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Worst post ever.


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37 Replies to “Worst post ever.”

  1. Stephanie

    Adam…I am soooo with you on the vomit thing. I just recently (a couple months ago) vomited for the first time in oh, probably 10 years or so?

    I fear that I too am pathologically afraid of it. I will fight the nausea, cry, drink water, whatever it takes. I’ll take liquid ass fire or swamp ass any day.

    Oh, and? I vomited coconut.

    Same texture coming up as going down, that’s all I’m gonna say.

    <~~~can’t even LOOK at fucking coconut EVER again. :puke:

  2. B.E. Earl

    Back in the day before I could handle my booze, I would get the worst hangovers the next day. It would usually go away if I let myself vomit, but I hated it sooo much that I would rather feel like crap for 24 straight hours than toss them thar cookies.

    That might be the saddest thing I’ve ever written.

  3. Jennifer

    This is not good.

    First, I had a dream about you last night. And now I must watch you blog naked?

    You tease!

    Ok, actually in the dream you were very thin, wearing a baggy suit and I had been invited to your birthday party. You had scary-tacky furniture in the party room including gargoyle side tables (perhaps it was a theme) and we played pin the tail on the continent.

    Then, we went to visit someone on a houseboat to which I accidentally stepped on a button which made a space in the floor open up and Gary Sinise (in a wheelchair) fell through and drowned.

    THEN…we went to one of your businesses and I got mad at you because you were clearly running a sweat shop.

    I have to stop drinking coffee that late at night.

  4. Been there, Done that

    OK, at first I thought that you had your leg folded up next to your head. Then, when I looked closer, I thought that your head had come off of your shoulders. Now I’m pretty sure that someone else’s hairy leg is bent behind your head. Maybe YouTube had your head out of sync with your body. Maybe I drank too much last night.

  5. Grant

    The audio and video were out of sync which gave it this cool Kung Fu Theatre affect, but otherwise you were boring and the entire post was a waste of bandwidth. I’m blaming YouTube per your request.

  6. Em

    That post was kind of…. bad. But, yea, I am not a vomit-er either. I very rarely vomit. I’m not afraid of it though, only because I know it never happens to me. But, hey, have fun with that liquid ass fire.

  7. Faiqa

    I love Habaneros… and I’ve never been to Mt. Dora because, umm, it’s Mt. Dora. So, when I watched the video your words and mouth don’t match. It was like watching a bad kung fu movie. Except you were naked. And there was no kung fu.

  8. Kevin Spencer

    Good thing I didn’t watch that at work. I can just hear my boss now “are you watching a video of a naked hairy man?”.

    And you never over-indulged in the alcohol department back in the day that necessitated a quick worshiping of the porcelain god?

  9. Avitable

    Dave, at least your stuff has cute cartoons with it.

    BPR, you’d totally watch it even if there was full frontal nudity – don’t deny it. You’re a glutton for punishment.

    Amanda, not me – vomiting is miserable and sad.

    Jared, well, they do have a gourmet dog bakery and Renninger’s farmer’s market is nearby, too.

    Stephanie, coconut? I’m gagging here just thinking about it. And no bidet. I wish!

    BE Earl, I feel the same way. I’d rather feel sick than just puke and get it over with.

    Tracy, someday I’m totally sending you a dick picture. When’s your birthday again?

    Ed, did you just copy Dave?

    Jennifer, how did you know about my gargoyle side tables?

    Mik, you’re not blogging dressed, who are you kidding?

    BTDT, I think the booze is talking.

    Grant, see if you can get someone there to commit hari kiri.

    NYCWD, oh yeah! I need to show those off!

    Wayne, Youtube doesn’t allow anything frightening, so you can click safely.

    Sybil, Jigsaw did love her treats.

    TrishK, I can only imagine. I know how much it sucks overall.

    Diesel, was that one of your puke-n-punch dates?

    Angie, you don’t like Mount Dora?

    Em, I managed to read a few books!

    Crystal, I was very tired.

    Gramps, I know!

    Jeff, she wins the comments.

    BeJewell, I have no response to that!

    Charlie, anytime.

    Mr. Farty, exactly.

    Ginger, me too.

    Faiqa, there was kung fu, alright. With my penis.

    Rachel, yup!

    Michelle, we ended up skipping it after all.

    Hello, duh!

    Kevin, I never had to puke when I drank. Thank God.

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