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Playing with my new toy

Direct link. I’m just taking a minute to play with my new Bamboo Fun Wacom tablet that I got for Christmas. Well, I got something else for Christmas that I returned, got a credit, and then got this.

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28 Replies to “Playing with my new toy”

  1. whall

    What’s funny is I happen to know that this video was your 4th take, so you’re totally lying about the “I don’t like to practice” part where you only do it if you can get it on your first try.

    Also, how did it feel to lie about the date at the beginning, since you clearly didn’t record it on the 10th?

  2. Dan

    I was thinking about getting one ofthose for a while. I can’t quite remember why now. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything to do with drawing self portraits of myself with a large penis, but I could be wrong.

  3. LeSombre

    I went through the same process with my WACOM. I played with it for an hour or so, but that was sitting in my living room chair, holding the tablet on my knees and the laptop on the ottoman.

    It might have affected my enjoyment of the system. πŸ˜‰ If I ever get a new home computer, I can set it up properly… πŸ˜‰

  4. Cris

    I have two wishes about this post:
    I wish I was artistic enough to warrant a cool Wacking Off Table
    I wish I had the bandwidth to actually watch streaming video

    I know, I know, I can wish in one hand and…

  5. martymankins

    It’s been years (and I mean that in the decade count) since I’ve used a tablet. That’s pretty cool.

    And while some people would say your drawings look like they were done by a child, It appears you have some sort of drawing abilities.

    I was just looking at one of those tablets the other day at the Office Depot near me that’s going out of business. Even at 20% off, their price was too much. 50% off would be a much better deal.

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