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Who knew I could be weird?

I got tagged by Bridget over at Yellaphant to do one of those lists of seven things that you might not know about me.

This is more difficult than you’d think. I mean, I’ve already made a list of 100 things about me. And my Avitable purity test told you another 60 things that I’ve done that nobody wanted to know.

But I might as well give it a try! Without further ado:

1. I don’t like roller coasters. I just think about all of the little pieces that could be improperly maintained and then realize that most of them are maintained by sub-IQ retards making minimum wage and will not put my life into their hands.

2. When I was in law school, I was sleeping so soundly and dreaming about peeing so repeatedly, that I actually peed a little. Now even if my dream is barely about having to pee at all, I’ll still wake up and go.

3. My mother hates my Christmas cards. The very first one I ever sent out was relatively innocuous but she was still horrified. Each year I try to see what else I can do to horrify her. Since her friends are on my card list as well, many of them get the card and then say to each other, “Oh, Robyn’s going to kill that boy!” My mom actually pleads with me not to send them out to anyone she knows every year. Heh.

4. I don’t have any role models or mentors. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think I have anything to learn. On the contrary, I just realize that I can take the elements that I might admire in someone and just apply them to myself and at that point there is no reason for that person to be there anymore.

5. I do actually work in my underwear. Since I work from home, I see no point in wearing constricting clothing while working. A white t-shirt as an undershirt and a pair of boxer briefs seem to do the job perfectly well. I encourage my employees who work out of my house to wear whatever they want, too, but so far nobody’s taken advantage of Lingerie Monday.

6. I’ve never been to a funeral and I do not plan on going to one. The only funerals where I’d feel any compulsion to attend would be for those people to whom I’m very close, and for those people, I’d rather pay my respects privately than attend a funeral.

7. I’ve seen the Spice Girls’ Movie over 10 times. What can I say? With a great supporting cast, the film is actually pretty funny, and of course, I love the music. Zig-a zig-a Ah!

So there you go – 7 things that you likely did not know about yours truly. I’m not going to tag anyone else to do this one, because I don’t play like that!

Have a great weekend!

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30 Replies to “Who knew I could be weird?”

  1. Kiefer and Emo

    1. Emo hates coconut.
    2. When Emo was arrested he said his name was Kiefer and so they didn’t take him in because they figured they had the wrong guy.
    3. Yeah, and Kiefer has a mole on his butt.
    4. So does Emo.
    5. Emo cheats when he plays games
    6. No, it’s just that Kiefer can read my mind.
    7. We are not strange.

  2. B.E. Earl

    I’m with you on the funeral thing. I’ve had to go to a bunch, but I would rather not have. And wakes are my particular bugaboo. I freakin’ hate wakes. Bunch of standing around with a dead body up there. Weird tradition.

  3. Finn

    I just realize that I can take the elements that I might admire in someone and just apply them to myself and at that point there is no reason for that person to be there anymore.

    This made me laugh out loud. You funny. But seriously, there’s always a reason for me to be around. Even if it’s just for decorative purposes. At least until I shrivel up. Then you so better be at my funeral or I’ll haunt you until YOU die.

  4. Bridget

    I love that the majority of these comments are in regards to the Spice Girls movie. You have so much in common with your readers. And it isn’t normal.
    I hate roller coasters too. There are so many other ways I’d rather die. And people who run them freak me the feck out. None of that for me.

  5. Avitable

    Dave, ferrets don’t eat rabbits!

    Always, my favorite is Scary Spice.

    Sheila, what laws? My balls only hang out occasionally.

    LeSombre, you mean I haven’t been hiding it very well?

    LMSS, I think it’s something psychological with me, though.

    K&E, you should get your moles checked out – they look cancerous.

    Faiqa, where have you been? Living in a cave?

    Mrs. Kitty, if you want to email me your address, I’ll send you this year’s.

    Tracy, oh, so you don’t want that cup of jizz I mailed to you?

    BE Earl, wakes would be even worse.

    Crystal, Glitter is a horrible movie. It’s nothing like the gem of Spice World.

    DB, I’m the fifth Spice Girl – Hairy Spice.

    Britt, oh, I’m going to outlive you for sure.

    Hello, you should totally give it a shot – it’s awesome!

    NYCWD, we should get matching shirts.

    Finn, why does that make you laugh?

    PotU, me too! Now I just have to get it on Blu-Ray.

    Bridget, are you saying I’m not normal??!??

    Grant, I twittered it. I didn’t realize until after I posted that she made it for today.

    Bossy, no, it just means that you should just give up and come live here in Orlando full-time.

    Melanie, I guess it’s not that weird after all – lots of people seem to love it!

  6. Sybil Law

    Like Faiqa, I had no idea the Spice Girls even had a movie. I’m okay with that.
    But roller coasters – love them, but the trick is not to think about all that stuff. I tend to get freaked out by them, too, but I still go on them.
    You really are a control freak!
    I have not gotten a card from you, yet. What the :crazywife: :crying: .
    (Excuse the PMS.)

  7. Clown

    7 things WHO didn’t know about you? Haven’t you mentioned that all before? Or am I just treated to lots of worthless offline facts and blurring the lines between blog and life. Honest question.

  8. Poppy

    I did not know one out of seven of these things about you. One thing I knew but didn’t realize I knew. Five I definitely knew already.

    Can I have the $25 Saks cookie from Hilly for knowing 6 of the 7 things?

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