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Anybody live near Charlotte?

If you’re waiting for the results of my Buffy giveaway, I’ll post it shortly. I just have to count all of the entries and pick my random winner.

On December 24th, Amy, Jigsaw and I will be driving to Charlotte, North Carolina, to spend the holidays with my wife’s younger sister, who has recently purchased her first house and is hosting her very first Christmas. The last holiday I spent with this sister was the ill-fated trip to Saint Croix, which resulted in my misery and the lot of you calling me a whiny bitch. I expect this trip to be much better.

We’re not actually going to Charlotte. We’re traveling to a small, one-street town that closes down at 4 PM, consists of 90% churchgoing hypocrites residents, and has absolutely nothing to do for those of us with severe ADD. No movie theater, no high-speed Internet, no red light district for Thai ladyboys.

We will arrive on Christmas Eve, do the whole Christmas thing (open presents, eat food, sacrifice a few virgins – the usual), on Christmas, and then our plans are quite fuzzy. I imagine there will be some type of sporting event put on the television, and I’d much rather gouge my eyes out than participate in that. I’m also aware of a planned trip to the Biltmore, which sounds like a descent into the very bowels of hell itself.

So I’ve decided to entertain myself. And by entertain myself, I mean that I would see if there are any bloggers in the general Charlotte area who want to get together on either the 27th or 28th for a lunch or dinner or coffee or a nosh or cookies and milk or a cuppa or a steak.

If you’re so entrenched in spending time with your family that you cannot get away, I pity you, but hopefully there are a few heathens out there who would love to leave their family behind for an hour or two just to hang out.


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40 Replies to “Anybody live near Charlotte?”

  1. Crys

    Charlotte? similar first two letters, but it’s not Chicago. that blows. you know, if you come here i will show you a fucking good time. i will take you to gay bars and watch as all the men try to dry hump you. and then i will dry hump the gay men because god knows i love the gays. i will show you new things because you, my friend, need to see new things. you think you’re going to see that shit in Charlotte? oh you sweet little thing.

  2. Redneck Mommy

    Dude. I would consider abandoning my family and flying down there just to have milk and cookies with you.

    I may have to stand on a city street corner wearing thigh high boots and a platinum wig to pay for it, but it’ll be totally worth it.

    *Walks off to go find hooker boots…*

  3. Melissa

    ooh, me me me! I live in Charlotte! πŸ™‚

    May be out of town on the dates you’ll be around, but if I’m not I’ll be happy to show you the more, um, fun parts of town. And if I am I can still give you tips on where to go.

    Crys is right, Charlotte may not be Chicago, but if you want to partake in some dry humping, we could make that happen …

    And the Biltmore costs like $50 a person. I haven’t been, because I’m not paying $50. I can’t possibly see how it’s worth it though. Some of the shops outside it are fun. Ok, one or two. Ok, one …

  4. Willie G

    Would love to meet you in person. I’m an hour and a half north of Charlotte and would gladly do the drive for lunch or dinner or whatever. Let me know how to help you make plans, would love to meet others in the area as well.

  5. Jennifer

    Charlotte? Isn’t that close to Nova Scotia? Cause if it is, I’ll be there naked with bells on! Ok, not naked cause it’s really cold here, even with the no snow thing, but its lobster season, which means you can buy a lobster the size of a dog and not have to take out a loan.

  6. hello haha narf

    on the way to myrtle beach, my aunt (who was a part of a three vehicle caravan) wanted to stop at the biltmore. there were a few other touristy things she wanted to do. all i wanted to do was get checked in to our houses on the beach and do my own thing. so i gave her so much shit about wanting to see every “world’s biggest ball of twine” between pittsburgh & south carolina. i won! yay!

    but back to you. sorry, i’ll be in pittsburgh. i say you sneak out, jump a plane and come play in the burgh! tour guide becky, at your service…

  7. Muskrat

    I went there for work not long ago and asked if anyone lived there from my Twitter friends, but I got nothing. Hope your trip is more eventful than mine. The local music scene is supposed to be good.

    I did enjoy the Biltmore, though.

  8. KathyT

    I live in Charlotte, and I would just go to the Ballantyne Resort spa while the rest of them wear themselves out walking around the Biltmore House. I love the Biltmore House (and Asheville), but $50 is getting too steep for me. I’d meet you out, but I think that I would bore you silly πŸ˜›

  9. Brandon

    No high speed internet? I know the feeling, whenever I go to my parents, all they have is dial-up. And they live in a decent sized city, just our house is up an old road that neither cable or the phone company will upgrade.

    So I feel for you, especially if it’s going to be a multiple days.

  10. Valerie

    I went to school at Davidson up the road and lived in Charlotte for a few years after college and thoroughly enjoyed the city. I can only imagine there are more things to do there now. Enjoy!

  11. Sarah

    I won’t be there. I will be in a mall on the other side of the country wanting to strangle customers. And singing christmas music to myself as it usually doesn’t go off until New Years. :loser:

  12. Robin

    The Biltmore’s not bad. There’s a spa at the Grove Park Inn (which is also near Asheville) that’s pretty cool. Asheville is a neat place. But Charlotte? Well, there’s always lots of NASCAR-related sightseeing there.

  13. Dick Carlson

    Love to. We’re in Columbia, SC — a mere 90 flat miles south. I was just in Charlotte yesterday for business, and it’s a relaxing 72 minute drive.

    You MUST check out the Billy Graham Museum — when we stopped in the NC welcome station, that was the only thing they would suggest.

    No, we didn’t go. Not until he’s stuffed.

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