and chocolate cream pie and butterscotch cream pie and pecan tarts and cookies and chocolate cake and green bean casserole and carrot cake. And a gallon of Pepcid AC.

My favorite dish was probably a stuffing that my sister made from scratch from a Rachel Ray recipe that had sausage in it. It was amazing!

What was your favorite food from this weekend?

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42 Replies to “Is there anything I haven’t eaten this weekend?”

  1. Ginger

    I just got home from our belated Thanksgiving celebration that was this afternoon/evening.

    Our friends smoked a turkey. It was amazing.

    Although I must admit that I made a kick-ass Crack & Cheese.

  2. SJ

    My husband is from Georgia, and he’s complained every year that Left Coasters do not make dressing correctly. This year, I followed a Paula Deen recipe for Southern Cornbread Dressing, and it turned out to be exactly what Bret’s been hankering for. And he’s right – I *have* been making it wrong all these years! It’s now my new favorite holiday food.

    Paula’s recipe for Green Bean Casserole topped my usual one, as well.

  3. B.E. Earl

    I hate to brag, but I made two different types of mashed potatoes to bring to my sister’s house on Thanksgiving. Wasabi mashed potatoes, and feta cheese mashed potatoes.

    Both were a huge hit with the 30+ people there.

  4. manager mom

    I inherited my horrible cooking skills from my mother, so my Thanksgiving feast consisted of scraping the edible meat from the burnt turkey and making a pot pie for my Spawn and a turkey salad for the adults.

    But I think I gained about three pounds just reading your post. Shall I send the bill for my Spanx to you?

  5. Laurin

    I dry brined a turkey this year instead of my usual wet brine. It was the moistest and most flavorful turkey ever, and the easiest to do. It could have been humiliating since I wrote a post about it.

    Also made roasted chestnut sausage stuffing because I was seduced by Tyler Florence a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

  6. Grant

    I had leftover Chinese food and some samples from Cornzapoppin. D&T popcorn is better if you absolutely have to have the very best, but if you’re in hock to the medical community and on a budget but don’t want to give up gourmet popcorn for two years, try Cornzapoppin’s butterscotch chocolate popcorn. They’re slightly cheaper if you order through Amazon.

  7. hello haha narf

    next year i am tagging along with you! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and i love that you had three.

    my cousin makes the best, and easiest, corn casserole. that might have been my favorite food this year. usually stuffing wins, but i had been craving the corn casserole. she made one extra so that we could have leftovers. which i am now going to eat for breakfast. yum.

  8. jGrrl

    My thanksgiving is already long passed but my favourite thing from this weekend was the bailey’s Irish Cream chocolates that my darling brought home for me Friday as a ‘smile gift’…

    A long time ago though – my Dad made this amazing cornbread cranberry stuffing for the bird, it kicked a metric fuckton of thankful ass.

  9. metalmom

    Oh PatrickD….That’s my favorite kind too!!

    The best thing I ate this holiday was the peanut butter cookies that my niece made. I make plenty of cookies but my pb cookies never come out quite as good. They were moist and have plenty of little chunks…….

  10. Turnbaby

    My buttermilk cornbread dressing–it’s my grandmother’s recipe and if I don’t have it it’s not Thanksgiving. Nothing else comes close.

    And I need the recipe for that pumpkin upsidedown cake Faiqa;-)

  11. Elizabeth

    My favorite was definitely the stuffing my uncle made, with Wonderbread, sausage, grated Parmesan, mushrooms, onions, fresh parsley and probably a whole slew of other stuff I’m missing. It was fantastic. I highly recommend going to someone Italian’s house for Turkey Day. 😀

  12. noraisins

    My favorite is my chocolate pecan pumpkin pie and cranberries cooked with apple cider and rum.

    Faiqa’s pumpkin upside down cake sounds great to me too. I just looove pumpkin.

  13. twinkie

    The favorite part of Thanksgiving this year is that everything I ate… I didn’t cook. I hosted Thanksgiving Tuesday but didn’t cook a thing. My hubby and his gramma made it all.

    then Tuesday night we left to go camping.. so Thanksgiving was in Dumont (desert in California on your way to Vegas) and once again… the men deep fried some turkeys and everyone brought out sides and it was all delicious and I cooked NOTHING!!

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