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I think it might be time for us to reassess our magazine subscriptions. In looking at our bills and budget for the year, I compiled a complete list of all magazines to which we subscribe:

Entertainment Weekly
MAD Magazine*
Mental Floss*
Smart Money
Consumer Reports
PC Gamer*
Maximum PC*
Wizard *
Architectural Digest @
Lucky @
Travel and Leisure @
Domino @
Food and Wine @
Angeleno @
Conde Nast Traveler @
National Geographic @

* – indicates any magazines that are strictly mine
@ – indicates any magazines that are strictly Amy’s.

I think I’m going to cancel Maxim – it used to be amusing to read, but it’s gotten boring. Other than that, though, I can’t think of another single magazine that I can consider canceling!

On the plus side, between the magazines, the 30 new comics I buy each week, and the 1-2 new novels I buy each week, I always have enough to read in my throne room. And if our power goes out, I have plenty of kindling for a fire!

I wonder if they have a magazine for magazine addicts…..

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33 Replies to “Magaziniac”

  1. Dave2

    I’m quite pleased that Playboy is not exclusively yours. I always thought Amy was cool, but this raises her to an entirely new level.

    In an effort to simplify my life, I got rid of all my subscriptions except Wired, Nintendo Power, National Geographic Traveler, and Condé Nast Traveler. I used to subscribe to 18, including Maxim, which I agree has lost a lot of its charm.

  2. B.E. Earl

    Where do you find time to work?

    Or sleep. Or eat.

    I used to be a comic book-aholic. Around 100 issues a month or so back in the early 90’s. From the crap I see produced today I can’t imagine it ever climbing that high even if I were to really get back into it.

    An interesting post, for me, would be a list of all of your comic book monthly purchases. Excluding one-shots and mini-series.

  3. Stephanie

    I am apparently an idiot.
    I have never heard of the following:

    Mental Floss

    I REALLY think you need to add a subscription to Us Weekly. It makes much better toilet paper than the others.

    Or something.
    How’s the liquid ass fire today? And did you have fun Mounting Dora? :dance:

  4. Grant

    I somehow got a free subscription to Maxim. I think I overpaid. MAD should definitely be the last thing to go. If necessary, blame the economy and cancel all of Amy’s magazines. Offer to lend her your PC mags as a consolation.

  5. Poppy

    I used to read magazines in my former life.

    I am currently reading Infidel and Dewey (the library cat book). Both are excellent stories, although Infidel is slightly better written but sometimes incohesive.

  6. SciFi Dad

    Just before my son was born, I signed up for SI again (I had it before but canceled after I realized I wasn’t reading it). I have read exactly two (weekly) issues since it started to arrive. Every other copy ends up in the recycling.

  7. Kathy

    I no longer subscribe to any magazines, instead I just but them if I see an article that interests me, or whatever. Subscribing has never been my problem, getting rid of them is. (I’m one of those people with boxes of Rolling Stones dating from the mid-80s.)

  8. Sybil Law

    Amy and I could definitely share magazines. I’ve never even heard of some of yours! Regardless, MAD is a must. 🙂
    Way to whittle down your budget… :lmao:

  9. Laurin

    The rumor is that Domino may go under, and that will just kill me. I will watch out the window for the mail if Kelly tells me her Domino already arrived.

    How do you find time for anything else unless you spend 8 hours a day in the bathroom?

  10. Hilly

    I don’t read magazines…at all. I mean, yes if they are at the dentist’s office or if someone gives them to me to read on a plane or something but other than that? Nope. I have no idea why I have such an aversion to them…I may be a little off. 😉

  11. Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

    Maxim is by far my favorite magazine. However, the subscriptions in our class include:
    Entertainment Weekly
    Better Homes & Gardens (Yeah, I’m not sure why I subscribe to this one?)
    And one other that I can’t think of right now?

  12. Valerie

    You should check out
    The Week

    For finance, I’ve enjoyed our subscription to Barron’s.

    We’re always inundated with magazines as well because we have multiple weekly subscriptions and it’s hard to not read them since they’re relevant to the times.

    We used to have Entertainment Weekly and I agree it is a fun way to keep up with current entertainment without having to actually watch all the shows etc.

  13. Avitable

    Angie, they’re good to read when you don’t need to pay attention to anything.

    e.Craig, I shall take it as one!

    LMSS, I don’t like reading magaiznes online, and I crave info about entertainment.

    Dave2, I don’t even look at the pictorials in Playboy – I honestly get it for the articles.

    BE Earl, I’ll have to put together a post of my comic reads for a month sometime.

    Stephanie, Mental Floss is a magazine with random trivia. Wizard is a comic book magazine. Domino is some type of hip lifestyle fashion magazine, and Angeleno is a magazine about living in Los Angeles.

    Michelle, I don’t like reading anything online.

    Grant, MAD would definitely be the last to go – I’ve subscribed to that for 25 years.

    Poppy, what is Infidel?

    SciFi Dad, that’s one magazine I’ve never subscribed to.

    Britt, what, I’m going to rent a magazine?

    NYCWD, Maxim’s still going strong – it’s the one that managed to survive.

    Kathy, I have boxes of old magazines – occasionally I go through and purge them.

    Dr. Zibbs, yup. Except they have ads now, which makes me sad.

    Sybil Law, I’m like a financial whiz.

    Robin, Playboy still has quite a few interesting interviews.

    Hello, between that and the comics, yeah!

    Laurin, have you tried Lucky?

    Hilly, so you’re a magazinaphobe? Way to be a hater!

    Summer, I just read a lot. And very quickly.

    Amanda, Maxim used to be much funnier, but it just feels like it’s gotten misogynistic recently.

    Laurin, I’ll have to look for that.

    Whall, noooooooooo!

    Valerie, I’ve read “The Week” and it’s pretty interesting.

    Faiqa, this I know!

    Kapgar, my list used to be twice as long, too.

  14. martymankins

    It seems I’m not the only one that thinks Maxim has lost all of it’s allure.

    The Playboy subscription here is read by both my wife and I.

    I used to subscribe to at least 20 magazines back in the day, but I freelanced for some of them, so that counted for at least 5.

    I’m now down to 2: Playboy and Vanity Fair. I ran out of time reading all of the others or they failed to keep me informed.

  15. Nix

    I thought I was the only one with a magazine problem…and I only subscribe to 13. The thing is that I wait until I see them going for $5 a year and then I renew.. even 2 years at a time for that price. Yup, it’s bad.

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