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Avitaweek 2009: For my birthday . . .

For my birthday, could I get someone to clean my office? I’m completely overwhelmed here and to the point that I don’t even know where to start to make headway.

The left side of my desk
The left side of my desk
The center desk
The center desk
The right side of my desk
The right side of my desk
The far right side of my desk
The far right side of my desk

In other Avita-news:

Tonight (that’s Wednesday night for you short bus riders out there) is a brand new installment of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”!

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama indicated his desire for peace, and what better way to show his determination than the executive order closing down Guantanamo Bay and ending the use of torture such as waterboarding?

But maybe torture has its place in society. Or does it?

Britt and I are going to lightly discuss the easy topic of torture from 9 PM to 10 PM EST on Talkshoe. You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!

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43 Replies to “Avitaweek 2009: For my birthday . . .”

  1. Lisa

    Woah… if I were you, I’d start offering to pay someone to clean your desk. I don’t think anyone would sort all of that stuff for free, even for your birthday.

    I’m suddenly grateful for my tiny desk – I’m forced to keep it clean and organised, or I have nowhere to work. I used to have a huge L-shaped desk though, and it was always messy.

    By the way, the fact that you have a USB missile launcher is AWESOME.

  2. whall

    I could send a moving company and have them clean it out and move it to me.

    In fact, I think I will. I’ll just tell them you’re a deadbeat renter that foreclosed and I bought the house and you’re just squatting.

  3. Blondefabulous

    No prob. I’ve seen worse…. please send a car over to Sarasota & it’ll take me about 7 hours at $8 an hour. (That’s half what a prof. organizer would cost you!) I used to run my own cleaning service, “Clean as a Whistle”, so I can provide references.

    I don’t clean in lingerie or nude though….. :boobs2:

  4. Jay


    Too bad HGTV doesn’t still have that “Mission Organization” show on. You’d be perfect for it. That way you would get on TV, which I know you want, and get your office cleaned and organized for free.

    It’s a win-win situation!

  5. Valerie

    Hey I kinda remember you rode the short bus to school in High School! You could definitely clean that desk easily. Cups- kitchen. Screwdrivers- toolbox. DVDs- figure out a different system than a pile. Put all the papers in a big box to clean off the surface and then file them. It sucks to file and its more fun with company. That’s what you should ask for- someone to file as you sort through all the paper.

  6. NYCWD

    Actually Obama hasn’t stopped torture at all. He just halted the prosecutions that were taking place for 120 Days. Waterboarding apparently is still a go at Gitmo for now.

    Your desk is like my jeep. Go figure.

  7. Hilly

    I’d be having anal seizures in there. No no, not the type of anal seizures YOU are used to…you know, the OCD kind. 😉

    I’d clean it for you but then I fear I’d find things that would scare me away forever and uh, I kind of like being your friend.

  8. Sybil Law

    Um, you do know that that’s part of what I’m doing now, right?! I’m talking about being a professional organizer!!! Dammit! Fly me down there, and I’ll get right on it. My husband even said I should do it in the nude, or at least topless. Haha!
    Seriously – you obviously like to have things out where you can see them, so one whole wall as a cork wall might really work for you. A shelf up near the celing, running the entire length of the room is a good place to put things that aren’t work necessary, but you can still see them. Wall mounted magazine racks for magazines and paperwork, too, would do well for you.
    I am dying the get in there and clean that room now!!

  9. Stephanie

    Like Hilly, my OCD is totally kicked into high gear right now. That would drive me nuts. I’ll clean it, but you have to move out and tent the house so I can do it properly. Geez, the things we do for friends. :finger:

  10. DeannaBanana

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph. That gave me apoplectic fits. I will come and organize your desk for you, for your birthday (…and maybe for Christmas and every other holiday that falls this year, it’s obviously a BIG job). Seriously. That hurt me.

  11. Sarah

    That’s one messy desk.

    Usually you start at one corner and work towards the other. At least I do it that way.

    And why is everyone having birthdays when I’m so super broke and can’t get anybody anything?

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