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Who’s the lucky winner?

Here’s the direct link. Sorry for the shitty video quality. Somehow when I transferred it from Adobe Premiere, I picked the absolute worst possible quality level. Thanks to everyone who entered!

In other Avita-news, thanks for everyone for helping us have another great show last night! We talked about Facebook and Myspace and stalking and Britt yelled a lot. What could be better?

If you missed the show, download it here, or add it to your iTunes here.

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38 Replies to “Who’s the lucky winner?”

  1. Robin

    I fucking fell asleep 5 MINUTES before the show started….5 FUCKING MINUTES!!

    I will be downloading it onto my IPOD though…but it’s not the same. ::pouts::

    I do have an idea for another show – how about an advice hour where people call in and you and Britt give advice about stuff? That would be awesome, especially if you guys don’t agree…

  2. whall

    Thank goodness for the comments because goodness knows I’m not watching any more videos at your side and GOODNESS SAKES you already know I can’t watch videos on my blackberry anyway.


  3. Redneck Mommy

    My love knows no bounds for you.

    You just totally made my morning. Which was a tough thing to do since I’m sick as a dog and just realized I have to put my daughter’s cat down. (Merry Christmas Fric, sorry for killing your cat.)


    And I’m listening to your radio show as I type this.

    You annoy me.

    Just so you know.


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