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Under cover of darkness

It’s the magic hour.
The road ahead is barren and black.
Behind me, lights twinkle as stars from another galaxy.
The sky is ink and the moon smiles.
The needle passes 100.
A shrug silences the music.
A nudge lets the wind roar in.
A twist turns off my guiding lights.
I hold the wheel straight and close my eyes.
For a minute, there is only me, and I am flying.
For a minute, I ride the wind.
For a minute, I am free.

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21 Replies to “Under cover of darkness”

  1. Stephanie

    I also love the night, and riding in the car with the windows down, air blowing in…the speed thing is a bit beyond me…but I understand the need for the feeling of freedom…total abandonment of ties to the ground, somewhat.

    These last two posts are FREAKIN’ me out, though. Are you on the rag?

  2. Cris

    while artistic and riveting I can’t seem to get clean, no matter how often I shower. Not after getting the mental image of you standing naked, heels together, head back with eyes closed as a Redneck Police Officer makes you touch your finger to your nose. There you are in all your glory, pale in the police issue spotlight for all the motorists to see as you take a field sobriety test.

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